MAZE Introduces the First TRON-Based Crowdfunding Campaign

Project Reviews / 04.11.2020

MAZE is a revolutionary new crowdfunding protocol that seeks to provide more flexibility and security to investors. Notably, MAZE is the first crowdfunding platform to utilize the TRON network TRC-20 standard. In this way, MAZE is set to change the industry forever.

What Problems Does MAZE Attempt to Fix?

The crowdfunding sector is currently a mess. Companies must jump through endless technical and bureaucratic hoops before they can even get to their token launch. The problem with this approach is that it costs startups valuable time and money to launch their tokens. MAZE project seeks to eliminate these concerns by integrating proprietary technologies and creativity on the part of developers.

MAZE will combat the growing centralization of the crowdfunding sector. Currently, Ethereum-based platforms dominate the space. The ERC-20 community is huge. However, as a second-generation blockchain, the platform requires huge amounts of energy to maintain. Additionally, there are high fees and less technical capabilities available to developers. 

Benefits of MAZE

MAZE enters the market with a new protocol to transform the ICO sector in new and exciting ways. The platform introduces a higher level of control to beneficiaries and depositors alike. The advanced nature of TRON’s network also provides new levels of security and peace of mind. Anyone can create a token and host a crowdfunding campaign on MAZE with little to no technical understanding.

To accomplish this monumental task, MAZE introduces a new interface to the market. From this portal, users can easily and efficiently create new tokens. The entire process is simplified via the integration of smart contracts. These protocols automate the most complex functionalities of the crowdfunding experience. In this way, MAZE introduces a new level of simplicity to investors.

How Does MAZE Work

MAZE leverages the full capabilities of the TRON blockchain to bring users a better investment experience. The platform integrates numerous blockchain-based solutions that protect your deposits and ensure a fair playing field in the market. Keenly, investors choose to utilize TRON’s blockchain because of its performance, high availability, and low transaction fees.


At the core of MAZE is its crowdfunding capabilities. Developers designed the platform to function similarly to platforms such as LID and DISTX but based on the TRON Blockchain and JustSwap. Notably, LID and DISTX are exclusively for Ethereum and Uniswap. Consequently, these platforms feature technical limitations when compared to MAZE’s new era capabilities.

MAZE will support a variety of different crowdfunding strategies. Aside from ICOs, the platform features a Charity Funding Platform and Community Bet System as well. These additional protocols expand the usability of MAZE and showcase some of the added benefits gained from the decision to utilize TRON over Ethereum’s blockchain.

MAZE ensures the highest level of security through various systems within the network. For token sale participants, the platform leverages advanced security and lockup protocols via JustSwap. Interestingly, MAZE went a step further and integrated security protocols based on community supervision and supported by oracles

The MAZE protocol

According to the website, the MAZE Protocol infrastructure was built from the ground up to support various fundraising methods. The protocol utilizes a layered infrastructure to streamline the entire crowdfunding and investment process. 

This layer is also where much of the MAZE ecosystem will reside. This layer is also where Dapp developers build and maintain their systems. Keenly, MAZE DApp developers enjoy unprecedented control. MAZE will allow full automation of the process of obtaining and distributing funds. 

Currently, the MAZE protocol supports TRX for deposits and MAZE tokens for fees. Soon, developers intend to add support for other popular currencies. Specifically, the first TRC tokens to receive support will be USDT, BTC, and SUN. The latter being the latest DeFi brainchild of TRONs founder Justin Sun.


According to the whitepaper, MAZE will make it easy for anyone to start raising funds. Users will enjoy an interactive interface that is easy-to-navigate and requires minimal experience to utilize. From this interface, users can choose to create a token, launch a presale, or start a DAO. Users can also easily stake their MAZE tokens and earn a passive income from this interface.


Staking is one of the best ways for new users to earn passive income without trading or risk their assets. In most staking scenarios, users will agree to provide their funds to a smart contract for a predetermined time. In exchange for their lent liquidity, the user receives rewards in the form of tokens. 

Staking is a better alternative to trading because it removes much of the risks associated with market volatility. Users don’t need to spend hours researching the current market conditions to stake their crypto and start earning. For these reasons, staking is one of the core functionalities of today’s DeFi platforms.

MAZE takes the concept of staking and turns it up a notch. The platform features multiple staking methods to ensure users earn the highest ROIs possible. The first option available to investors is to stake their MAZE tokens directly. This process is easy and helps to secure the network. 

The second staking option is liquidity staking. In this scenario, you lock your crypto into a liquidity pool to bolster a particular project’s funding. Liquidity pools serve multiple purposes in the MAZE ecosystem. Primarily, they help investors increase their earning potential. Additionally, they ensure that projects are unable to rug pull without taking serious losses on their end. In this way, MAZE provides more confidence to investors.

How to Stake on MAZE

Staking on MAZE is easy. You select the number of tokens you are comfortable staking, the pool you want to stake your funds in, and for how long you plan to lock your crypto up. Importantly, the more you stake, and the longer you stake, the higher your rewards.

MAZE ICO Details

Interested investors can participate in the MAZE presale event and receive steep discounts. The presale commences on November 6, 2020, at 6 pm UTC. The crowdfunding event will support TRX deposits exclusively. The pricing for the event is:

1 TRX = 55 MAZE for deposits from 1 to 50 (10% discount)

1 TRX = 52 MAZE for deposits from 51 to 100 (4% discount)

1 TRX = 50 MAZE for the rest

Get Lost in the MAZE

MAZE is sure to see an outpouring of support for its unique platform within the TRON ecosystem. For months, analysts have complained about the growing centralization of the ERC-20 community. Finally, developers responded with a viable alternative to the status quo. You can expect to see MAZE hold a dominant position in the TRON market following its launch.

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