Looking for an Instant Exchange Platform? Check Out InstaSwap.io

Exchange Reviews / 12.03.2020

Getting a cross-chain, instant exchange platform that is secure, effective, and allows users to have the freedom to trade with any cryptocurrency they want is not easy. The market can be very disappointing and contains either unsafe or too unstable platforms to trust with your earnings.

If you are searching the internet for an exchange platform that is fair, secure, and efficient, having detailed and unbiased reviews of available options can come in handy.

In this review, we will give a detailed description of InstaSwap.io to ensure that you have all the information you need to decide whether it is the best exchange platform for you.

How InstaSwap.io Works

This is a new operating crypto exchange platform that was founded in 2015. Throughout the years, InstaSwap has never been hacked and has not had any significant adverse events. It has kept its track record as one of the most secure places to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Any trader worth his salt has probably made some huge losses because of trusting exchange platforms blindly. Therefore, it is wise to start trading only a few coins on each platform to see how safe and smooth the process would be.

Unlike other platforms, InstaSwap has numerous security blocks that ensure hackers cannot just take your coins and use them.  So, what are some of its selling points?

Ease of Use

InstaSwap is extremely easy to use. Compared to other apps, it is useful and allows you to enjoy the various interfaces it offers. The best part is that it can work for both newbies and pro-traders.

Unlike other platforms online today, it does not have high trading fees. These fees also decrease each time you trade a considerable volume of funds swapped. Sometimes, you will even purchase at zero charges. Even if you are not a whale yet, you have a high chance of saving more with this platform.

Currently, users can’t trade against the FIAT; however, the team at Instaswap reported that the feature is under development.

Excellent Services

Among other things, InstaSwap is remarkable because of the services and benefits customers get. You will not just be saving money on trades. Experienced traders also enjoy margin and spot trading. There are so many options that allow users to grow and continue becoming pros with the system. If you are new, this is definitely a feature you want. You need to go for platforms that make it easy for you to advance as you learn more about trade.

InstaSwap also allows for high trade volumes. You get both the one-on-one services and the over-the-counter service that will enable you to trade as much as $100k. You will also enjoy the dedicated account manager who gives you time to trade and make the right choices.

There is also the order book that is not visible to the rest of the users. Each individual gets their own order book, which has a list of your orders and trade amounts. Therefore, you can buy and sell orders without revealing your interests to the rest of the traders. If you are private and need to keep everything on the low, this feature allows you to do that. It is also a way to keep your account safe. If everyone can see your orders, they will be more tempted to try and hack your account. When viewed by other traders, the outsized orders often move the market unfavorably, making it nearly impossible to order at a reasonable price. The order book avoids this scenario.

The InstaSwap Fees

InstaSwap is a user-friendly, entry-level exchange that allows users to trade with ease. The fees are mostly below 0.4%. Of course, as mentioned before, your fees are lower if you are trading in higher volumes.

A maker’s fees can go as low as 0%. While these are not the lowest fees on the market, they still make InstaSwap a highly recommended exchange.


The funds are stored offline, and there is two-factor authentication that is used to prevent hackers. InstaSwap clearly takes the security of your money seriously. The user accounts can only be accessed by staff. Do not worry. This access is solely for data verification. Staff members cannot access the money you have. This was definitely comforting for me after I suffered so many security issues with other exchanges.

Currencies and Payment Methods

Instaswap accepts several fiat currencies, including US dollars USD, Canadian dollars CAD, and Euros EUR. This has made it convenient to continue to enjoy exceptional services from anywhere. InstaSwap helps its users to keep their digital currencies running all the time. It has also made it possible to withdraw and deposit via SWIFT, SEPA, domestic, and wire transfers.

Accessing your money only takes up to 5 business days for the transfer of the funds. On the other hand, deposits take less than 24 hours and are free for most accepted currencies. Although there is a small fee for address setup for some coins, it is quite reliable.

Although wire transfer is a little expensive and varies from one country to another, it should not limit you when you are thinking of transferring massive amounts.

InstaSwap APIs

To make it easier for users to keep an eye on their profits, InstaSwap offers an API service that comes with an excellent monitoring platform. The API documents are available on the monitoring platform, and InstaSwap offers these, together with a customizable widget to services that provide new exchange options and aims to grow its audience.

In June of last year, InstaSwap announced a new partnership with Viacoin. The new alliance would offer increasingly fast swaps, thanks to the exchange’s integration of its widget and API with Viacoin.

InstaSwap’s API is also fundamental in the exchange’s upcoming feature, fiat to crypto trading. InstaSwap announced the forthcoming feature on 22nd Jan, following a partnership with Moonpay. With trading fees established at 5.5%, InstaSwap is a global leader for buying cryptos via credit and debit cards. InstaSwap CEO commented that they had only just begun, and users would soon be able to use the feature on the exchange’s API partners as well.


If you are still unsure whether to join InstaSwap, you miss out on a lot of privileges. InstaSwap is the solution you need to smooth transactions of all your digital currencies and keep track of your money.

Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, he covers trendy issues on digital currencies.