Libra Association Establishes Five-Member Technical Steering Committee

News / 17.01.2020

Libra Association has come up with a five-member steering committee, which will help develop and coordinate the Libra network’s technical design, specifically the management. 

The new development comes from a blog post on the Libra Association’s 16th of January 2020.

According to the association, the committee consists of five members, including Diogo Monica of Anchorage, George Cabrera III at Calibra, Joe Lallouz at Bison Trails, Nick Grossman at Union Square Ventures, and Ric Shreves at Mercy Corps. 

The Libra committee aims to guide the Libra network’s technical road map and form Technical Working Groups for fast-tracking research into specific issues. Also, they will be responsible for building a healthy and engaged Libra developer community.

Recent News Surrounding Libra Launch

Facebook is planning to launch Libra in 2020; nevertheless, it is unclear whether the company will please regulators. The regulators worldwide are scrutinizing Libra since its announcement on Facebook. 

Some time ago, the Central Bank of Australia said that the proposed stablecoin would be rejected in Australia, even if tangible regulations get put in place.

Governments in Europe also criticized Libra. However, Facebook is planning to introduce it in 2020, and the company’s executives said the development of the project would not continue without regulators’ satisfaction.

Featured image courtesy of Getty Images. Source: Cryptopress.

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