Ledger Nano S: The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Wallet Reviews / 17.12.2018

A hardware wallet presents itself as the most secure method of storage and transacting cryptocurrencies. The Ledger company has various hardware wallets, with the Ledger Nano S being the most popular, secure, and economical one. When talking about hardware wallets in cryptocurrency, Ledger Nano S is the best wallet considering high-level security for digital currency transactions and even blockchain. 

The wallet’s major function serves as a secure safeguard for both company and individual crypto assets. With the support of the highly integrated security levels, the wallet allows its users to manage different crypto assets in the same wallet. 

What is Ledger Nano S?

Ledger Nano S, also commonly known as a ledger wallet, is a hardware device that allows users to store their cryptocurrency safely. The ledger also allows one to send or receive different cryptos as well. 

It was designed by a French startup company that released its first crypto wallet in 2014 and gradually became market leaders over the decade. The ledger is a multicurrency wallet; hence it supports over forty unique cryptocurrencies and more than 1,500 tokens.

How Ledger Nano S Works

The ledger is small and compact to improve portability with a metal casing that enhances its durability. It works in a way similar to any hardware wallet. You first plug the ledger into your computer to set up and choose a PIN to safeguard your device from unauthorized access. 

Later on, a 24-word seed phrase is sent, and it acts as your private key. This seed ought to be written in a safe place but not on your PC. A great place would be to write it using a crypto steel device

The ledger has two buttons, and the initial ledger Nano set up is straightforward and takes only about three minutes. The time spent mainly depends on your writing speed. 

After the device setup is complete, all remaining is to install the ledger live (an app that allows users to interface with the device). Ledger live’s interface does not necessitate any manual for you to get the hang of it.

How Secure is the Ledger Nano S?

A crypto-hardware acts like a virtual bank where you deposit your precious items. It would help if you did not leave it unprotected; it may be susceptible to stealing. So far, devices by ledger have gained the public’s trust for their high-grade encryption to maximize security. 

Up to date, cases of Ledger Nano S being remotely hacked is unheard of. Even if your computer is hacked, ledger Nano S will still keep your valuables safe.

  • Pin Encryption– For anyone to gain access to your funds in the ledger, they would have to input a PIN, which only you would have. There are usually three attempts to enter the correct pin, but if they get it incorrect in all chances, the ledger goes into a timed lockout.
  • Offline access and backups– The online world is highly prone to many risks and perils, especially from hackers looking to prey on unsuspecting users and steal all their coins. However, the Nano S does not have to be online to get coins, which is the hardware wallet’s primary function.

You only need to know your bitcoin address and then send your coins there at any time. Being offline reduces the risk of your transactions being traced or hacked. If you lose your physical wallets, your accounts are usually backed up in the recovery sheet that has a set of 24 unique words that you created while setting up your ledger.

  • Anti-tampering seal- The ledger does not use these seals any longer because they can easily be counterfeited. An anti-tampering seal thus may give a false sense of safety. Instead, the developers opted to use software tools to verify particular hardware has been tampered with.
  • Two protection layers- Ledger Nano S has the ST31H320 and STM32F042 chips to store your private keys and sign transactions as different pieces of hardware.
  • Compatibility- The ledger can be used with Mac, Linux, Windows, or even Chrome OS. A user may also connect it to their android device via an OTG.

Advantages of the Ledger Nano S

You have most likely heard that the primary reason why many people buy Ledger Nano S from Amazon.com is its enhanced security features. It is one of the safest ways to store your cryptocurrency. Its developers also release regular updates to ensure that your device remains secure.

Another essential feature is the body built with a metallic casing to protect it from physical damage and enable the ledger to stand the tests of time. However, like any other gadget, the ledger also has its cons. The bad side is that you have to purchase the product first before using it.

How to Send or Receive Payments

Again, using the Ledger Nano S is easy breezy. Follow the procedure below, and you will learn how to send or receive payments on time.

  1. Connect the ledger to your PC via a USB port
  2. You will see a ‘Configure as new Device’ notification on your screen.
  3. Click on the right button to allow it to install the required drivers into your PC
  4. Select a PIN
  5. Backup the recovery phase
  6. Install ledger apps or join them with your preferred software wallet
  7. Begin sending and receiving payments

For an in-depth guide on setting up your Ledger Nano S, watch this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch/GPpZxOjvU10.


The Ledger Nano S is an excellent product with a pocket-friendly price. Moreover, it supports a variety of coins, an added advantage to many users. If you are scared of losing your coins and are looking for somewhere safe to keep them, try out Ledger Nano S, and you will not be disappointed. Following cryptocurrency transactions and digital asset storage, security is the most vital feature in selecting the best wallet. Online wallets present a variety of risks compared to hardware wallets. Using the Ledger hardware wallet proves to be a formidable tool for crypto investors and supports payments made through various digital currencies.

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