Launch Of New Blockchain Gaming, Esports & DAPP Development Company

Press Release / 19.03.2019

MARCH 19, 2019 — Founders of Proton Gaming Esports have formed a parent company, LimeJuice — Blockchain Gaming & DApps, and have also launched a new website in support of the company at

LimeJuice will house various eSports teams and become involved in building, marketing, and developing blockchain-based decentralized apps.

Proton Gaming, an eSports partner team of Intergalactic Gaming, is LimeJuice’s first eSports team. However, the company has also announced via its whitepaper merged with and signed Team Kairos of 514eSports. 514eSports is owned by veteran eSports ambassador Greg Zinone, who will partner with LimeJuice and serve as an advisor.

Proton Gaming and Team Kairos will operate primarily as partner teams of Intergalactic Gaming but will compete in various online and live tournament events.

LimeJuice also released details in its whitepaper outlining their business plans, as well as its corporate roadmap for 2019. Of particular interest are two secret projects being worked on with Greg Zinone outside of the eSports partnership.

The whitepaper can be found at the company’s website at

LimeJuice has also partnered with several popular titles in the DApp gaming world, such as Chibi Fighters, Eggie’s World, and EverDragons. LimeJuice will continue to have blockchain gaming at the core of its business.

LimeJuice will officially be launched on March 19, 2019.

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