Kubo Coin Review – A Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Created for the Community

Project Reviews / 24.05.2019

You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage. Instead, it is important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages. ~Michelle Obama

The above quote aptly summarizes the birth and success of KUBO Coin. Faced with a challenge where developers and project leaders of a failed wave project KUBOS abandoned the ship and dumped their pre-mine tokens onto the free market, the community and investors were in distress as they lost their money and trust. That’s when Mr. Fernando Sibilio (the CEO of Kubo) and his team of experts came to the rescue and saved what was perceived to be a sinking ship. It took few months to revive the whole project, the hard work paid off and today KUBO stands on its feet, looking ahead to a bright and prosperous future.

Read on to know why we feel KUBO could be a force to reckon with, in months to come.

How Does Kubo Coin Stand Out

KuboCoin is a payment processing system for effortless transfer of crypto funds into fiat or other crypto assets. KUBO Coin review 2019. KUBO Coin review. KUBO review

Trust: Trust is at the core of KUBO project. Community is kept at the forefront of any initiative. Based on their transparent actions, the team is gradually building a community of core supporters who vouch for KUBO at any given point in time. This group of core supporters is now forming the nucleus of a massive reach-out, to spread mass adoption. This bring credibility on the project KUBO is now KYD Verified, which means the development team is transparent and their identities are verified. To top it up, in March 2019, KUBO also got the credible VERISAFE approval (20190003). This further ad to the credibility of the project as it eliminates untrustworthiness and gives a high level of conform to both existing and new investors. KUBO’s core values of Integrity, Transparency and Excellence will create the pillars for the massive empire that the team envisions to build.

Product: KUBO main product is P2P micro-payments. The team, however, is not stopping at just building a product; rather they are working aggressively to develop multiple use cases to build value for the coin as well as for the community.

Payment Processing: Currently, KUBO uses Ethereum blockchain for its payment processing protocol; however, at the back-end they are working religiously to build their own blockchain. The target audiences here are people involved in global remittances who, by using KUBO P2P systems, will end up saving substantial amount of money and time as compared to the traditional banking routes.

Decentralized Market place: This is where a lot of effort is been put in to build a robust Vendor ecosystem. The global retail market coupled with growing e-commerce market today provides a huge ecosystem that could benefit immensely by shifting from the traditional centralized banking routes to a more global, cost effective and faster blockchain solutions. Team Kubo has made a lot of progress to make inroads in this domain, worth mentioning:

  • Aeryus Partnership: This partnership is leveraging Aeryus’s software and hardware capabilities to build a robust system of merchant on boarding. This simple easy to set up and run system can be used at both a physical store and any e-commerce portal. Merchants will thus save a huge amount of money since the transaction fee here is reduced substantially from the prevailing rate of 3-7% to the new Kubo rate of only 1.75%. The system can be used in tandem with the existing traditional payment gateway systems thus allowing greater flexibility to the retailers and vendors.
  • KUBOLink Mobile & Aeryus One App: These two mobile applications open the digital mobile domain for the Kubo customers and vendors. With the rise in penetration of Smartphone; mobile banking and transactions are expected to witness astronomical growth and Kubo is well prepared to ride this growth wave.
  • Kubo Store: The foundation of the decentralized market has been laid with the launch of their own KUBO Shop that soon will have a wide array of product categories to pick from. The transactions here will be borderless and with the help of Kubo coin, it will require a substantially low transaction fee.
  • Vendor Eco-system: The system is inclusive in nature designed to build a win-win situation. Vendors’ on-boarding end up gaining access to a huge global Kubo customer base. In addition, the system is decentralized to allow communication between retailers and vendors that allows them to forge mutually beneficial deals/partnerships and leverage each other’s strength. A true platform making the vision of Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto a reality.

Debit Cards & ATMs: These two great tools are the key to mass adoption as it opens the doors for common people to enter the cryptocurrency world seamlessly. ATM integration is been done in partnership with General Bytes global 2200 ATMs and POS systems spread across 53 countries and having 123 fiat currency options. In-house development of crypto debit cards coupled with mobile apps on both iOS and Android are going to propel Kubo into a household name in the near future.

Exchange Acquisition

This will enhance the Use-case of Kubo Coin immensely as it will be the native coin for the exchanges (similar to what BNB is for Binance or KCS is for Kucoin) as well as it will be used for listing fee and creating trading pairs.

  • KUBOdex: Staying on pace with the progression of their goals, the KUBO team acquired an exchange to prevent it from shutdown. The exchange has now been revamped with enhanced security and will be launched in Q2 of 2019. It will be rebranded as “KUBOdex Exchange,” with Kubo Coin being the native coin. This will help the project gain deeper penetration in the market and gain daily usage volumes to bring stability to the coin.
  • KUBOlink Exchange (former TCXHub): This is a very important strategic acquisition, as this project also provides a ready-made mobile exchange, a direct Kubo to Fiat conversion. However, the biggest benefit is that TCXHub acquisition gives team Kubo an entry into the prominent USA market. They will operate as a corporation that complies with the SEC, thus making it a legal and fully compliant exchange to cater to USA and global markets. This indeed is a great step forward for mass adoption.

Mainnet Launch

Staking & Masternodes: Kubo team is in the process of building its own blockchain solution, which will be released on October 2019. This will be a great boost for the existing loyal community as well as for new investors. The new system will bring in further speed, stability, scalability and income generating through Masternode opportunity to the system. The system is being built on PoS (Proof of Stake) protocol Bitcoin Green V2. This facilitates mass participation in the income creation process, as setting up a collateral or shared masternodes costs are relatively, lower than mining, easy to manage and consumes less energy. An alternate solution is to set up a PoS wallet and earn passive income on the amount invested by simply storing the Kubo coin in one of the wallets. The masternode setup requires a collateral of 20 million Kubo coins. The reward ratio is 90%:10% for MN:PoS. The expected ROI is about 37.5% for 1st year and 11.7% for 2nd year, thus creating an awesome income stream, which is residual by nature, thus giving high level of time freedom to explore other income opportunities.

Coinburn: This is a critical component for the overall project evaluation, as coin burn will prevent inflation thus increasing the valuation of the coin over time. The Kubo Coins used for exchange listing, creating trading pairs will be burnt to reduce the supply over time. Further, for every transaction there will be 0.001 Kubo coin burnt. As the volumes increase this is going to create a great positive impact on the coin valuation and could be a key driver in generating great returns for the early investors.

KUBO mastenode. Kubo Masternode ROI. Kubo Masternode requirements. KUBO Staking. Kubo Coinburn

Where to Buy KUBO Coin

At the time of writing, KUBO Coin is traded at $ 0.000011 per token at multiple exchanges such as Crex24 and Stex. Its circulating supply is 52,613,097,217 KUBO while the maximum supply is 100BN. Full information on KUBO price charts or markets on CoinMarketCap.

Closing Thoughts

The upcoming months look very exciting. From debit cards, ATMs, a merchandise store, an exchange launch and eventually the mega mainnet, a lot of action is in the pipeline. If things happen as planned, then it is surely going to be a bull run for the Kubo Community!

Keep up the good work team and good luck!

Useful Links

KuboCoin Website- https://kubocoin.org
KuboCoin Telegram- https://t.me/Kubo_coin
KuboCoin Discord – https://discord.gg/rGRWXJs
KuboCoin Twitter – https://twitter.com/KuboCoin
KuboCoin YouTube- https://bit.ly/2OrkUp2
KuboCoin Bitcointalk – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5039334.40
KuboCoin Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/Kubocoin/

Debasish Das is from India, an engineering graduate and holds a postgraduate degree in management. He has 10 years of experience in the financial sector, having worked for one of the biggest MNC banking groups in the country. Currently he has business in e-commerce, insurance and consultancy. As an avid blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts he believes in investing in the future of technology, and feels this is going to make the world a single marketplace and also give the power from centralized banks and governments back to people.