Kubera Enables both Digital and Traditional Asset Tracking from a Friendly Interface

Project Reviews / 30.03.2021

Kubera is a full spectrum asset tracker that combines many popular features to provide users with a streamlined approach to their management needs. The platform is unique because it combines traditional asset tracking capabilities, such as monitoring your real-world assets, like your home, with digital assets.

The tracker enables anyone to monitor their complete asset list, including banks, cash, real estate, art, vehicles, domains, stocks, bonds, funds, crypto, digital assets, and much more. Notably, Kubera gets its name from the Hindu God of wealth.

What Problems Does Kubera Attempt to Fix?

Kubera’s unique all-inclusive approach helps to alleviate many problems faced by today’s investors. Currently, investors are forced to monitor many platforms to stay on top of their different holdings. This wasn’t too much of a choir in the past as there were fewer markets and industries to monitor. However, the last decade has introduced various new asset classes, which have cluttered these average user tasks. Kubera removes the confusion and makes monitoring your holdings easy.

Data Delays

One of the main problems Kubera removes is data delays. If you’re monitoring your assets manually, there will always be a delay between your monitoring actions and the real-time data. This delay is since your assets are scattered across multiple custodians. Tracking multiple assets across different platforms can be complex and time-consuming. Kubera users avoid these concerns.

Benefits of Kubera

There are a lot of reasons why you were using Kubera makes sense for the average investor. For one, it supports the monitoring of global banks, brokerages, stocks, and currencies of all types. This diversity makes it extremely powerful in terms of organizing your monitoring efforts.


Kubera was designed to be easy-to-navigate. The developers wisely choose to set up the tracker to function like a spreadsheet. Anyone can add assets by just adding a new row. This approach helps new users leverage the technology more effectively since they don’t have to review tutorials to get started.


Kubera supports all major currencies. You can track traditional and crypto investments in a side-by-side window that makes it simple to see your overall progress. You can add or remove assets in seconds using the intuitive interface.


To ensure that all the data provided is correct and timely, Kubera uses multiple aggregators. Specifically, the network integrates Plaid, Yodlee, Salt Edge, and Zabo. Users gain the ability to connect to multi-currency bank accounts, brokerages, fintech apps, and more.

How Does Kubera Work

Kubera introduces a powerful interface that includes charts and analysis to streamline your trading experience. The protocol simplifies asset allocation and enables anyone to better track their holdings gains and losses without the need to switch applications. In this way, the platform acts as a custom-built solution for the task of listing your assets, both traditional and non-traditional.

Stock Portfolio

One of the core features of Kubera is its Stocks section. This feature support all the top stock exchanges in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and NZ. Connect directly to your exchange and receive up-to-minute pricing information.

Crypto Tracker

Another core component of the platform is its Crypto Tracker. This feature supports all major crypto wallets and exchange accounts. You can connect directly to your favorite accounts using a secure API. Kubera has never had any crypto security breaches, and the API doesn’t require withdrawal rights to function.

Bank Account Tracker

There is also a traditional bank account monitoring option. This feature offers support for 20,000 banks worldwide. You can connect your tracker directly to the online portals of these institutions. Once connected, your tracker will continuously monitor and update your account information to keep you in the loop.

Dead Man’s Switch

One of the coolest features Kubera introduces to the market is their “Dead Man’s Switch.” This feature is set up to monitor your account activity. If a prolonged period of no action occurs, the protocol will automatically forward your Kubera account information to your beneficiary. This option is ideal for many reasons. Primarily, it ensures that your beneficiary gains immediate access to your holdings in the event of your death. This approach reduces the chance of theft and fraudulent activity.

Document Keeper

You can also store all of your vital documents on Kubera directly. Insurances, wills, contracts, deeds, and other vital paperwork can be organized and protected utilizing the network’s document storage options. This information can be sent directly to your loved ones when you pass.

History of Kubera

Kubera (Official Website) entered the market in 2020. The platform is the brainchild of entrepreneur Rohit Nadhani. He is best known as the founder of CloudMagic and Webyog. He partnered with his lead engineer from those firms, Manoj Marathayil, to create Kubera.

How to Get Kubera

To utilize Kubera, you will need to register for a subscription. The company offers a few options to meet your needs. There is a 14-day free trial to help you get familiar with the bot and its features. After the trial period, you will need to decide on a monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly subscription is moderately priced at $15/month. You can save $30 if you decide on a yearly subscription for $150.

Kubera – A Flexible Option for Personal Wealth Management

Kubera is one of the only options in the market that allows you to track both cryptocurrency and traditional financial assets side-by-side. This wasn’t a big deal in the past, but as more traditional investors venture into the blockchain sector, it’s becoming evident that this may be the ideal route to follow.

People love simplicity, and Kubera takes this to a new level with its all-inclusive approach. Consequently, you can expect to see more Kubera users in the coming weeks as the blockchain sector continues on its path towards large-scale adoption.

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