Just Mining – A One-Stop Cryptocurrency Mining Solution

Project Reviews / 26.03.2021

Just Mining is a trusted Proof-of-Stake (PoS) infrastructure provider and Validator that’s geared towards beginners. The platform offers various services, including cloud mining, hosting, staking coins, and Masternode creation. Additionally, Just Mining is involved in the sale and production of altcoin mining rigs.

According to company documentation, Just Mining is the largest farm in France. The platform operates a multitude of different Validators across a variety of PoS and DPoS blockchains. Here are some of the main problems that Just Mining attempts to fix with its unique market approach.

What Problems Does Just Mining Attempt to Fix?

The primary issue that Just Mining seeks to alleviate is confusion in the market. As a new investor, staking, mining, and cloud services can seem overwhelming. It isn’t easy to know how to compare the various offerings and navigate the market. Just Mining introduces an intuitive interface that simplifies these processes significantly.

Cost barriers

Just Mining has a reputation for producing high-quality altcoin miners at reasonable rates. The platform provides 24/7 support to help you get your new rig up and mining. Additionally, the platform offers cloud mining services to users. Cloud mining is a feature that allows you to rent out hash power from the network’s data centers. Currently, Just Mining offers a 2-year cloud mining package that is popular in the market.

Benefits of Just Mining

There are many benefits that this approach brings to the table. For one, Just Mining runs top-quality rigs ran by professional hardware and IT teams. This ensures that masternodes, mining nodes, and staking nodes remain connected to their respective networks. Uptime is critical when conducting these tasks because networks will penalize you for any downtime.


Just Mining has an excellent selection of blockchain networks to participate in. You have classics like BTC, ETH, ZEC, ETC, and Others. Some new projects aren’t readily available from the competition, including Elrond, Polygon (Matic), and Horizen.

Customer Service

At the core of Just Mining’s strategy is a strong dedication to customer service. The platform considers feedback and user recommendations. You can talk to an expert on their chat box in real-time before you make any investments. This option helps new users as the professional staff can help guide you in the right direction and clarify any confusion you have regarding mining, staking, or operating Masternodes.

How Does Just Mining Work

Just Mining operates across a variety of sectors. This multi-facet strategy has enabled the platform to become a significant player in the market. Investors can leverage the hosting, cloud, and staking services to start earning passive rewards immediately. You can also start your own operation with the firm’s advanced altcoin mining rigs. Just Mining will also build your rig to your specifications to meet your current requirements.

Just Mining operates as a centralized custodial platform. This designation means that you will need to allow Just Mining to custody your coins to participate in its offerings. The network does have a solid security record and is currently a top performer in all French-speaking countries.


Operating a Masternode on Just Mining is easy. Masternodes differ from regular nodes in that they provide supplementary functionalities to networks. There are two options on Just Mining in terms of Masternode operation, full and shared. The shared option allows you to participate without meeting the network’s full node requirements. Notably, Masternodes see ROIs of up to 40%.


Those staking on Just Mining see an average ROI of up to 60%. All the top staking platforms are supported on the network. There is even a dedicated section for those who want to stake Ethereum 2.0. Each coin provides you with a calculator to see how much your rewards will equal.


The mining features offered by Just Mining are easy to use. There is a monitoring panel that streamlines all vital actions. Notably, Just Mining offers the first plug-and-play miners in the market. This decision falls in line with the firm’s commitment to educating and simplifying mining for beginners.

ASIC Miners

You can purchase an ASIC miner from Just Mining with ease. You have the option to have the rig pre-configured at the manufacturer or handle the programming yourself. ASIC miners are the most powerful mining rigs in the market at this time. Just Mining offers top Antminer rigs. These rigs aren’t cheap and can run around $3000+.

GPU Miners

A more cost-effective solution for new miners is to go with GPU miners. These rigs are still hundreds of times more effective than CPU mining. Additionally, you can combine your efforts with others via a mining pool and gain steady rewards. Just Mining GPU miners are referred to as Bobs. They leverage an advanced AI algorithm to automatically find the blockchain that is the most profitable to secure to maximize your profits.

History of Just Mining

Just Mining is a French-based operation. The platform was founded in 2017 by Owen Simonin. Since its inception, it has seen considerable adoption. Today, Just Mining operates in 110+ countries and has over 30,000 active clients. The network has seen the greatest adoption in France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Using Just Mining

To use Just Mining, the first step is to go to the platform and select the service you prefer. You will see three options at the center of the homepage – Masternodes, Staking, and Miners. Each section has an educational blog button that explains what the feature is and how it benefits you. Under this button is a Show Products button. When you click this option, you are brought to the available staking and Masternode networks.

Like most staking platforms, there is a table with each network and its payout rewards. Notably, Just Mining added Cardano recently. You can select whether you want to purchase coins to stake at the bottom of the table or if you want to stake your own tokens. Below that section is every ROI calculator.

Now click Stake Now. This will take you to the account registration page. The registration is straightforward. The network requires your full name, email address, phone number if you’re a business or individual, and your location. Once you click register, you will be sent a verification email. Click the link, and then you can re-click the Stake Now option.

Just Mining – A Comprehensive Platform that Benefits Blockchains and Investors

Just Mining makes it easy to stake your coins, mine blocks, or operate Masternodes. This wide selection of features makes the platform stand out. The 24/7 customer service is also a big plus as many miners are new to the industry and require a little more clarification before making such a large purchase. For these reasons, Just Mining is set to remain a major contender in the EU market.

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