Introducing Zuri – A Real Time Transparency Solution for Donation and Disbursement

Press Release / 11.06.2019

Zuri’s Mission

The Zuri Project is on a mission is to create the highest standard of excellence for financial transparency in the nonprofit sector by protecting donors against blind financial donation. This mission is what the project calls “The Zuri Way.”

Defining Philosophy

The Zuri Project has three fundamental philosophical beliefs guiding its solution:

  • Blind financial donation abets financial mismanagement in the nonprofit sector.
  • The sum of how a nonprofit spends each donor’s money on a micro-level directly reflects its overall effectiveness, performance, and trustworthiness. Our premise dictates that solving the financial transparency and accountability problem at an atomic level would collectively minimize and shed light on many of the larger problems that undermine donors’ trust.
  • It is a folly to load nonprofits with costly and burdensome micro-accountability responsibilities without providing them with the necessary automated tools and platforms.

Platform Overview

The Zuri platform aims to provide a global blockchain-based ecosystem that allows various stakeholders within the nonprofit sector to reap the benefits of “The Zuri Way” and its fundamental philosophies, as mentioned in the above section, The Zuri Project. Here’s a brief overview of how it would work.

Useful Links

For further information on the Zuri Project, use the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Zuri Token | Email

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