Introducing Vdollar: A Platform Turning Transaction Fees into Assets

Exchange Reviews / 08.07.2021

Vdollar is a crypto contract exchange platform introduced to provide crypto enthusiasts with the best income opportunities and make contract trading easy. This Colorado registered network has several services like digital currency exchange, a wallet, and trading mining

The Vdollar network possesses some excellent features, including a mine trading mechanism. In addition, Vdollar has one of the best mining features for its native token, Vdollar. So, how does the Vdollar token operate? This guide will look keenly into the Vdollar token and how it is beneficial. However, before going into the token, consider the top service provided by Vdollar, i.e., the exchange. 

Vdollar Exchange Options

The exchange feature focuses mainly on the trading of crypto contracts. It provides several exchange options, including OTC, Swaps, and margin trading, with a vast collection of assets. For instance, there are about 25 assets in the standard exchanging section, including BTC, ETH, VD, XRP, BSV, etc. In addition, the futures swaps section has crypto-connected futures that users can gain income with. 

One thing that stands out with the Vdollar exchange tool is the excellent and User-Friendly interface. This interface is highly intuitive and suitable both for professional and beginner traders. Users can quickly locate all the necessary services they need on the exchange section, including buy, sell, OTC, swaps, and Margin. 

The fees in the exchange are also quite friendly. For example, the margin’s makers and takers fee is capped at 0.2%, while the makers and takers for the swap section are 0.06 and 0.04, respectively. In addition, there are no deposit fees, and the OTC trading fees are currently temporarily free. 

The Vdollar Wallet

The Vdollar network has its wallet network dubbed Vdollar wallet. This wallet will help hold the Vdollar coins either after mining or when trading them in the exchange. It’s a vital tool in Vdollar, and like the host, the network will have top security institutes. 

Designing their native wallet for their asset makes the Vdollar network top as an excellent service provider. 

Vdollar Trading Mining Features

  • The Trading Mining Tool

The Vdollar token is coming up with excellent trading mining options to help maximize investors’ incomes. Foremost, the transaction fees are paid in the USDT currency, and the platform adds all the fees collected in the USDT receive pool. 

Afterward, this USDT reserve pool is used to back newly-minted Vdollar tokens, as seen below. Therefore, the Vdollar token remains the most critical feature of the entire Vdollar network because of its income mining options. 

  • The USDT Reserve Pool

The Vdollar network defines the USDT reserve pool as a blockchain address storing the USDT fees collected and backing the mined Vdollar. As already mentioned, 100% of all the fees generated using the Vdollar exchange token goes directly to the reserve pool.

The details and continuous updates and upgrades of this particular pool, including the collections, will be published, thus ensuring everything is transparent. In addition, the users/miners paying fees get Vdollar tokens as rewards. 

  • Perpetual Motion Halving Options

The Vdollar network refers to their perpetual halving of the Vdollar release when talking about perpetual motion features. This perpetual halving will help control the number of tokens circulating, thus effectively increasing the values of the Vdollar. So how will the perpetual halving work?

In the first phase of the Vdollar mining world, every 1 USDT paid to the network will attract a mine of 1 Vdollar. In the second phase, every 1 USDT will attract 0.5 Vdollar, meaning, to get one full Vdollar, you must pay a 2 USDT transaction fee. Finally, in the third phase, Vdollar will release 1 token only if the transaction fee is 4 USDT.

The minimum amount accepted as a transaction fee for rewards is 1 USDT, meaning if a user has less, they will wait in line until their cost hits 1 USDT.

The maximum number of Vdollar tokens set by the Vdollar network to be issued is 10 million. The process of halving the tokens released will continue perpetually. According to the issuance rules in the first tier, the platform aims to issue 4.5 million tokens, 2.25 in the second, etc. 

  • Super Representatives

The Vdollar token minting uses a set of 32 wallet holders called super representatives. These representatives who are elected through votes are the custodians of the network. The 32 seats will remain the same, but the super representatives will change from time to time. 

To be a super representative, an individual must have a valid KYC verification and some amount of token in their account. Details about the vote for super members will be announced 24 hours before the vote, and the 8 least mining individuals will be removed and replaced with a new lot of 8 selected for the position. It’s not clear if this voting is annual or will depend on the phrasal changes. 

Benefits of Vdollar

  • Regulated/Licenced for Security

Another excellent feature is the regulation of the Vdollar network. As per the info shared with us, this network is registered in Colorado, the USA, with its main offices. It has adhered to rules by different bodies in the United States and is safe for users. 

  • Convenience with Mobile Applications

The Vdollar network has mobile applications both for android and iOS devices to offer its services even better. Therefore, users can enjoy the services and mining only with their mobile phones and in their comfort zone.

Final Word

After looking into the Vdollar network, although this trading mining service is entirely new in crypto, Vdollar has implanted a vast array of features to perfect it. The reserve pool, halving, super representatives, and legal registration makes this platform and service excellent and highly reliable. 

The platform has several social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and a Telegram group. In these pages, the network shares vital details on the network for more transparency and reliability.

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