Review: Embarking On Your Cryptocurrency Journey

Project Reviews / 26.10.2019 is not new in the cryptocurrency market. The platform was operating as InstarWallet until Sept/Oct when the company renamed its platform

Apart from the name change, retains its secure, transparent quality data sharing services, the platform’s primary goal. 

The data brokerage system currently in use is outdated. Flaws in centralized systems expose people to unwanted and unnecessary danger. With, data sharing and brokerage become ethical, secure, and transparent, and the data producers are the main beneficiaries of their data. remains the platform of choice for anyone starting or continuing their crypto journey with its other numerous offerings.

A Blockchain-Based Data Exchange delivers a data exchange system that is up to date with societal priorities.

Following the scare that was Cambridge Analytica and the perfection of technology such as deep fakes, getting accurate data is becoming increasingly difficult. Many people are not submitting accurate data that poses a problem for data consumers.

Through the platform, individuals and institutions are connected mutually where data is exchanged for tokens that hold specific values. The data exchange service is the platform’s primary offering; however, there are other solutions that crypto enthusiasts will find beneficial and interesting.

For the active traders, highlights the price movements of select cryptocurrencies. This is conveniently displayed on the dashboard, where traders can monitor price movements at a glance. also features a wallet service where specific tokens can be stored. By claiming the wallet services, users are rewarded with a set number of INSTAR tokens. has a dedicated learning center where its users can learn about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. For those new to the industry, this feature would come in handy. The platform features informative videos on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which users may likely find exciting and educative.

Another interesting feature of is the survey participation option. Every registered user can participate in surveys hosted by the platform. These surveys can either be created by individuals or organizations seeking a set of data. Compensation is done relatively in INSTAR tokens for the submission of the data required.

All data submitted on the platform is voluntary. This gives the data producer control over their data, a practice that is almost non-existent in current data brokerage set-ups.

INSTAR tokens can be earned via participation in any activity hosted on the platform.

Learning Labs

This is one of the most exciting features of the platform. While other platforms are struggling to attract the existing community to their side, is educating the existing community while creating room for expanding the community.

The learning labs have interactive, easy-to-read, and understand blockchain and cryptocurrency lessons that everyone will likely appreciate.

Accessible Services

Experiencing the excellent services has to offer is easy.

Upon accessing their website, the user is greeted by a registration pop-up. Necessary information such as email and name are required in this process. A follow-up email is then sent to the potential member who gives them their unique link where the registration process can continue.

Because of insecurity, follows strict KYC practices to protect itself and its users from any potential danger, cyber or physical.

After successfully submitting the required documents, the account verification is done, and you can start enjoying services.

The services can be accessed via two major platforms:

  • Android
  • Web clients (Google, Safari)

Attractive Packages For Users is currently offering lucrative joining prizes.

Just for joining the platform, guarantees a specific number of INSTAR. Moreover, if users invite their friends and successfully sign up, a reward is also given to them in INSTAR tokens.

Currently, runs a promotion that will see users with the most successful referrals receive iPhone 11’s as their rewards. is an excellent platform to start an individual’s crypto journey. is educative while remaining faithful to its calling, ethical data exchange services.

The rewards offered on also fit a platform that wants to increase the support base of cryptocurrencies and blockchain globally.

It seems that better features are to come from the team behind the platform soon!

Born in Bucharest, Marius is the founder of Crypto Adventure. Since his first contact with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, he never stopped believing that they are one of the most important innovations of our time, which will forever change the way business is done.