INSTAR Ranked Above NANO and Litecoin in Daily Transactions

Project Reviews / 21.04.2019
Following their inception, Insights Network has been on a path of creating a platform worthy of its target market. The cumulative hard work and dedications appear to be finally paying off as the INSTAR blockchain- an official token of the Insights Network platform- has been listed on Blocktivity’s top ten rankings cryptocurrencies and also on ICO Analytics top twenty. INSTAR has achieved this ranking against some of the industry powerhouses such as DASH and VeChain.

Block’tivity Listing

INSTAR Makes its way in the top 10 blocktivity ranking
Block’tivity Ranking

Lists are an indicator of the performance of a particular service or product. From the lists, consumers can make informed choices on whether they will spend or invest their money. Cryptocurrencies have evolved from a digital transaction currency to investment pieces on the internet. People analyze the performance of various cryptocurrencies and determine which one best suits their investment needs.

Such services require a platform that delivers accurate data on the market movements of several cryptocurrencies in existence. Block’tivity is arguably the best platform to use when tracking and understanding the performance of cryptocurrencies. The platform analyses the most crucial aspect of a cryptocurrency, eliminating unnecessary hype and FUD elements.

Being recognized by Block’tivity is an achievement of its own. Block’tivity only targets cryptocurrencies that have shown consistent performance over time or show the potential of being a top performer. Once Block’tivity has identified a platform, it integrates its signature system into the blockchain to track the cryptocurrency activity in the cryptocurrency market.

Block’tivity not only uses its tracking method but also employs the use of statistics from other credible sources. The data is then harmonized, and a definitive ranking is awarded based on the comprehensive data provided.

The top ten rankings on Block’tivity translates to INSTAR being the tenth most active cryptocurrency in the market in the past twenty-four hours. The consistency in activity depicts the positivity the market has towards INSTAR. The ranking system employed by Block’tivity is unique in that its tracking system performs the cryptocurrency based on crucial performance factors. The ranking system bases its list on the activity of the token. However, it also provides information on the market cap of the cryptocurrency.

Determining the real value of cryptocurrency can be very challenging. Rough estimations may be approximated, but they may not depict the real value of the cryptocurrency. Block’tivity’s system reveals the cryptocurrency value, arguably more accurate than any other existing measurements in the blockchain industry. The vast amount of data it processes, in addition to their data, gives an accurate estimation of the actual value of the listed cryptocurrencies.


The market will only consume that which they deem fit for their consumption. Many projects have failed as a result of not appealing to the market in several ways. Having low credibility is among the ways through which market share can be lost. The market values products and services recognized, especially by credible institutions such as Block’tivity and ICO analytics. This increases the confidence in which investors choose to invest in specific cryptocurrencies.

For global operations and expansion plans, such lists are highly valued. Breaking into a new market will require all the positive news available to provide the cryptocurrency with the credibility it expects to impact consumers.

The set up employed by Block’tivity in determining the value of the cryptocurrencies listed in various exchanges is convenient as much as it is innovative. With an ever-increasing plethora of new projects continuing to enter the blockchain industry, the Block’tivity platform is sure to be the premium benchmark to have more accurate data for their users.

Block’tivity factors in various aspects of cryptocurrency performance in their ranking while using their activity as the foundation of the results. The activity of the blockchain is the true representation of the value of the cryptocurrency. The more people use the cryptocurrency, the more credible it appears, and the more likely it is to attract more users.

Top 40 under 40 and such similar lists are standard in various media platforms. These lists are followed religiously by part of the market; therefore, appearing in any of the lists may result in an overall boost in the performance of products or services associated with the brand.

INSTAR has come a long way to achieve this much-deserved feat. It is by no sheer luck but by hard work and immense support from its user base that INSTAR could be featured in Block’tivity’s top ten list.

These lists provide data that should be studied for investors or potential cryptocurrency traders before making any investment decisions. Blocktivity lists provide authentic data that can be used to make informed decisions.

Decentralized Data Exchange

Initially founded by Brian Gallagher, Darwin Lo, and Brandan Zaucha, Insights Network’s broader aim is to create a trustless and decentralized data exchange. Hundreds of billions of dollars of consumer data are transacted in unscrupulous means, all providing an immediate disadvantage to the consumers who have no control of data involving their personal opinions and thoughts.

The Insights Network team will be using the EOS Open Source Software as the Insight Network Data Exchange’s foundation. The official token migration to the EOS platform from ERC-20 tokens is expected to occur at the end of May.


The INSTAR Wallet rewards users daily with free INSTAR tokens to complete the regular daily surveys available. These features come as a plus on top of the primary wallet functionalities that the Instar Wallet also executes so well. Token transfers within the wallet are already live; thus, users are already enjoying the Instar Wallet’s benefits. More features are likely to be added soon as Instar Wallet expands.

Getting Started
To start enjoying the benefits of Instar Wallet, follow these simple steps:
  • Sign up via this link
  • Verify your account
  • Participate in polls and surveys as much as you can to earn even more INSTAR tokens.

The Future for INSTAR

Instar Wallet is gaining traction in various areas around the world. With increasing downloads on the Android platform, it is becoming clear that the Instar Wallet will be a force to reckon with in the future.

With the official token migration imminent and more exciting future updates planned, the time to be part of the growing INSTAR project has never been more significant. More and more personal data will be collected. More and more users will not be in control of their data- as such, it’s only right a platform that will provide a comprehensive solution to this ever-expanding problem now continues to gather increasing momentum.
Born in Bucharest, Marius is the founder of Crypto Adventure. Since his first contact with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, he never stopped believing that they are one of the most important innovations of our time, which will forever change the way business is done.