India Explores Blockchain to Better Its Education System

News / 20.01.2020

The Indian government is incorporating blockchain technology solutions into government schools in the country. Incorporating the technology will ensure the schools offer top education quality. 

The IT minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, asked the NIC team to find out possible ways of ensuring they merge blockchain solutions and technology to improve primary school quality. Foremost, people will get an education on the Crypto word basics, including BTC, ETH, and the role of technology in digital currency.

The health minister’s remarks considered the vast impact that blockchain technology can have in the government’s various sectors, including financial, treasury, education, and health. Blockchain technology will ensure uniformity in growth in the multiple sectors making the Indian economy.

Using blockchain technology will also help reduce the chances of fraud common in some government officials. The minister’s remarks highlighted that blockchains would bolster transparency, traceability, and even citizens’ trust in government and institutions.  

Additionally, minister Prasad later focused his remarks on strengthening the start-up world, with more than 26000 start-ups. Around 9000 of the start-ups are technological start-ups, and the minister urged the government and National Informatics Center(NIC) to open doors for the even wider growth of the start-up movement. 

The Center of Excellence is already planning to accept and implement a robust infrastructure for blockchain’s provision as a Service and enhance the government’s plans to build a proof of concept to maximize the use of blockchain technology.

The NIC and CoE might be making a partnership to help recreate the nation through this blockchain technology. 

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