IEOs Bad Performance Leads To Investors Taking Massive Loses

News / 23.12.2019

The launch of Initial Exchange Offerings, IEOs, occurred in 2019. Nevertheless, incriminating new statistics show that IEO investors lost a maximum of 98% of their money. On the 23rd of December, the latest report on twelve leading IEOs by BitMEX Research got launched in 2019. Eleven of these IEOs are currently worthless compared to the price at which they first traded on exchanges.

BitMEX Research maintained that their performance since the time they launched is always low. Nearly all the IEO tokens declined by more than 80%. However, compared with the prices that the organizers first offered the IEO tokens, the numbers are somewhat better. Four IEOs delivered returns to investors, and they performed between 7.9% and 490%.

BitMEX Research on Matic’s Performance

The performance of Matic was 490%, and it got launched on Binance. Compared with the initial exchange price, Matic is up to 255 % in spite of the mixed opinions concerning its origin recently. The BitMEX research said that a sudden 60% drop in the token value happened after a strange activity on markets.

Those who created Matic denied any foul play, and the CEO of Binance stated to support their innocence. BitMEX’s research maintained that the performance of Matic did not put IEO investors into an awful situation. The reports indicate that this volatile token appreciated since it got listed.

People On Criticizing IEOs

The difference between ICOs and IEOs is that the latter has a direct listing of the tokens by an exchange through its dedicated launchpad. People are always criticizing IEOs, since the launching of the first projects, with concerns now about the sector’s ability to gain long-term credibility.

Recently, Tone Vays maintained that the forecast for all altcoins seems increasingly gloomy. He estimated that the general market dominance of Bitcoin would grow to 85% next year.

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