How UAS Presents the American Dream into the African Region

Project Reviews / 13.08.2020

The African region is among the least developed globally, still facing ineffective leadership, poverty, civil wars, trade restriction, and more. However, Africa also has great potential considering its dominance in agriculture, minerals, tourism, and untapped bright minds.

Many people explore options outside Africa in America, Australia, and Europe, the three continents that hold vast developments in living standards, technology, and job opportunities. The saddest part about this condition is that they still face discrimination and segregation wherever they go.

The media airs brutality African natives face several in Western countries. It begs the question, is there no way to improve Africa as an ideal place of peaceful residence, economic advancements, education, and other essential aspects that will enhance our daily lives?

UAS Bringing the American Dream to Africa

The basis of the American dream is that everyone, despite their race, financial status, or gender, can achieve equality to attain maximum benefits. The United Allied States (UAS) aims to improve African residents’ living standards by bringing the American dream. In turn, Africans will not have to look elsewhere for greener pastures.

Additionally, UAS aims to eliminate the notion of Africans being lesser people issuing them the same human rights offered to the rest of the world. Even though most believe the American dream is dead, UAS struggles to rekindle it worldwide.

What Approach will UAS Use?

A vital factor to note is that economic advancements and earning more income are not the only aspects to consider. The American dream can engulf general individual satisfaction by attaining happiness and liberty in the forgotten continent. Some crucial ways UAS will achieve this belief is through:

Freedom for Prosperity

  • Individual Freedom

The first maneuver to realizing the American dream requires both individual and economic liberation. Individual freedom equips citizens with the ability of personal discernment devoid of government oppressions and regulations. In that case, individual freedom moves for individual responsibility as people know best what they want. Individual freedom requires freedom of and freedom from specific factors. The two components mainly involve freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from fear, and freedom from want.

  • Economic freedom

Economic freedom, on the other hand, encompasses the ability to undertake financial exchanges without limitations. UAS utilizes four critical principles of economic freedom to avail it to all its members. Through the rule of law, UAS can sustain property rights for its citizens while maintaining their security. This principle further entails the effectiveness of judicial systems and the credibility of the government at large.

Market openness gives members the freedom to trade with anyone worldwide with reduced taxation and other costs incurred by stiff trade regulations. It avails investment opportunities and supporting entrepreneurial minds. Regulatory efficiency eradicates backtracking regulations in businesses, creates job opportunities and freedom of employment terms, and provides a stable currency for all undertakings. UAS is creating the world’s strongest currency, gold-backed, and increasing value under the Apollo National Currency System.

The last is government size, which involves government spending, government fund allocation, and tax burdens. For these processes to provide economic freedom, there should be a transparent government in place. UAS achieves this through blockchain technology running on Apollo Fintech’s blockchain. Therefore, anything done by the government will be subject to an immutable ledger accessible to all members for an open government system.

Financial and Technological Sustenance

Africa has a vast distribution of natural resources that could widely improve the living standards of the people. Working with Apollo Fintech is the first step to combining the uses of finance and technology. The company implements solutions for governments; UAS leveraging it will provide Africa with sustainable financial systems and improved technology.

Finance incorporates free trade, funding of business innovations, and incentivizing research into the sector. First, UAS considers how it can inject capital into the private sector to include personal businesses within Africa. Furthermore, these steps should focus on maintaining a sustainable environmental ecosystem to deal with rising issues, such as global warming.

Another factor to consider is how to cope with pandemics, civil wars caused by militia, or other adverse elements that may hinder progress. By mobilizing already available resources, UAS expects to grow the GDP of all countries within the continent. A more exceptional educational and training system will instill skills in young minds who will eventually bring about progress in the states. Lastly, reducing government regulations protects citizens from burdening deductions while conserving their rights to life and freedom.

On the side of technology, UAS aims to provide African countries with modern infrastructure and other industrial capabilities. Moreover, these improvements will lead to extensive exploitation of the continent’s potential on the economic side. As more money flows throughout the networks, people’s living standards will rise, moving to eradicate poverty.

The main essence is to ensure that everyone gets a chance to earn income, maintain stability, provide government solutions, and avoid the circulation of funds within the wealthy entities. More job opportunities will be available for everyone reducing unemployment risks; hence, everyone’s overall growth.

UAS: Pushing for a Better Africa

UAS boasts of being a finance leader, technology, education, research, and freedom for all. Integrating these core values into the African continent will massively change the direction of progress within. Due to redundant leadership, political instability, financially crippling regulations, unemployment, exposure to varieties of diseases, and more, Africa has not been able to access the full extent of its potential.

UAS aims to bring light to what has been referred to as a dark continent. Fighting globalism is also an aspect that will help the sovereign nation bring prosperity into the continent by taking note of individual countries’ needs. All in all, UAS aims to open up Africa to dominate globally in all sectors, contrary to previous beliefs.

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