Holder Finance (HFI) Introduces the First DeFi HODL Network

Project Reviews / 24.12.2020

Holder Finance wants to change the way people think of DeFi tokens. As per the project’s website, it introduces various strategies to become the first HODL-centric project in the industry.

Benefits of HFI – Holder Finance

HFI’s network provides a slew of benefits to its users. This self-governing decentralized project is dedicated to rewarding the community. Consequently, the network offers full transparency on the project to the community. HFI holders receive valuable insight to help progress their investment strategies.

HFI is set up in a way that rewards early adopters and holders of the project. The entire concept leverages fundamental economic principles to create a high level of scarcity for its digital asset, the HFI token. The desire to keep HFI values on the rise is evident at first glance. For example, there are only going to be 1000 HFI tokens every issued.

This small amount of tokens is in direct contrast to the unlimited issuances seen on many other DeFi platforms today. These platforms suffer from inflationary risks due to their structure. Most DeFi platforms issue liquidity pool tokens every time someone adds liquidity to a project’s pool. Additionally, most of these pools also pay out their rewards in the platform’s governance token. 

Sadly, all of these non-predictive token issuances come at a high price. There are already multiple instances of LP token issuance working against the value of the project. Specifically, these newly issued tokens skew the supply and demand balance. In turn, LP token values drop. HFI users don’t have these problems because of the limited supply.

How Does Holder Finance (HFI) Work?

Holder Finance is a complete DeFi ecosystem that offers users the ability to earn passive rewards staking their cryptocurrency in mining pools. Users can participate in the platform’s genesis mining campaign that is slated to start in Q1 2020. The event will end in Q3 2021.

Keenly, this event will mint only 380 HFI tokens throughout its entire process. Miners who participate in this pool also receive additional bonuses for their efforts. In total, HFI miners are responsible for 38% of the total supply of HFI ever to be issued. The mining campaign includes three stages with varying rewards.

The Bronze Mining campaign, which lasts 60 days, is the first option available to users. These early adopters will enjoy more rewards and better ROIs in the long run. If you miss the first mining campaign, you still have some options. A Silver Mining campaign starts in Q2 2021, and a Gold Mining campaign begins in Q3 2021.

Liquidity funds Locked

The developers behind HFI plan to mint another 30 HFI tokens this upcoming February. These tokens are meant to sure up investor confidence and liquidity in the project. As such, they are to remain locked in a smart contract for one full year until February 2022.


HFI investors gain confidence in the platform, knowing that the network’s code has undergone multiple third-party edits. Specifically, the network was fully audited by CTDSEC. This firm is a third-party cyber-security company with years’ experience in the crypto industry.


HFI developers seek to compete with Uniswap. Uniswap is the world’s top DEX and Ethereum Dapp currently. To accomplish this task, HFI expands on many of the shortcomings of Uniswap. For example, Uniswap users often complain about the lack of basic functionalities, such as the ability to make limit orders. Here are some of the features that make this DEX unique.


HFI’s HolderLimit upgrade allows users to set their trading strategy on Uniswap without triggering the trades. The executors will be rewarded at the level they want by selecting the execution fee % they desire. This interface is designed to improve all DEX UX’s. Currently, it’s only linked to Uniswap. However, this protocol will see Sushiswap, Mooniswap, and all other DEXs in the coming months.

Vault Staking

As part of HFI’s scarcity strategy, the network intends to offer vault staking options. Users are rewarded with 0.1 HFI or 10% of monthly interest until a total of 25 HFI per Vault is minted. Interestingly, these events occur bi-annually for the first four years of the project, with the final rewards issued in 2026. In total, 200 HFI or 20% of the total supply will see issuance during the Vault staking campaigns. 

HFI Community Governance

HFI integrates a community governance mechanism that gives its users a say in the network’s development. Users who hold HFI tokens can vote on all network upgrades and changes. Specifically, these votes can include new pools, functions, fee changes, and critical upgrades.

HFI Token

The HFI token functions as the store of value in the network. The developers behind the project want to make HFI like an Ethereum-based version of digital gold. Notably, this ERC-20 token enjoys full compatibility within the Ethereum ecosystem.

HFS Token

The HFS token functions as the primary utility token of the HFI network. Users pay fees and complete other network transactions using this token. HFI users also receive all their rewards in HFS tokens. These tokens can then be traded for other tokens on the network DEX with reduced fees.

Holder Finance – Private Sale

The HFI private sale is now live. This event will include four rounds. Each round slightly raises the price of HFI tokens. Keenly, this is the only way to get HFI tokens before the launch of the genesis mining protocol. Notably, the private sale officially began after the launch of HolderSwap v1. At this time, HFI token prices are set at 4,000.

Holder Finance – A Game Changer

The concept of a HODL-worthy DeFi token is sure to interest investors. For now, HFI deserves some accolades for their unusual strategy that seeks to create a super valuable ERC-20 token. For now, early-bird investors can look forward to impressive ROIs as the project starts its mining protocol next month.

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