GraphLinq: The Pioneer Tool Offering Full Crypto Automation Services

Project Reviews / 18.03.2021

The development of crypto platforms and tools like smart contracts requires lots of deep coding. Even in outlets claiming to be highly autonomous, still, users are required to code to begin using the platform. Moreover, these platforms are centered on specific or single automation and charge very high costs for their services. Generally, this complex issue makes it hard to tread in the crypto world. 

What if there was a platform that lets you automate every single blockchain-centered process at an affordable gas fee? Well, Graphlinq aims to provide just that. What exactly is Graphlinq? How does it work? Keep reading to understand the technology and features of the Graphlinq network.   

GraphLinq in a Nutshell

Graphlinq launched at the start of 2021 as the pioneer platform allowing users to connect blockchains and blockchain activities with no coding skills. The idea behind this platform is to automate everything in blockchains without coding. 

The project team aims to provide users with a developer’s experience and make the processes relatively easy. Graphlinq monitors blockchain and Defi data automate and help users execute them in multiple chains, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.   

Crypto enthusiasts can use live Graphlinq plugins to copy DEX and CEX data and monitor Uniswap and Binance platforms, among others. Moreover, using this platform, users can automate any blockchain-based project. 

The Technology Behind GraphLinq 

Currently, Graphlinq is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain by leveraging Ethereum smart contracts. Already, the platform will prove highly efficient because of the Ethereum blockchain’s long-term reliability. 

However, according to the developers, by the end of 2021, Graphinq will introduce its proof of stake chain to bolster efficiency and convenience. 

Graphlinq works with engine and IDE tools to interact with each other and multiple blockchains apart from the blockchain base. An engine is software capable of creating and executing Graphlinq graphs. 

The engine is designed with two layers; a test net and a mainnet. 

  • Testnet- primarily used for testing graphs
  •  Mainnet- more comprehensive platform that allows users to run graphs at a small gas fee

The engine uses a C# language thus can execute and interact with chains at a fast speed. 

Moreover, Graphlinq has multiple template graphs that a developer can use in creating their graphs. There is a ‘drag and drop plugin’ allowing the user to use the templates provided easily.  

The GLQ Token

Graphlinq introduces its native ERC-20 token, GLQ. The purpose of the token is to secure the network by helping in the following areas;

  • Payment of Gas– GLQ will be the main currency for payment of services like graph execution.
  • Marketplace– Graphlinq will use the token in purchasing graph templates within the Graphlinq ecosystem.
  • Staking– Users will have the freedom of staking GLQ tokens and earning passive income with excellent APYs.
  • Governance– By the end of 2021, Graphlinq will introduce a DAO governance system leveraging GLQ. Therefore, GLQ token holders will participate in making decisions about the platform’s future. 

To ensure the token maintains long-term viability, Graphlinq will burn the tokens used for GAS payment. Therefore, there will be a perpetual reduction of the coins in circulation, translating to deflationary GLQ tokens. 

Features of the GraphLinq Network

  • Ultimate Simplicity

This platform makes the user’s journey ultimately easy. A new user can choose to leverage available templates in the platform to start their journey. Moreover, it’s possible to leverage the online IDE to create custom graphs.

  • System Automation

The system is highly autonomous, thus leaving you with ample time to focus on other vital issues of the day. For instance, you can choose multiple events and leave the graphs running the services autonomously.

  • Real-Time Analytics

Once you use the Graphlinq platform, you can easily monitor your graphs’ real-time analysis on the platform’s interface. Moreover, it’s possible to check your personal information on the interface, making your work ultimately easy. 

  • Top Database Security

The mainnet helps a user follow through with all of the database information. Moreover, they can leverage the platform’s secure data storage to ensure that personal data remains private. 

  • Integration 

The platform can easily integrate with other servers. Leveraging it helps a user store, monitor, and access data from their graphs and centralized servers. 

GraphLinq Tokenomics

According to the platform, their initial total supply of GLQ coins will remain at 500 million. However, these tokens will be apportioned for different works as outlined below;

  • 10% (50 million) of these tokens were sold on the private presale round ($0.002464 per token)
  • Moreover, in the ILO to be done on the Unicrypt platform, Graphlinq allocates 40% of the tokens, i.e., 200,000 ($0.00308 per token)
  • 5% is allocated to the team behind the project
  • 4% of the tokens are apportioned to market, adoption, and development works
  • 10% of the tokens will help in raising awareness using bounty programs
  • 1.1% for team funds that remain in circulation
  • 27.9% (139.5 million) tokens will be saved as part of treasury funds
  • 2% will go to Binance, Ethereum, engine hosting, and nodes

Final Word

Although the Crypto world introduces automation services, they come with massive gas fees, thus unfavorable for users. Graphlinq is pioneering with a platform that helps users automate services at favorable charges. Even more interesting is the idea of automation without coding, thus attracting investors of all calibers. 

The technology deployed by this platform is state of the art, leveraging blockchain and unique coding language. Another vital aspect of the Graphlinq network is the GLQ token. This token will help secure the network while assisting holders in earning passive income through staking. 

According to the Graphlinq medium page, the platform will be conducting its public and private sale between the 16th and 31st of March via the Unicrypt decentralized token sale platform. 

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