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Project Reviews / 13.02.2019

We all prefer to use a convenient and fast payment method whenever we buy something from a store. Payment processors such as VISA and MasterCard make our lives a whole lot easier; be it a customer or a merchant, these centralized payment processors authenticate every single transaction and ensure the money is transferred to the right person. However, the problem with using a centralized payment processor is that with a centralized payment processor there is also a point of failure for the entire system. Therefore, the payment system can be down from time to time. This can cause major problems for both customers as well as the merchants. Additionally, the centralized payment processors charge a certain fee and have complete control over your transactions. These features make them less desirable for anyone who would want to have full control over their funds and privacy.

Recently we discovered Graft Network, a blockchain based cryptocurrency project dedicated towards making alternative payment transactions work in real-time anywhere via instant off-chain authorizations and integration with existing payment terminals. Just like VISA or MasterCard, GRAFT will be settling all types of transactions onto their blockchain solution with uncompromising privacy and without involving banks.

What is Graft Network

GRAFT (Global Real-time Authorizations and Fund Transfers) is a completely decentralized, open-source blockchain based payment processor that aims at replacing the existing centralized payment systems in order to benefit both the customers as well as the merchants. GRAFT Blockchain believes that the payment industry can benefit tremendously from the democratization brought forward by the blockchain technology, but only when combining the right technologies with the accepted industry workflows and systems.

Merchants and customers can start using the GRAFT network to make payments without having to worry about the high fees or the time required for transaction confirmation, making the whole payment process convenient for everyone. By integrating traditional workflows, as those of an existing credit card system, into the GRAFT solution it will not be any different than using Visa payments for instance, except transactions will take place in a peer-to-peer and decentralized fashion. Thus, sticking to Satoshi Nakamoto original vision of a payment system that is faster, cheaper and irreversible, with no financial institution needed nor a third party to mediate potential conflicts.

Instead of having a centralized payment processor, GRAFT makes use of Super-nodes to confirm the various transactions on the network at lightning speeds. Even though the main aim behind the GRAFT network is to be a payment processor, the project is feature packed and offers many more features than a traditional payment processor.

Some of the innovative products of the GRAFT network include their revolutionary POS machine that enables a merchant to accept payment in the form of both fiats as well as cryptocurrencies. GRAFT has also developed a multi-cryptocurrency wallet, which can be used to store different cryptocurrencies and can be used at a merchant who accepts the GRAFT payment mode.

Why Graft Network

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GRAFT Key Features

The GRAFT network is a new and innovative project that has several features implemented. Even though the platform is not entirely ready, the basic features that are required for payment processing are fully functional. As more features are added to the project, its usability network users will also increase. The project has many features worth mentioning:

  • Merchants: Merchants who have the GRAFT network implemented in their stores can start accepting any mode of payment, be it credit cards or cryptocurrencies. With the help of the GRAFT POS machine, the merchants accept all payment modes. Additionally, they need not have to pay such a high processing fee to the payment processor either.
  • Customers: With the help of GRAFT multi-cryptocurrency wallet, any user can pay a merchant using any cryptocurrency that they have. Additionally, the wallet also holds all your merchant loyalty tokens in one place. Thus, making it a very convenient product to have.
  • Open-source: The entire GRAFT network project is open source. This means that anyone can contribute to this project. Due to the open source nature of the project, the vast community of developers quickly patches any bug that is found within their code.
  • All-in-one payment solution: GRAFT network accepts all credit, debit cards, fiat, and cryptocurrencies. This means that it is the one solution for all payment modes.
  • Decentralized validation: Unlike the existing payment processors that are validated on a centralized server, GRAFT network makes use of decentralized supernodes to validate the transactions. Additionally, the confirmation time is in the range of seconds rather than minutes.
  • Very small transaction fees: GRAFT charges its user’s very small transaction fees as compared to the traditional payment methods. This small transaction fee goes a long way when you use this method on a regular basis. Thus, saving you a lot of money.
  • Loyalty programs: Loyalty programs are by far the most effective way to make regular customers happy. With GRAFT network, merchants can create their own loyalty tokens to run on the GRAFT network and thus, reward their customers every time they buy something.
  • Protected Privacy – The GRAFT ecosystem is built on top of the Monero blockchain, therefore, one can expect the privacy of the user to have the utmost importance. 

ColdPay SuperCard & Indiegogo Campaign

The team is already ahead of the blockchain payment processors competition and, even more encouragingly, soon they will be launching a cool multicurrency cold wallet / payment card; the ColdPay SuperCard will initially be used to keep our cryptocurrency in the safest way, which will eventually be used for payments. Check Out their Indiegogo Campaign and the video below for more information regarding ColdPay SuperCard.

Ongoing Developments

Due to its open-source nature, the GRAFT network is undergoing developments at a rapid pace. Numerous patches to improve the efficiency of the network have been released. The network also started to use a new hashing algorithm to resist the Nicehash attacks on the network. Currently, numerous developments for the Exchange broker feature are being made. A fully functional demo of this feature is available here. The WooCommerce plugin and the payment gateway are now configured and are ready to be used while many more plugins will be made available in the future.


The GRAFT network also has its own token called the GRFT token. This token is described as the fuel for the entire GRAFT network. All transactions on the GRAFT network can also be carried out by using it. The token uses a hybrid PoW/PoS method to verify all transactions on the network, making it extremely secure and fast to use. At the time of writing, the GRFT token is worth 143 Satoshi ($0.005091 USD) and is traded at Exchanges like Stex and TradeOgre. As the GRAFT network is more widely adopted more exchange listing is imminent and the token price will also increase rapidly.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the project scores very well on the technical aspects, reward outputs and identifying a niche opportunity by launching a good product. Now it is time for them to get aggressive to acquire more users and merchants for their offering and blockchain platform that eventually will enhance the overall value proposition.

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