Flitsnode Wallet – The First Decentralized Masternode and Stacking App

Project Reviews / 26.09.2019

Financial privacy and freedom from centralized institutions have always been some of the cornerstones for the development of cryptocurrencies. Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin provide users some level of anonymity with respect to their finances, but it is one of the strongest desires of most crypto enthusiasts to have absolute privacy with their funds, hence the development of Masternodes. With over $500 million marketcap of masternodes that have been launched in the cryptosphere, this is a trending investment plan that is going viral in the cryptosphere. Unfortunately, setting up one is no easy nut to crack, even for some of the experienced crypto enthusiasts, so, what expectations can you have for crypto starters who wish to invest into this industry? The worst part is when you have to set up a computer that runs all day and also having little or no access to your funds at any point in time, in such a volatile industry could be scary sometimes.

Several node hosting platforms were developed to eradicate this but most of them ended up absconding with the funds of their investors. All hope seems to have been lost until the emergence of Flitsnode, the first decentralized masternode and staking app for both Android and iOS users.

FlitsNode and its Decentralized Staking Application

The growing market value of investing into masternodes has attracted many crypto enthusiasts as well as crypto starters and Flitsapp team has taken upon itself to facilitate this process with the Flitsnode application. Through Flits application, users can deposit funds in BTC and invest into any of the 45 available cryptocurrencies within the application. Flitsapp conducts a thorough research with the cryptocurrencies that are listed on its platform, to prevent its community from investing into any worthless project.

Gone are the days when crypto investors had to go through several complex processes in order to set up their masternode, because on Flits app, this happen in a flash. Flitsapp takes care of all the boring technicalities involved and allows its users to set up their masternodes with just a few clicks. All that is required of any user is to deposit the collateral amount of the coin that they wish to run and in the shortest possible time, the masternode is set up for them. Rewards are paid four times daily and users have the opportunity to engage push up notifications to alert them when their block rewards are sent.

Not only you can host your own masternodes privately in a decentralized way, but Flits app also supports staking as long that specific coin allows it. Users who are not able to afford the required collateral amount of coins to run a masternode can also stake their coins and receive block rewards with push up notifications enabled as well.

Entrusting your funds into the hands of anybody is quite a big deal and nobody is trying to overlook that. To silence all doubts, Flitsapp team has made the app decentralized, hence putting users in control of their own funds, unlike other node staking platforms that I have come across. Extra security features in the form of Google Authentication and SMS verification to approve activities within the app can be enabled to prevent any third-party from having access to the funds of users. Frequent security audits are also going to be conducted to ensure that Flits app platform is absolutely secured from any form of security breach.

What is an investment platform without a marketplace to liquidate your assets for profits whenever you want? Flitsapp has also integrated into its platform some exchanges through which users can sell off their masternode rewards instantly and withdraw their profits. This additional trading feature of Flitsapp makes it completely unique among other hosting platforms in the cryptosphere.

A masternode investment plan with a formidable use case

Flitsnode is also a masternode blockchain network that uses the Proof-of-Stake Consensus mechanism and quark algorithm in running its blockchain. Flitsnode has a very limited supply of 10 million FLS Conis and with FLS being used as the native utility coin on Flitsnode application, you can bet on such a high demand and liquidity for FLS coin.

Fees charged for staking or running your masternode is one of the cheapest you can have in the cryptosphere. Users are charged $7.49 per month for a full masternode, but this is drastically reduced to $4.99 if payment is made in FLS coins. A 10% monthly discount is given to users who have more than 10 masternodes running on the platform.


Flitsapp makes the investment into masternodes happen within a flash of a second and also gives back full ownership to its users through its decentralized staking application which is available for both Android and iOS users. This application leverages on the decentralized security feature of the blockchain technology to prevent any single point of failure.

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