EXW Project – Bridging the Gap Between Financial Solutions and Cryptocurrency

Project Reviews / 18.09.2019

The continuous growth and survival of the cryptosphere has increased the awareness of cryptocurrencies ever since Satoshi Nakamoto created BitcoinCoinmarketcap records about 2810 cryptocurrencies that have been generated in addition to Bitcoin and with a total market cap of over $250 billion US. These statistics shows a tremendous growth in the usage and adoption of cryptocurrencies across the globe.

report from the Imperial College London claims that cryptocurrencies could be a mainstream of conducting transactions in the next decade. Crypto enthusiasts have added unto the function of cryptocurrencies as an asset of value that traders invest into. However, the dream of having to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method and also having a secured point of entry into investing into cryptocurrencies of your choice can only be a reality if we have an interconnected ecosystem where we can make transactions seemingly with the use of fiat and cryptocurrencies. It is based on the goals that EXW has been developed to provide a financial ecosystem that comprises a cryptocurrency payment tool and an exchange platform.

An Exploration of EXW Ecosystem

EXW Exchange: Cryptocurrency exchanges and over-the-counter platforms serve mainly as entry points to investing into any digital assets of their choice but the little problem with most existing exchange platform is a complex graphic user interface coupled with a poorly designed layout of interface forgetting that the cryptosphere is expanding everyday with crypto starters.

The exchange built within EXW platform is an exception among the numerous cryptocurrency exchanges out there. EXW exchange has a simple graphic user interface with clearly defined labels that makes it very simple for the average crypto trader to execute his/her transactions with little or no difficulty. In addition to this, EXW exchange platform also allows users to make deposits via fiat currencies hence users in the real world can also invest into any of the available cryptocurrencies. Trading on EXW is as simple as it can be with the use of a quick swap token send where users get to input the amount of cryptocurrency needed and the trade is executed based on the current market price. EXW Exchange also charges very moderate fees to compared to other exchanges in the cryptosphere.

EXW offers Point of Sale Services: Cryptocurrencies can be fully used as a mode of payment if people can have access to their funds at any point in time and wherever they are hence the development of EXW wallet.  EXW team has in its pipeline to set up point of sale services at marketplaces and also integrate their payment system with online shops as well so that crypto enthusiasts can spend their cryptocurrencies as they want to. This point of sale service established by EXW team would go a long way to bridge the long gap that has been created in the ability to use cryptocurrencies in our daily lives as a payment method.  A Financial Conduct Authority License has been sought by the team to ensure the safety of these services.

EXW goes another step further in enhancing the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. This step is being fulfilled in the direction of developing cryptocurrency debit cards in the nearest future which would allow users to make payments for flights, hotel bills, online payments etc.

How EXW expands its Ecosystem with real life artifacts

EXW has established partnership with some of the renowned car making companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Range Rover, Audi and launched a Car Rental Program. Through this program, EXW would offer long term car rentals of which every rental payment would cover an insurance, servicing, assistance with maintenance if any etc. Interested users need not register on any new platform but through the same EXW platform, users can have access to this feature.

How EXW Rewards its Community Members: EXW team values the participation of its community members in the success of its project hence have established a rewarding program to reward such members on their hardworking efforts. Below is an image that shows the ranking system for this community reward referral program.

In addition to this, EXW also rewards community members who support and show their confidence in this project by holding their EXW Tokens with a daily percentage of 0.1%-0.32% based on the individual’s holding. The EXW Token is an ERC 20 compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain, one of the world’s popular and secured blockchain network. To ensure transparency dividends are paid out daily in EXW Tokens and this can be exchanged into BTC or ETH. However, users have the opportunity to reinvest their daily earnings to give them a compound interest.


The world’s mode of payment has come a long way and the use of cryptocurrencies is likely to be the future of making payment for goods and services. Certain financial solutions have to be set in place to see to this happening and that is exactly where EXW comes in with its unique platform, which acts as both an entry point in cryptocurrency investment and a payment tool to be used in our daily transactions. Sign up on EXW platform and experience an array of financial solutions all through one platform.

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