Everything You Need to Know about Fidelity Token

Project Reviews / 08.09.2020

Technology brings change to this world in so many ways. Ever since the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, got introduced in 2009, people around the globe, especially investors, found a much lucrative alternative to the traditional financial systems. However, some investors, central bankers, and other economic science veterans identified Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a speculative bubble. Because in 2018, there was a massive sell-off of cryptocurrencies that caused a 65% fall in Bitcoin’s price. The percentage fall of the cryptocurrency market even broke the record of the Dot-Com crash.

For this reason, a group of professional crypto analysts developed Fidelity Token (FDT), the solution to our crypto assets depreciation. You may wonder how Fidelity Token will accomplish that. Well, FDT will allow crypto enthusiasts and government agencies to coincide and provide faster, safer transfer of value to everyone worldwide. Fidelity Token will also enable financial players to trade crypto assets that provide instant transfer of value and discounts.

Introduction to Fidelity Token

Fidelity Token is under the Ethereum blockchain, and unlike the central bank controlled fiat money, it is entirely decentralized. The ERC20 utility token provides faster transactions, and also users get to enjoy discounts as well.

Fidelity Token has a maximum supply of 20 million FDT. The decentralized utility under the Ethereum blockchain has a Fidelity Token/Bitcoin Ration of 1BTC = 10657.26 FDT. With a current supply of 15 million Fidelity Tokens in the market, it offers users a platform for seamless payment processes for goods and services. You can purchase FDT in Resfinex, the current most active market trading it.

Fidelity Token aims to strengthen the crypto space, and using blockchain technology; everyone is guaranteed full control of their funds. It’s time to say goodbye to our centralized financial system and embrace the potential that Fidelity Token has to offer.

Advantages of Fidelity Token

Some of its outstanding benefits include:

High Speeds

Gone are the days when it was nearly impossible to send transactions around the world. The emergence of cryptocurrencies like Fidelity Token has allowed everyone access to a trustworthy digital currency worldwide. People can now buy goods and services faster with less hassle.

Also, Fidelity Token utilizes the Ethereum network’s speed just like all other ERC20 tokens, which provides faster transaction confirmations.

Saves Time

It goes hand in hand with the above advantage; The Ethereum blockchain ensures faster transactions. You can use your valuable time doing other things like crypto asset trading, which brings us to our next advantage.

Allows Crypto Assets Trading

For all crypto fanatics in the world, Fidelity Token is the new trading player in the market. FDT will enable anyone to exchange local currencies to digital assets with ease. And just like any trader, trading with Fidelity Token provides you with instant discounts and an increase in your crypto assets.

Decentralized and Safe

We can attest to the challenges we faced with the traditional financial system where a 3rd party intervened in our accounts. However, Ethereum-based Fidelity Token runs on a smart contract that prevents any authority or institution interference. Furthermore, it provides safer and faster transactions to people worldwide.

FDT has also expanded the idea behind decentralization far beyond the norm. It allows everyone to have total control of their token wallet, including their private keys and passwords.

Resistant to Market Forces

Other cryptocurrencies focus too much on providing extensive services to users. Nonetheless, they forget about maintaining the current value of available tokens. Fidelity Token changes that; FDT is part of the “All-in-one” utility token-based blockchain ecosystem. It ensures that the token is more stable and resilient to market forces.

We’ve Got Your Back

“United we stand, divided we fall.” The future of Fidelity Token is only as strong as the team that stands to support its users and build the utility token to victory. FDT has a team of experienced professionals that ensure the success of the project. The team comprises advisors and strategists, aiming to transform the token’s future and deliver significant results.

The team also has IT pros highly skilled in blockchain technology that can create innovative solutions to ensure fast and secure operations.

No ICO Funding

Other cryptocurrency projects depend on Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) to develop their projects. However, FDT will not promote ICO funding to control the token price with just investors and the community. However, they will have a crowdfunding round to be able to list on bigger exchanges. Should you wish to know more about it, you can visit their telegram.

Nonetheless, the good thing is that it will prevent the unwarranted devaluation of the token.

The Future of Fidelity Token

For investors and other crypto enthusiasts to take a hand in something, especially technology-wise, they need something that they can genuinely believe. The Fidelity Token has a projected plan to ensure that the token meets objectives on time with minimal deviations.

These plans include:

  • Q3 of 2020 – Creating a great community
  • Q4 of 2020 – listing in major exchanges
  • Q1 of 2021 – partnerships with e-commerce platforms
  • Q1 of 2021 – Creating an easily navigable android wallet where users/holders can store tokens securely

Such plans will ensure that FDT moves smoothly, and users get the ultimate convenience with time.

Get Your Fast, Safe, and Decentralized Fidelity Token

With the dawn of different cryptocurrencies, the digital financial system is still looking for a trustworthy platform that solves all their needs with minimum difficulties. So, Fidelity Token provides a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, including investors and businesses in the whole world. It boasts functionalities of faster and safer transactions, decentralization, and resistance to market prices. In addition to facilitating crypto asset trading, the developer community can use this to provide more trading applications. 

Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, he covers trendy issues on digital currencies.