Everstake – Proof of Stake (PoS) Infrastructure Provider and Validator

Project Reviews / 25.03.2021

Everstake is a popular Proof-of-Stake (PoS) infrastructure provider and Validator that offers users a secure and reliable staking option. It built the network to service the growing number of institutional investment firms and regular users entering the market. As such, it employs high-end security protocols to ensure your crypto remains safe.

What Problems Does Everstake Attempt to Fix?

Everstake platform users avoid some of the common pitfalls of the industry. The network’s open staking strategy is designed to reduce financial barriers and allow anyone to earn passive income securing PoS networks. For example, the platform’s interface is user-friendly and provides you with access to all the vital data you need to secure your ROIs.

Technical Barriers

Another key benefit gained when you use Everstake is that you don’t need to make a huge investment in hardware. In a normal staking scenario, you must first commit to expensive hardware to ensure your node remains reliable. Reliability is a major concern for stakers as most PoS networks will penalize you if your node doesn’t maintain at least 95% uptime. Thankfully, Everstake offers a cloud-based strategy that ensures that your node is operated by professional software and hardware engineers on state-of-the-art technology.

Benefits of Everstake

Everstake’s developers wanted to create an easy-to-use option. The network’s staking pools are secure and provide you with all the stats you need to make an educated decision. There is even a rewards calculator to help you see exactly what your rewards will equal using a particular strategy.


Everstake offers an excellent selection of PoS networks. The platform offers staking options for the most reputable projects in the market. Specifically, you can stake Tezos, ICON, Cosmos, EOS, Terra, and many more. You can see what each pool pays for your participation. Once you click on a network, you gain access to more information, including a helpful common questions section.


Everstake has earned a reputation as a high-performance and reliable option in the market. The network maintains enterprise-level servers hosted in distributed locations. This advanced network topology allows the platform to secure a 99.9% uptime. You never lose rewards due to unreliable connections when you utilize Everstake.

Automatic Payouts

Another nice feature Everstake users gain is automatic payouts. Your payouts are calculated and processed via smart contracts. Your rewards are paid directly to your wallet. You can then decide to save or reinvest these earnings to push your rewards higher.


Staking can seem tricky if you’re new to the process. Everstake offers 24/7 customer support to ensure that all users can navigate the network and stake their coins without worry. You can contact the service team via email ticket. There is also a learning center that has all the most common questions asked by new stakers. Uniquely, the platform has a page dedicated to “what is staking“? This decision reflects the platform’s desire to inform and educate its users.

How Does Everstake Work

Everstake leverages enterprise-level hardware to ensure maximum efficiency and security. The platform has a simplistic interface that is void of bells and whistles. You can easily find the critical data you need to further your staking strategy. In this way, Everstake accomplishes its goal to enable investors to stake PoS digital assets and earn returns.


Everstake offers non-custodial staking services. It bothers me when you don’t send your coins to the platform. The protocol enables you to interact with the staking pools directly from your wallet. In this way, Everstake remains a non-attractive target for hackers because there’s no large community wallet to infiltrate.


Anyone can delegate their coins to Validators and make 5%-20% annually on the platform. Delegated PoS (DPoS) networks are more popular than ever. These networks differ from PoS alternatives because they allow regular stakers to delegate their coins to Validators. Validators gain better odds and more voting power when they accumulate delegated tokens.

History of Everstake

Everstake entered the market in May 2018. Attic Lab founded the platform. Attic Lab is best known as a Ukrainian-based EOS block producer. The firm is a TOP-21 EOS block producer and is the main contributor to the Codex. one crypto exchange.

How to Use Everstake

To use Everstake, you first need to head to the platform and click the Register button in the top right corner. This action will pull up a splash screen that will request your email and a password. You will also have to accept the terms of service.

After you are approved, you can start staking your coins. On the homepage, you can scroll down to see the network’s current stats. Notably, the network currently has $1,002,480,974 in staked assets. Below the statistics, you will see a table of the available coins. Each box will show the network and a percentage. There is also a Stake Now button.

Once you press Stake Now, It will bring you to a technical page that lists the staking address, steps to delegate your coins, frequent questions, and real-time stats. There is a button at the top of the page directly under the staking address that says Add New Address.

Add your wallet address, and then you can decide how much you want to stake. If you are not sure about the amount, use the calculator to see exactly your profits. You can calculate your profits based on daily, monthly, or yearly rewards. Choose the amount you want to stake, and your rewards will deposit directly into your wallet.

Everstake – A Popular Option with a Proven Track Record

It only takes a glance to notice that Everstake didn’t blow their budget on creating a flashy website. The portal is simplistic, if not basic. Everything you need is at your fingertips, and there is a nice selection of PoS and DPoS networks available. Everstake’s combination of features and impressive 99.9% uptime makes it worth checking out.

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