Ethereum Researcher Virgil Griffith Pleads Not Guilty of Aiding North Korea Evade Sanctions

News / 31.01.2020

At the beginning of the year 2020, Virgil Griffith, an ethereum researcher, got accused due to traveling to North Korea and purportedly aided the country to evade sanctions. Griffith got arrested by the FBI last year for allegedly traveling illegally to North Korea.

Prosecutors said that Virgil Griffith used blockchain and cryptocurrency to assist North Korea in evading sanctions. He got charged with violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. On the 30th of January 2020, NK news reported that Griffith pleaded not guilty in a New York court. As per the United States Department of Justice, Virgil provided the North Korean government with highly technical information that would aid the government to evade sanctions.

The United States Government on the Virgil Griffith Case

According to the United States government, one of the conference organizers specifically inquired about using cryptocurrency and blockchain to evade sanctions. On the other hand, the United Nations said that the forthcoming cryptocurrency and blockchain conference in Korea is a violation of sanctions and warned people not to attend.

The UN sanctioned Korea back in 2006, and the government always gets indicted for using cryptocurrency to get money for its ballistic missile programs. However, the cryptocurrency community showed support to Griffith because some believe that his arrest for spreading publicly known information was unfair. On the other hand, Griffith’s lawyer, Brain Klein, promised to defend him at any cost.

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