Ellipal Wallet – The First Air-Gapped Hardware Wallet That Stays Cold Forever

Wallet Reviews / 18.10.2019

Digital Currencies, unlike fiat currencies need a cryptocurrency wallet as their safety house pending their use by its owner. This led to the development of both software and hardware wallets, as places of storage for cryptocurrencies. Safety of funds has always been a priority with any investment platform, no wonder centralized institutions go the length and breadth to secure the assets and funds of its customers. The crypto-sphere has suffered great turmoil in the hands of hackers absconding with the hard-earned funds of crypto enthusiasts. It has always been one of the common “good morning messages”, that accessing your wallet online is unsafe.

However, crypto enthusiasts did not have much choice until the development of hardware wallets came into place. Pioneering in the development of hardware wallets were companies like Ledger, Trezor just to mention but a few. Hardware wallets were designed to save the private keys of users in an offline mode to prevent any attempts of hackers having access to these keys.

Unfortunately, the advancement in technology has also brought to bear some flaws in some existing hardware wallets due to its usage. Most of these hardware wallets still require users to connect their wallets to an online computer before making a transaction and this is where Robin (hacker) gets the opportunity to rob the hood (crypto enthusiasts). This loop hole has been sealed completely by the development of Ellipal Air-Gapped Wallet.

The Security Measures employed by Ellipal

Ellipal Hardware wallet is the first cryptocurrency wallet that enables its users to make a complete offline transaction without connecting to any network in the form of Bluetooth, WIFI, Mobile Network etc. This feature describes its air-gapped nature which makes it absolutely impossible for any hacker to remotely have access to the funds of its users. It’s pretty normal to cross your wires as to how to make transactions on Ellipal wallet, due to its air-gapped nature. Making transactions with the use of Ellipal wallet is simply done with the use of its mobile application by scanning the QR-Code on the hardware wallet.

In addition to being air-gapped, the ELLIPAL Titan is built with an IP65 rated, fully sealed metal body. It is dust proof, impact-proof, (light) water jet proof and most importantly, physical attack-proof. With its anti-tamper technology, if an attacker manages to crack open the device to physically steal your information, the system will destroy itself to protect your information. Not to say with the fully sealed metal body, it is already very difficult to break in.

A Simple, Basic and interactive Graphic User Interface that you can rely on

Both the hardware wallet and its mobile application comes with a well-designed graphic user interface that makes its use very easy and simple. Unlike other hardware wallets that requires the expertise of experienced cryptopreneurs, this wallet opens up to be used by crypto starters as well. Another feature of this wallet that makes it stand out among existing ones, is its multi-language integration. Ellipal wallet supports Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese; hence expanding its reach across the globe. Running through the wallet comes with ease as it comes with an approximately 5.5” touch screen, which clearly shows its well-defined tabs and features.

Exchange and Trade your Cryptocurrencies with Ease

Volatility is one of the few hindrances that is slowing down the investment into cryptocurrencies, but by Ellipal mobile application, users are provided with real time market prices, news, other crypto related information and when they go live. Push-up notifications and alerts can be enabled as well to notify crypto enthusiasts about market fluctuations based on their set targets.

Through this same platform one can trade his/her cryptocurrencies without necessarily signing up on any cryptocurrency exchange, hence users can catch the ups and downs of the market and execute their trades whenever they wish. Ellipal wallet supports most of the major cryptocurrencies as well as ERC-20 Tokens. Recently, it also integrated with Binance main-net, hence supports its coin as well as making transactions through Binance DEX. This makes this wallet very handy to use as it supports most of the cryptocurrencies that are being used in the crypto-sphere. With plans of integrating more cryptocurrencies, this hardware wallet would provide users the safe haven to keep all their assets void of any cyber-attacks.

Comparing Ellipal with some renowned Hardware Wallets

Though other wallets such as Ledger and Trezor have been in the system for a while, a simple comparison would reveal some loop holes through which hackers can exploit and have access to the funds of its users. Both Ledger, Trezor and most hardware wallets, they all require users to connect their wallets to a computer connected to the internet, hence revoking the concept of keeping the wallet cold. Through connections such as WIFI, USB, Mobile Network and Bluetooth, hackers may have access to the funds of users, if they are able to connect to such a network. Though there has not been any report of a breach through such networks, experienced computer scientists share their concerns about such a possibility, if these hackers are able to connect to the network during the time of transaction. On the other hand, making a transaction with Ellipal does not require users to connect their wallet to any online computer needed join any network, to make the transaction. With the use of its QR-Code feature, transactions are completed offline keeping the wallet in its cold state forever!

Another notable thing, is the long and complex configuration process that users have to go through in order to get their wallets up and running. However, it takes just some few simple steps to set up your Ellipal wallet. While Ledger wallet requires one to add all the numerous cryptocurrencies manually, this process is automatic with the use of Ellipal, hence making installation and configuration faster than most of these existing wallets.

Extend the comparison to durability and the Titan wallet has no competitor, as it comes in a metal case designed to be tamper and reassembling proof. Most of these existing wallets come in a plastic case making them susceptible to cracks and breakages.


While most cryptocurrency hardware wallets become hot when making transactions, Ellipal stays completely offline and remains cold when making transactions. With an easy to sign up process, crypto enthusiasts, as well as crypto starters can use this wallet with little or no difficulty. It’s ability to make transactions without connecting to any network makes it absolutely impossible to breach the security of this wallet. Don’t miss the chance to order this multicurrency titan wallet for yourself at a reduced price, here.

Ellipal Titan Unboxing


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