Earn Cryptos With Your Friends Through Tron-Based Exchange, NoleX

Project Reviews / 05.07.2020

Cryptocurrency exchanges play a crucial role in the virtual asset world to link investors and traders. Over 300 cryptocurrency exchanges support active trading, and each has different features and trading regulations.

Amidst the numerous TRON cryptocurrency exchanges, it’s almost impossible to ignore NoleX. It is a TRX-based cryptocurrency exchange that offers outstanding services to its users with high security and a seamless transaction view. This review will highlight the different aspects of the NoleX exchange and why it’s the next big thing in the crypto space.

Understanding the NoleX Exchange

NoleX is a crypto trading exchange built on the Tron blockchain. The exchange facilitates the buying and selling of TRON tokens safely and securely. NoleX was established in February 2020 as a brainchild of the NOLE project. Despite being in existence for less than two years, the NOLE project has launched two major blockchain products; NoleX Exchange and NoleLegends gaming DApp all supported by the TRON blockchain.

Project NOLE also has two tokens, $NOLE, and $AMSK, which drive the NOLE ecosystem. $NOLE coin was listed on Polonidex on 7th June and CoinGecko on 16th June. The token is also available on all TRON exchanges.

The NOLE project has over a hundred thousand worldwide community members and has been running philanthropic deeds on the blockchain, having executed eight philanthropy projects using the NOLE ecosystem.

NoleX exchange sets itself apart from other numerous TRON exchanges thanks to its unique features and the immense dedication to serve its users. The exchange currently supports all TRON tokens, but it’s working on becoming a multi-chain exchange platform in the future. This means that it will support all cryptocurrencies worldwide, including but not limited to, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, etc.

NoleX Exchange Top Features

The best thing about the NoleX exchange is that it’s community-driven and offers a simple, intuitive user experience. The exchange is packed with great features that make trading seamless and secure. Below are the top features in the NoleX exchange.

Reliable and Fast Transactions

NoleX exchanges leverage TRON power to facilitate fast, secure, and reliable transactions. TRON is one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems globally, achieving 2 000 transactions per second, 24×7. With such speeds, trading on the platform is, without a doubt, fast and reliable.

Secure Transactions

NoleX uses the most advanced technology to offer top-notch security on the platform. Trade without having to worry about the safety of your digital assets.

User Friendly

NoleX features and easy to use interface, making it easier for everyone to trade, even beginners. Also, to make it easier for established traders to trade on the platform, NoleX allows wallet imports. You can, therefore, access your portfolio wallet on a different platform from the NoleX exchange interface. To do this, download the Google Chrome Tronlink extension and then download the wallet you’ve been using. Alternatively, Android users can access the NoleX bandwagon using either Math Wallet or Tron wallet.


NoleX users can hold more than 100 NoleCoin on the exchange and earn AMSK dividends in the form of NoleWater tokens. This token will be used in the upcoming NoleLegends game-the first-ever Gaming Dapp integrated to the NoleX exchange.


Since December 2018, the Nole ecosystem has gathered over 10000 community members and 350 investors and projects. The platform currently has 3500 users despite low liquidity accompanied by low trading volume. Nonetheless, with such a large community supporting the ecosystem, you can always be sure you’re trading on a safe and transparent platform.


nolex faucet to claim free crypto

NoleX faucets allow registered users to get tokens for free on an hourly basis. It’s important to note that there are a time interval and payment limits for each available token. Click on “claim” when the button is open, and the token will be credited to your N-wallet. This program comes in handy to reward newly registered users who test the platform instead of highlighting its outstanding feature.

VIP Exchange Program

NoleX’s Very Integral Part (VIP) program is a valid signal that the platform is all about the community. This program admits great supporters and believers of the project NOLE to help it grow. Members of the VIP club are charged a one-time lifetime entrance fee of 3000 TRX and help the project make crucial decisions.

In turn, they get access to several benefits, including a unique personalized VIP pass, earn 1% of the NoleLegends Dapp posterity profits, and be part of an alliance with all Tron projects on the Network. VIP members also get exclusive lifetime eligibility for Nole and TRX airdrops (provision for future partners also included) and earn $NOLE and $AMSK by completing fun tasks.

Trading Fees

You can start trading on the platform once you’ve deposited trading fees. Buyers and sellers on the platform are charged 0.20% basic trading fees. NoleX doesn’t charge any fees to deposit assets on the exchange. Buying NoleLegends game assets via the platform is also free of charge.

NoleX exchange gives its users a lucrative opportunity to save 50% trading fees by paying using $NOLE. Additionally, NoleX reduces your trading fees by 0.10% if you hold a $NOLE token in your N-Wallet. This feature is, however, optional and can be turned off/on in the Dashboard.

Referral Program

NoleX exchange members earn commission by inviting friends to trade on the platform. The referral program earns you a 10% commission every time your referrals make a trade.

24/7 Customer Support

NoleX exchange offers 24/7 customer support to ensure your trading issues and resolved in time. The platform highly values its customers, thus go to extra lengths to guarantee seamless trading.

How to Trade on NoleX

Trading on NoleX is quite simple and straightforward. Below are some easy steps to follow when trading on the platform

  1. Register and Login to your NoleX account
  2. On the taskbar, click on Main Exchange.
  3. Ensure you have the funds you want to trade already in your wallet. Here is how you can withdraw or deposit funds on the exchange.
  4. Select the type of trade you want to do (either buying or selling) and then choose a trading pair you want to trade with.
  5. For buying, choose your buy order and buy an asset. For selling, pick the sell order plus the amount. The total price will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Final Thoughts

NoleX exchange is an outstanding crypto exchange that currently supports all TRON tokens. The major trading pairs include NOLE/TRX, AMSK/TRX, and BTT/TRX. While the exchange doesn’t currently support significant crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s looking to become a multi-chain exchange.

NoleX exchange users enjoy plenty of benefits, including low trading fees, a 50% discount on trading fees when paying using $NOLE, safe, secure, and fast transactions, as well as other benefits such as a faucet and referral system. The NoleX exchange aims to create reliability and more trust to become a leading TRON crypto exchange.

Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, he covers trendy issues on digital currencies.