DYP Introduces New Tools Solve the Ever-Evolving Defi Issues

Project Reviews / 05.06.2021

Defi Yield Protocol is a crypto Defi platform launched in mid-2020 to help investors as they tread in the crypto world. The idea of DYP’s institution was to change the way of earning rewards in the Ethereum network. 

This platform has a farming and staking option with many pools and pairs to ensure users earn rewards. According to the platform’s website, the pools make a 485.94% yield on investment. 

DYP also offers protection of its currency and investors from market manipulations often conducted by whales. If the DYP token prices fall by over 2.5%, the platform converts the maximum number of tokens possible to ETH and BNB. Moreover, every day (00:00 UTC), DYP converts the daily DYP rewards into BNB or ETH. The conversion of tokens happens at exactly 00:00 UTC. 

By instituting the anti-manipulation feature, the platform can successfully protect users’ wealth. In addition, DYP recently introduced a new feature called DYP tools to benefit the average user and crypto projects. 

Uniswap Watchman

The Uniswap watchman feature collects all data from V2 and later from version 3 of Uniswap and changes their format. This tool is responsible for collecting and sending details from UniSwap to the DYP tools platform.

The Pool, Pair, and Bigswap Explorers

The Pool explorer is one of the main features of DYP tools. It shows investors 4-hour details about pools. Accordingly, it helps investors create new pools, add and remove liquidity from pools. In addition, it has links to CMC, Coingecko, and Uniswap for further information about a pool.

The pair explorer focuses on showing information about individual pairs. It has the pair’s name, trust score, trading charts, and data of the 333 preceding swaps. Also, this tool has direct links to various analytics sites like CMC, CoinGecko to make the investor’s work easy.

The third explorer option is the Big swap explorer helping give information on the big swaps happening on Uniswap. A big swap must have a value of over $10k.  

Community Voting System

The DYP tools feature has a community voting system to help show investors the community’s level of trust in a pool, pair, or project. However, this community voting system is different from others that allow anyone to post ratings on a project. 

In the DYP tools community vote feature, only persons who own a project’s token in their wallet can share their rating. Therefore, opinions are given therein will be honest and not speculative. Voting is easy, involving clicking the like or dislike button.

DYP Locker

The DYP locker feature is among the most vital services of the DYP platform. This tool will help both new and old projects lock their funds to show reliability to the community. 

Before making financial decisions, investors check to see if the project in question has locked any funds. If the project does not have locked funds, it’s considered a scam and unreliable. 

However, DYP has affordable locking services, charging zero fees. For example, a project only needs 1% of the LP value in Ethereum to buy DYP tokens and lock. Then, when ready to unlock the funds, the project will receive all their DYP locked without any deductions. 

Launchpad for Defi Projects

Defi Yield Protocol introduces a launchpad feature to help accelerate the growth of the crypto space. All upcoming Defi projects will launch their token offerings on this launchpad. The requirements for the listing into the launchpad include;

  • Audit by Blockchain Concilium or other blockchain auditors
  • Project team KYC
  • Amount of liquidity to lock
  • Team tokens to lock when vesting
  • Projects will also submit more details about the teams and projects to boost trust scores. 

Presale participants must either have a DYP premium subscription or active participants in farms and staking pools. 

Account and Premium Subscription

DYP has two account tiers, the free and premium tiers. This premium tier has vast benefits not found in the free basic account. 

To be a premium account holder, you must purchase $75 of DYP tokens in decentralized exchanges using ETH, USDT, WBCT, USDC, and DAI. In addition, the tools feature provides a Buy DYP feature (a direct link to UniSwap) where you can easily buy DYP. 

The DYP tokens are locked in the liquidity lockers. Once unlocked, the account will transform to the free version. Of course, the premium account has all the features supported by the DYP tools, including easy manual research and access to presales.  

Dark Theme

One of the best features coming with the DeFi Yield Protocol tools is theme-changing capability. An investor can use the theme of their choice from the multiple theme options provided. The theme-changing capability will help foster top convenience for all the platform users. 

Top Performing Tokens

The platform also provides vast analytics for the top 100 performing tokens. These analytics are based on the liquidity amount, the token prices, volatilities, and liquidity amounts. Generally, all visitors to the analytics page will know the best tokens to work with.

Yield Farm Data

This tool will collect and show farm data from some top crypto data solution platforms. The systems are automated; therefore, they will easily collect data from upcoming and old farms. 

Final Word

The DYP finance network has provided solutions and ways for investors to make incomes in crypto. One of its most prominent features is the anti-manipulation attribute which helps in protecting small investors from whale threats. 

According to the platform’s statistics, around $25 million is locked in the staking pools. Coinmarketcap ranks DYP at number 1129 with a market cap of $5.12 million and a unit price of $0.74.

The platform introduced a new feature, DYP tools, which has many new services to help crypto users and projects. For example, DYP tools has analytics tools like pool, pair, big swap explorers, and community rating to help investors research. Accordingly, there is a launchpad and locker for crypto projects to launch and lock funds. All these tools are entirely new, but as soon as they prove their viability, there will be positive increases in DYP statistics. 

Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, he covers trendy issues on digital currencies.