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Project Reviews / 08.10.2019

In earlier posts covered by us, we reviewed and separately talked about some of the best games available on Dragon7.games – a casino based on the Tron blockchain. Dragon7 has since been making amazing improvements. By releasing continuous platform updates, they have tried to update their user experience, hoping that they might move up the ladder.

It is important to understand where you are putting your money into before actually putting it in. For that reason, let us delve a little deeper and look at what Dragon7 has been unto.

Dragon7 and the Future of Blockchain Gaming

Ever since the boom of Blockchain technology, there have been applications devised and created in all types of sectors. Professionals and blockchain enthusiasts have come together to brainstorm ideas that could help them integrate blockchain for their systems and platforms and keep them ahead in the game.

One such outcome of continuous brainstorming is Dragon7.games, a game-changer in online gaming. Dragon7 is one of the leading blockchain-based gaming platforms that allow users to leverage their cryptocurrencies on the platform and have fun along the way too.

Best Games in the Game

As covered previously, the games of Dragon7 are designed to make the user simulate real-world gambling feels by giving them full control of the game. The gamer has the ability to decide how much to bet, what games to choose, what advantage they want, and look at the odds of winning. It truly is a revolutionary game-changer when it comes to advancing in Blockchain-based games.

Since Dragon7 is built on top of one of the most interesting blockchain projects out there – Tron, Dragon7 has been able to scale quickly and increase adoption at a rate greater than the market. Dragon7 understands that to make a seemingly smooth flow of user experience. It cannot rely on blockchains that are slow or costly or not as developer-friendly. To tackle those challenges and provide a smooth user experience simultaneously, Tron was the solution the Dragon7 team looked for.

Since then, Dragon7 has allowed itself to scale to incredible heights and proclaim to have the best games in the blockchain-casino business.

Focus on Play and Win

Coming to the most important part, in a recent blog post on their Medium page, Dragon7 laid down some of the team’s agenda and some answers to questions they have been asked repeatedly by their users. In the post, the team cleared several questions, talked about the team’s progress, and detailed their inner workings and incentive mechanisms.

One of the post’s central points discussed the platform’s incentive and staking mechanisms with their audience and how their platform is unlike any other blockchain gaming application. Dragon7 team wanted to discuss how they distribute the rewards, how the rewards can be used to stake, and how they discourage mining rewards when opposed to winning them, and so on.

“Dragon7 sees mining as a short term aspect as for example, tokens can be mined, and dividends will dry out, etc, so Dragon7 took it as an additional feature on its platform than one of her main features.”

Many of the platform users asked for mining rewards, but the Dragon7 team went forward and clarified their stance that they see mining only as an additional feature and not the central point of business. Users can get rewards by staking, mining, winning, and playing games, among other incentive mechanisms.

The team also went on to discuss its buyback mechanism. The buyback is how the Dragon7 platform rewards you for all the DG7 tokens that you have accumulated. By doing so, players have a mechanism for directly converting their rewards into tangible and exchangeable cryptocurrency that they can spend.

“The team iterates that mining is a bonus for early players and this strategy is beneficial for Dragon7 in a long run. Dragon7 is here to provide good games to dapp players aside from mining for profit.”

With all these updates and a general view to elevate the user experience, Dragon7 looks to be the game-changer in the business of building Casinos in the blockchain. Time will tell how the crypto market is heading, but one thing is for sure, innovations like what Dragon7 has done will continue to surprise and help the users.

Upcoming Competitions – Last Knight Standing

To help with customer engagement, Dragon7 has planned an upcoming tournament for all its players. Battlefield, as it is called, is a combination of Daily and Weekly starting from October 11 and running until the 20th. During the time, 1% of the total rewards distributed daily and weekly will be randomly assigned to one of the top eight players of the day or week, respectively.

By top 8 leaders, Dragon7 means that the players who win the most number of games and not the ones who net the highest wins from 10/10/19/. Users are encouraged to participate in the competition as it portrays itself as a great opportunity to pull in a sizable amount of rewards on the platform. In the end, tournaments and community engagements like these will help Dragon7 push itself towards greater customer acquisition and higher usage. 

Sudarshan M is a long time crypto-enthusiast. Pulled in by bitcoin early on, it did not take long for Sudarshan to divert all of his academic attention from business studies to blockchain by doing his Masters and eventually pursuing his PhD in the subject.