Dragon7 Games – The Online Casino Game for the Crypto Community

Project Reviews / 06.08.2019

The gambling industry is one of the oldest industries that dates way back into history and has many admirers and active participants worldwide. The days of using dice and even fighting animals have once being used for gambling among people. Poker is another amazing gambling game that gained mass attention in the United States of America, with the use of Cards also having a similar effect in China. Countries like Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Finland can never forget the gambling industry’s annals. Through its developmental process, the gambling industry gave forth to Casinos where people meet and play all sorts of games to gamble.

Ridotto is the first casino launched in 1638 in Venice, Italy but was limited to the very few elite elites to play due to its strict playing rules. Though gambling has been around for several decades, obtaining a license to operate was not easy at all, and most casinos used to operate in secrete places hence the name Ridotto in the Italian language that means “The Private Room.” However, things have changed, and gambling is now legalized in most countries, and this has attributed to its predicted growth of about $525 billion by 2023. On the horizon is an ever rapidly growing community, the cryptosphere through a potential market to invade yet inadequately attended to concerning online casino games. The very few out there either turns out to be scams or are not transparent enough with their community. Hence, the inevitable need to bridge the gap between the real world and the cryptosphere when it comes to casino games is being undertaken by Dragon7 Games.

How Dragon7 Utilizes Blockchain Technology in its Online Casino Games

Among the numerous blockchain networks in the cryptosphere, EthereumTron, and EOS are easy to use blockchain networks that allow other applications and functionalities. Several decentralized applications have now come into existence because of these blockchain networks. Tron network has an ever-increasing transaction of 2000 TPS that far exceeds the other named blockchain networks’ transaction speed. Dragon7 plans to launch its blockchain network using Tron Network and later expand its community on Ethereum and EOS. These networks also have a large community that can expand the community reach of Dragon7.

Dragon7, in its quests to inaugurate casino games into the blockchain community, has liaised with a classic casino games’ production house. The classic casino games would bring its users’ jackpot awards through this partnership, VIP access treatment. Whiles Dragon7 also runs the blockchain upon which the games run. Dragon7 would also manage activities such as play mining, planning of token economics, and the launch of campaigns.

Unraveling the Mystery Behind the Mining of Dragon7 Token

TRX is the native coin used on the Dragon7 games platform as it has been launched on Tron Network. To ensure transparency and fairness in the mining process of DG7 Tokens, there would be no pre-mine hence community members are welcome to take part in the genesis mining process of DG7 tokens with at least 500 TRX that yields 1DG7. Per data, the estimation of this mining process would end on the 11th week after Dragon7 blockchain has been launched. 10 billion precious DG7 are ups for grabs in this mining process, and every community member is welcome to participate.

Freeze your DG7 Tokens and earn from the Dividend Pool

Tokens backed with a real working use case, and a product has always stood the test of the volatile crypto market’s adverse effects. Holders of DG7 tokens are entitled to hourly dividends of 1.5% of the total pool when they freeze their tokens on the platform. To ensure that a sufficient pool of TRX is built, there would be no dividends for the first three days of the launch of the Dragon7 platform. On the fourth day after the launch, all lost bets would be added into the dividend pool, but from the 5th day to 28th day, 4% of all lost bets would be shared between the house, and 96% is sent into the dividend pool. Cessation of mining will occur on the 29th day after the launch, and the House will perform a buyback of Dragon7 Tokens with 10% of the income earned within the day on the platform.

Once mining has been stopped, all frozen DG7 Tokens would be sent back into users’ wallets as distribution of dividends based on freezing DG7 Tokens would also be stopped. To ensure high liquidity of DG7 Tokens on the crypto market, the team would collaborate with reputable cryptocurrency exchanges and list DG7 Tokens. With a working platform, a buyback mechanism, and its low supply, there is a high possibility of the price of DG7 Tokens rising gradually as its community increases.

Another strategy used by the team to increase activity on the Dragon7 platform is giving off extra bonuses for players. Players would be rewarded randomly out of three treasure boxes, which contains; 7 TRX, 77 TRX, 777 TRX, and per every 700 TRX bet played by users. Users who go the extra mile and play throughout the week have entitled an extra treasure box full of amazing prizes.

Be an Agent of Dragon7 and Enjoy Amazing Packages

The team of Dragon7 has opened its doors to agents who wish to collaborate with them and help in the promotion of Dragon7 Online Casino games in their respective communities. There are five levels upon which an individual can apply as an agent with a ratio of commission, which ranges from 0.1% – 0.5%. In addition to this, agents would earn funds from their downlines. See the image below for full detail of all the packages on how to become an agent. Users who wish to apply are to do so with their own Tron Wallet.


Dragon7 online casino games, which have been deployed on the Tron Network, bring casino games closer to the crypto community in a very transparent and rewarding manner. With a straightforward user interface, even crypto starters would not find difficulty operating on it.

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