Dokia Capital – A Non-Custodial Validator with a Selection of Blockchains

Project Reviews / 20.03.2021

Dokia Capital is a non-custodial Delegated Proof-of-Stake infrastructure provider and Validator. The platform offers users secure staking options combined with enterprise-grade security measures. Notably, Dokia Capital is one of the top DPoS Validator service providers in the market today. The network has $588,796,042 in total staked assets and 125+ global Validators in operation at this time.

What is Delegated Staking Services

Delegated Staking service providers serve a vital role in the market. These firms enable regular users to stake and earn rewards in any supported network. DPoS service providers help to remove technical and financial barriers in multiple ways.

For example, most DPOS networks require you hold a minimum amount of tokens to be eligible for Validator status. As these networks are designed only to offer this feature to top token holders, the financial requirements can be too much for new users in their regular state.

DPoS staking service providers like Dokia Capital eliminate these concerns by allowing anyone to delegate their tokens to a Validator and share in the returns. When a user delegates their tokens, they are simply staking their tokens in a smart contract representing the Validator. This approach opens the door for any token holder to earn a passive income.

Benefits of Dokia Capital

Dokia Capital users gain many benefits when they stake on the platform. For one, the network is designed to be simple to use. Users can save valuable time and avoid technical concerns when they leverage the network tools to manage and monitor staked assets. Here are some other benefits that make this platform popular.


Security should always be your number one concern when choosing the right staking service provider. Dokia utilizes a multi-tier security strategy that can protect against Layer 3 and 4 DDoS attacks. Additionally, the platform’s non-custodial approach means that you always retain control over your digital assets. You can stake from any approved software or hardware wallet.


The next important feature to review is the staking platform’s reliability. DPoS networks work on a points system. Validators can see their rewards slashed, or worse, be deleted from the network if they fail to remain connected to the blockchain. Dokia Capital lists a 99.982% guaranteed availability thanks to its decentralized structure and distributed data centers.


Another important feature that new users are sure to find helpful is the platform’s 24-hour support services. You can find the answers to your questions directly us the email and chat support options.

How Does Dokia Capital Work

Dokia Capital accomplishes its goal to provide an open and fairer staking environment in multiple ways. The network combines intuitive tools with an excellent selection of Validators to help you get the most out of your staking experience. In this way, anyone can help secure these blockchains and a passive income.


One of the most attractive features of Dokia Capital is its simplistic interface. You can easily scroll through the network and locate the coin that best fits your investment requirements in minutes. The display shows you all relevant data of the blockchain and validation services. You can leverage this real-time information to find a network that meets your ROI expectations.


Dokia Capital’s features make it an ideal selection for those seeking institutional staking services. For example, the network pays out rewards after the completion of each block approval. In comparison, many competitors only pay out staking rewards in daily or weekly options. Additionally, you gain access to most of the top-performing DPoS blockchains in the market at this time. Specifically, you can stake and earn on Cosmos, Terra, IRISnet, Polkadot, Kava, Secret Network, SKALE, and Solana.


SOLFLARE is Dokia Capital’s digital wallet. Users can stake directly from this system. The wallet features an easy-to-navigate layout and a healthy combination of security and management features.


Dokia Capital allows users to participate in the platform’s developments and progression via a community governance mechanism. Validators can put forth proposals and vote on other proposals utilizing this system. Community governance is one of the most popular ways for developers to build a stronger community around their projects.

History of Dokia Capital

Dokia Capital is a Bucharest-based DPoS infrastructure provider. The network entered the market in 2017 and is currently listed as a privately owned entity. According to company documentation, the project’s goal was to support blockchain networks and the amazing teams that work tirelessly to build decentralized alternatives to the status. The firm’s innovative approach to DPoS Validators has helped to adopt these more efficient blockchains further.

How to Use Dokia Capital

It doesn’t take any previous experience to utilize Dokia Capitals features. The first step is to head to the platform’s web interface. You will see a couple of options such as About Us, Contact Us, and the Staking Dashboard across the top of the page.  Click the Staking Dashboard tab, and you are brought to a page that shows all the available staking options.

Click on an option you are interested in, and you will be taken to a more detailed description of the network and staking rewards provided. You will see crucial data such as the amount you hold, the total delegated assets on the network, the commission rate, and the number of delegators.

Once you have decided on the network that best suits your staking strategy, click the Stake Now button in the bottom right corner. The next option will ask you to continue to the platform using your web interface of a CLI. For most users, the web interface is the most convenient option. Next, you will need to set up your authentication method. There are three options, Ledger, Mnemonic, private key.

Once you link your wallet to the staking pool, you are ready to decide how much crypto you want to stake. You will be able to see what your rewards will be in the interface. Your rewards are based on the number of tokens you stake, your lockup periods, and the network’s overall rewards. Notably, your rewards will deposit automatically in your wallet.

Dokia Capital – An Innovative Way to Participate in Staking Networks

Dokia Capital has developed a reliable and secure way for anyone to earn some free crypto. The platform has been in operation for years and hasn’t had any security breaches. Additionally, Dokia Capital continually expands its staking options to include new and exciting projects. This desire to remain on the cutting edge of innovation has helped Dokia Capital become one of the most recognized names in the DPoS Validator sector.

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