Divs.io – An Easy-to-use Crypto Exchange that Rewards You Tron (TRX)

Project Reviews / 20.01.2021

In recent years, cryptocurrency exchanges have witnessed explosive growth, with trading volume exceeding 1000x from four years ago. Exchanges are currently lining up to be the most profitable ventures in the sector. By charging exchange fees, some of which can be quite substantial, crypto exchanges rake in billions of dollars annually. 

While some crypto exchanges claim to reward users, the rewards don’t offer any significant benefit. Users are only rewarded with discounts when using the platform’s inflationary token to offset the exchange fees. This does not amount to any monetary benefit. Also, to receive substantial discounts or tokens, users need to exchange significant amounts of cryptocurrency, meaning that only large crypto exchangers benefit the most. 

Divs.io is a revolutionary exchange that seeks to change this narrative by introducing weekly Tron rewards to its users. Most of the exchange fees are channeled back to the users as rewards based on the amount they have staked and the total weekly exchange volume. Here is an in-depth review of this innovative platform. 

Divs.io Overview

Divs.io is a user-intuitive cryptocurrency exchange that rewards its users with weekly Tron (TRX) rewards. As such, 0.5% of all trading volume on Divs is distributed as Tron rewards to users who stake DIVS tokens. Users are rewarded based on the amount they have staked and the total weekly exchange volume on the platform. In addition to rewarding its users, the platform will also be holding a percentage of the rewards every week (0.01%) of the transacted exchange volume to buy more DIVS tokens from the open market and provide liquidity, locking it indefinitely.      

Divs exchange API links other large centralized exchanges such as Okex, Binance, etc., creating a seamless exchange interface. This allows users to exchange cryptos from multiple exchanges without much complexity. The exchange API can also be integrated into other crypto websites and projects, thus facilitating the smooth crypto exchange right from their own sites. 

The exchange time on Divs is between 5-30 minutes. However, the exchange time is based on the coin/token being exchanged, as some blockchains are slower than others. The exchange fees are also dependent on the crypto involved in the trade and how the trade was executed. Nonetheless, each exchange has a minimum of 1% fee, but coins experiencing network congestion may experience higher fees. 

Divs Exchange Top Features

Exchange and Rewards

This is perhaps the biggest Divs greatest feature. As mentioned earlier, the exchange rewards its users in Tron based on the total exchange volume on the platform. To receive rewards, users must stake DIVS tokens, which acts like the platform’s membership. Staking Divs activates a user’s membership and allows them to receive Tron rewards. DIVS tokens do not need to be staked for a particular period to start receiving rewards and can be withdrawn at any time to stop earning rewards as there is no lock or wait period. 

The Tron rewards are distributed to the DIVS token stakers based on the percentage of the staking pool. 0.5% of the total exchange volume on the platform is distributed as Tron rewards every week to DIVS token holders who stake. The Tron rewards are directly proportional to the number of DIVS token staked. Therefore, staking a sufficient amount of Divs tokens can earn more Tron rewards than paying in exchange fees. Translating to passive income and at the very least discounted fees.

Tron Rewards Distribution

Tron rewards are distributed through a smart contract once a week (Monday at 00:00 am UTC) to all DIVS token holders who stake it. The reward is proportional to the amount a user has stakes regarding the total amount of DIVS token staked on the platform. 

After every exchange made on the platforms, Divs receives the exchange fee in the form of Bitcoin. At the end of each week, Bitcoin profits are swapped for Tron via the Divs exchange and sent to the staking contract a week early. This allows everyone to view their Tron rewards for the coming week based on the staking pool percentage. After a week, The smart contract will distribute the Tron rewards to stakers accordingly, enabling them to claim their rewards. 

To be eligible for weekly Tron rewards, Divs users need to have their DIVS tokens staked no later than 5minutes before the rewards are distributed on Mondays at 00:00 am UTC. 

Exchange Fees and Time

Divs’ exchange fees are dependent on cryptocurrencies that were exchanged and how the trade was executed. The exchange leverages its API to perform trades on multiple centralized exchanges, choosing the lowest exchange fees, i.e., arbitrage trading. All exchanges on the platform have a minimum 1% fee, which is distributed as follows:

  • 0.5%   Divs token holders who stake
  • 0.4%+ Paid to the API provider for processing the exchange 
  • 0.09% Paid to Divs Development 
  • 0.05% Used to buy Divs token every week (buybacks)
  • 0.05% Used with the above DIVS tokens to provide liquidity

Divs’ exchange time frame is between 5-30 minutes, but large trades involving over 1 BTC can take slightly longer, under an hour. However, the exchange time is mostly dependent on the coin/token’s blockchain protocol rather than the exchange itself. For instance, exchanging Litecoin to Tron takes less than 3 minutes, while swapping Bitcoin to Ethereum may take up to 30 minutes. The exchange time and fees may also increase with network congestion. 

Exchange API

Divs features an API that interacts with major centralized exchanges to find the best exchange rates. The API uses Large centralized exchanges with significant liquidity, allowing for shorter exchange time in a single user-friendly exchange with no registration, login, or KYC requirements and zero exchange limits. 

The exchange API allows websites and Defi projects to integrate the exchange into their own websites, giving owners an onramp for their users to get into crypto or project with ease. In so doing, project owners may also stake DIVS tokens and earn weekly Tron rewards. Divs’ API is absolutely free to the public and comes with customization options to match the owner’s website/project’s needs. 

DIVS Tokenomics 

DIVS token powers the Divs exchange and primarily functions to activate users’ membership to start receiving rewards. DIVS token is capped at 10,000,000 tokens, all of which will be put in circulation never to be minted or burnt. This is to prevent inflation by giving the token scarcity and creating value with time. DIVS token stakers are rewarded with Tron to keep DIVS tokens supply finite while still rewarding stakers. 

DIVS Token Distribution  

divs cryptocurrency exchange token distribution

Token Presale

Divs conducted the first DIVS Token presale on Jan 9th, 2021, at 4 pm UTC. The presale consists of 4 rounds, with each round consisting of 1,250,000 DIVS tokens. A total of 5,000,000 DIVS tokens will be for sale at the presale. The money raised in the presale is allocated as follows:

  • 52%-Provide liquidity for the open market after the presale 
  • 22%-Pay off angel investors who initially funded the project 
  • 20%-Future development of other smart contracts and a Divs mobile app
  • 6%-For marketing and advertising.  

  After the presale has been completed, users can claim their DIVS tokens. Divs have a unique plan to maintain it’s tokens liquidity via: 

  • Buybacks– The project will be holding a portion of users’ rewards every week, i.e., 0.01% transaction value, to buy more DIVS tokens on the open market and use it to provide liquidity. The liquidity pool tokens will then be burned, locking the liquidity forever. 
  • Liquidity Locked Indefinitely– After the presale is done and liquidity provided, Divs will burn the Liquidity Pool token at the official Tron burn address – TLsV52sRDL79HXGGm9yzwKibb6BeruhUzy. This ensures that the initial liquidity is locked forever. 

Benefits of Divs Exchange

  • No sign-up, cumbersome registration, or KYC required. 
  • Very low exchange fees. 
  • The platform leverages a trusted 3rd party API to process exchange requests. 
  • Seamless crypto exchanges are completed in under 30 minutes.
  • Over 200 cryptocurrencies are supported.
  • Earn rewards and make exchanges. Stake DIVS token and receive weekly Tron rewards based on the amount you’ve staked. 


Divs.io is an excellent crypto exchange that seeks to reward its users for exchanging crypto via the platform. Unlike other crypto exchanges that reward their users in their own native coins or by discounting future trades, Divs rewards its users in Tron, which holds more benefits. The project will significantly transform traditional centralized exchanges that have continually exploited users for their own benefit. By rewarding users in Tron, Divs allows users to receive rewards without inflating their own token.

Additionally, users will have the ability to use their weekly Tron rewards to buy more DIVS tokens, stake on the platform, and earn more weekly rewards compounding their position for their own benefits. In essence, it’s an excellent project that puts its users’ needs at the forefront. If you’re thinking of becoming a community member, their presale is on-going now and ends on January 23rd. In all, Divs provides a real service and use case, something to be had in this crypto space.

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