DISTX – A Next Level Token Issuance Platform

Project Reviews / 06.09.2020

DISTX is a full spectrum token creation and issuance platform that wants to revolutionize the ICO market in a couple of key ways. The platform combines excellent tokenomics with real-world market experience to provide both investors and token issuers with a next-generation token launch protocol. In this way, DISTX seeks to become the gold standard within the token launch industry.

What Problems does DISTX Solve?

As the ICO sector continues to expand, it becomes more difficult to determine what projects are legitimate investments and what projects are scams. While one could invest tons of time into evaluating every project in the market, it’s wiser to find a platform that streamlines this process by integrating added transparency.

DISTX seeks to level the playing field by integrating a variety of next-generation protocols that enable 100% confidence to investors and project teams alike. The platform features a full token launch ecosystem that includes token generation, token sale, distribution, and UniSwap listing.

Lack of Transparency

Currently, investors have no way of knowing when vital criteria are met. For example, most token launch platforms provide you with the key information regarding your investment, such as the start date and soft cap. However, none tells you exactly when the company meets its soft cap. Even a step further, only DISTX automatically refunds investors when the soft cap requirements are not met. 

More Accountability

DISTX builds confidence in the market via its unique strategy. In the past, you would have to go in faith that the company you invested in wouldn’t just start dipping into their newly earned holdings before distribution. DISTX locks these funds until after token distribution. The lockup guarantees that early-bird investor and the like receive their maximum ROI upon the project’s release. 

How DISTX works

DISTX integrates a variety of unique features that make it an attractive option in the market. For example, companies gain more flexibility during their token launches using this platform. Developers can set a variety of parameters, including:

  • Minimum and Maximum Individual Contribution Levels
  • Soft Cap and Hard Cap Goals
  • Automatic Token Distribution
  • Lock-up Dates for Team Tokens
  • More

Dual token

Uniquely, DISTX utilizes a dual token approach to provide more flexibility and usability to users. The two tokens, known as DISTX and DISTXR, serve very different functions within the network. Notably, both are ERC-20 compliant. This compliance affords investors the most flexibility in terms of interoperability in the space.


The DISTX token serves as the main utility token within the platform. Users can trade DISTX for other tokens on the exchange as well. The company lists a total supply of 50,000,000 DISTX, with only 25,000,000 available during its ongoing token launch. The remaining tokens will go towards expanding the DISTX ecosystem.

Uniquely, the top 200 DISTX token holders receive a share of 2% of all tokens from token sales held on the platform. These payouts are proportionate to the amount of DISTX holdings a user possesses. Additionally, 1% of all ETH raised through token sales will go towards an aggressive buy-and-burn deflationary strategy. This maneuver bolsters DISTX prices immediately following the token sale.


The second type of token used within the DISTX network is DISTXR. This token serves as a receipt for every token sale contribution made on the platform. This is the token you receive when you participate in token sales. Keenly, this token has no total supply as it only issues at the time of your investment. Investors can redeem DISTXR at any time to receive their share of the token sale tokens. 

Additional Features

DISTX’s developers went above and beyond to create a one-of-a-kind experience in the market. The platform integrates automation to simplify the entire process. Also, it’s packed with unique features not found anywhere else. Here are just a few of the features that make DISTX the token launch platform of the future.


The DISTX mixer protocol allows users to mix their tokens during the distribution process automatically. Crucially, this feature utilizes a variety of new wallet addresses to obfuscate the origins of your tokens. To start, a user would deposit ETH or ERC20 tokens onto the DISTX platform. Each user receives a unique receipt token in the form of DISTR. When you redeem this token, you can opt into the token mixing protocol. The entire process takes seconds and requires no technical knowledge except basic computer skills.

DISTX Airdrop Tool

Airdrops are an essential part of any token launch strategy. Unfortunately, they are complicated processes that can increase the costs of your token launch significantly. Luckily, DISTX has found a way to automate the Airdrop process. The platform allows you to upload a list of addresses, deposit your tokens and any associated fees, and the platform handles everything else.

ERC-20 Token Creation and launch Tool

One of the key aspects of DISTX is its simplistic approach to token generation. Rather than have you attempt to figure out a new programming language, DISTX provides you with a live developer. You contact the development team and provide all the relevant details surrounding your project. From there, DISTX’s professional development team will handle all the technical aspects of your token.

DISTX Features for Investors

Another nice feature of DISTX is its balanced approach to the market. Both investors and companies gain from using this platform. Investors can easily find DISTX protected ICOs and IEO directly on the platform. Unlike most ICOs that require that you wait before you receive any verification of your investment, DISTX users receive a DISTXR token in their wallets instantly. Best of all, DISTX eliminates the risks of not receiving tokens because smart contracts handle all the necessary processes without human intervention.

The DISTX Network

Perhaps the biggest benefit provided to companies that choose to launch their token on DISTX is access to its network. DISTX has a robust investment community that has the funding to help launch projects with ease. Additionally, every project automatically receives exposure to DISTX’s exclusive VIP investors. These investors are responsible for the top 2% of DISTX token ownership. 

DISTX – Building Trust Amongst the Community

DISTX appears to have done their homework because it has everything needed to help catapult token issuance to the next level. Now, investors have access to projects that offer full transparency and consumer protections. In this way, DISTX bridges the gap between DeFi and the traditional markets perfectly.

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