DEXPRO – Taking Your UniSwap Game to the Next Level

Project Reviews / 28.09.2020

DEXPRO is a new type of hybrid exchange tool. The developers behind this project seek to integrate the powerful toolsets found on centralized exchanges into the DEX sector. Specifically, DEXPRO developers focused on the popular ERC-20 exchange Uniswap. 

DEXPRO believes that merging the best of both centralized and decentralized exchanges creates more inverse opportunities. Their strategy is to integrate these technologies to give users the tools they need to maximize returns. There is a lot of evidence to support their case.  

What Problems Does DEXPRO Attempt to Fix?

DEXs (decentralized exchanges) are more popular than ever. While these platforms are more secure than their centralized counterparts because they don’t possess large amounts of user’s cryptos, they still lack all sorts of trading tools. And sadly, DEXs lack many of the most basic functionalities and features too found on centralized exchanges.  

DEXPRO tackles these issues head-on via an impressive selection of tools and a direct integration into the Uniswap exchange. Users can now track new listings, price alerts, buy/sell alerts, whale activity, official links, Uniswap links, and much more using the platform’s simplistic interface. In this way, DEXPRO provides users with the familiarity and convenience of centralized exchanges without compromising the freedom that only decentralized exchanges provide. 

Built to Benefit Uniswap Traders

This year saw the DEX sector take off. Out of all the decentralized exchanges currently in operation, one leads the pack – Uniswap. Uniswap is a favorite for both new and experienced crypto traders worldwide. The platform is the premier exchange for Erc-20 tokens. There are currently over 180,000 of these tokens in the market. 

Uniswap rose to the top because of its unique business strategy. For example, the platform removed all of the entry barriers found on centralized platforms. Additionally, Uniswap allows for unlimited token listings. Its openness makes it an ideal starting point for new projects entering the market. 

No one can deny Uniswap has demonstrated the power and desire for decentralized exchanges successfully. However, in terms of functionalities, it’s very primitive. You get only the most basic functionality, including options to buy, sell, add, and remove liquidity. 

Like the rest of the DEX market, Uniswap lacks access to the in-depth trading tools that make platforms like Binance so popular. For example, keeping track of new tokens requires manually adding them to your interface. Aside from the time lost in this process, it can also lead to duplicate token issues. There have already been complaints filed by investors who purchased a duplicate token, thinking it was a different project. 

How Does DEXPRO Work?

dexpro hybrid exchange

DEXPRO breaks its services down into three main categories. These services are designed to take your investment strategy up a notch. The three categories are: 

DEX Alerts

DEX alerts are the first service that users will notice when they join DEXPRO. This feature provides real-time notifications of the market. Users gain powerful insights on six key data points. In this way, DEXPRO keeps you updated.

Every token alert provides you with the critical information you need to make an informed investment decision. This data can include the token creation dates and movements, the token name, symbol, and official links. The links section is very convenient. You can receive info on the projects Etherscan, website, social media, Uniswap links, and more.

Token Statistics

There is a ton of technical data you gain access to when you trade using this platform. In the Token stats section of your interface, you will find information such as the total supply, number of investors, and distribution percentages for projects you are interested in. 


The next service that makes DEXPRO a pioneer in the sector is LAUNCHPRO. The LANCHPRO feature allows DPro holders to participate in high-level presales. The entire process is simplified via integrated smart contracts. 

For example, the platform automatically rates all new Uniswap listings. This rating is derived from a variety of core parameters. You can even adjust and set these parameters to make sure you stay in tune with the market on a whole new level.

Auto Bot

The Auto Bot service is another awesome tool that gives investors more security and flexibility when planning their strategy. The Auto Bot can be set up to prevent you from taking major losses. Also, it can be set up to lock in your daily profits from the market your trade-in. 

The entire process is straightforward and only takes a couple of minutes to set up. Nobody likes to come back and discover the market just tanked, and they lost serious funds. The Auto Bot prevents these risks for DEXPRO users.

DEXPRO Features

No other DEX platform provides the plethora of futures found at DEXPRO. This platform takes DEX trading into the future with its easy-to-navigate interface. Here are some of the core features of DEXPRO that help it erase the competition out of existence.

Portfolio Tracker

DEXPRO provides you with an interactive and vibrant portfolio tracker for all the tokens traded on the exchange. These tokens will even include new ERC-20 tokens recently listed. 

Whale Alerts

Whales can and do affect the market in major ways. A savvy investor will always keep a close eye on their actions. The Whale Alerts feature allows anyone to track large sells or large token movements from one wallet to another. If a whale is trying to manipulate the market by buying or dumping huge amounts of crypto, you are the first to know. You can even tag the addresses involved in these actions and constantly monitor their actions.  

Catching Trends

DEXPRO users can catch trends much faster than traditional DEX users. The platform tracks the total number of holders and buying/selling action of new Uniswap tokens in addition to whale addresses. You receive an alert when a token reaches enough volume that it piques your interest. This early warning system makes it easy to spot emerging trends before the market hops on board. 

DEXPRO is Live

DEXPRO’s MultiSwap alpha version is live for use by the public. You can be one of the first traders in the market to gain access to this unprecedented toolset. Take your trading to new realms of profitability using DEXPRO.

David Hamilton aka DavidtheWriter is a long time Bitcoinist and cryptocurrency journalist. Currently, he has over a thousand articles published on blockchain technology. His expertise and experience makes him one of the most reputable writers in the sector.