Delta App: The One-Stop-Shop for All Your Investment Management Needs

Project Reviews / 27.01.2019

Management of investments is a task that often requires the investor to be a specialist in financial management. However, many times, investors fall into the trap of hiring untrustworthy managers and sometimes make large losses from their investments. 

What if investors could get an investment management tool that aids them control all their investments from one dashboard? Well, the Delta app is here. 

Delta app launched in 2017 as an asset and portfolio tracker for cryptocurrency. Later, Delta was acquired by eToro in November 2019, and the platform has made serious strides. 

For instance, recently, the platform provided an upgrade, dubbed Delta 4.0. This upgrade makes Delta not just a crypto portfolio tracker but a general investment tracker. 

What are Delta’s Best Features?

Due to the recent upgrade, Delta possesses some of the best features, making it the best investment tracker in the world today. Among its features are:

All-Round Investment Tracker

The most recent upgrades help investors track any investment of value. Among the assets highlighted during the release announcement include; 

  • Cryptocurrency-  Delta investment tracking application hosts a world of crypto assets, over 9 thousand coins
  • Stocks – The platform hosts investment tracking options for equities with over 50k equities listed
  • Futures 
  • Funds
  • Forex
  • Currencies 
  • Bonds
  • Indices

However, some of the afore-mentioned investment options will be released in the coming months. 

Delta Direct

Another critical addition to the platform is the company to investor link dubbed Delta Direct. The feature provides investors with the opportunity to get updates about tokens directly from the team behind the token. 

Super Responsive User Interface

Delta’s development team upgraded the platform’s UI to ensure it performs at optimal. Speed and responsiveness have been the UI upgrade’s focus; thus, any user can effortlessly access their portfolio tracking needs. 

Additionally, because of the UI’s simplicity, it’s easy for the investor to see all the portfolio balances at a single glance.

In-Depth Asset Analysis

The platform provides an in-depth insight into the individual assets. You can follow through the price charts, profits, and loss history of assets like BTC and ETH and see the assets’ impact on your portfolio management. In stock, Delta gives an overview of the stock performance in the industry. 

Multiple Exchange Support

The platform supports many exchange platforms, 300 in crypto and many others in fiat. Examples of supported crypto exchanges include Binance, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Bithumb, eToro, iDex, Bit-Z, Kraken, etc.

Stock exchange platforms supported include NYSE, London Stock exchange, Nasdaq, etc. 

New Market Section

This section is designed to provide an overview of the portfolio and the financial markets’ general performance. The market section analyzes each asset subsection enabling users to have the best knowledge of the markets. 

Multi-Device Synchronization

The Delta application is one of a kind, allowing users to connect the same account to multiple devices. 

Users of the free version are allowed to connect and auto-synchronize between two devices. On the other hand, pro users have the freedom to connect to a maximum of five devices. 

Due to this multi-synchrony back-up and restore support, users will recover the state of their last portfolio in different devices when needed. 

General Continuous Development

The development team is still developing the platform to provide other crypto portfolio management solutions. They have already planned more upgrades in the coming months. 

Dynamic Portfolio Experience

Delta’s upgrade introduces a dynamic portfolio experience that ensures the investors get information about the assets they are only interested in. Similarly, they will adapt the ‘market screen’ aiding investors land to their most preferred investment when opening the platform.

Live Notifications

Delta leverages eToro’s intelligence tool to ensure you get notifications in case of severe changes in your portfolio. This tool will be providing information on the spot; thus, you will be able to make the right investment decisions

Delta’s Active Support Team

The team members behind this project provide support to all crypto enthusiasts on the Delta support page. Therein, people are asking questions, and the team members actively participate in responding to the problem. 

Why is Delta Unique?

Delta is in an industry that has many other platforms offering similar portfolio management services. Take, for instance, Blockfolio and Coinstats. Over the past few months, the two platforms have dominated the portfolio tracking business. So, what makes Delta unique?

Delta is touching all the financial markets. For instance, as aforementioned, Delta 4.0 will soon be supporting all kinds of investment assets and financial markets.

The inclusion of the traditional financial world in the Delta application will lead more investors to adopt crypto. Knowing that a crypto centered platform has released an application to assist investors in portfolio management will help new investors note the possible prospects of the crypto world. 

What are The Delta’s Benefits?

The first benefit provided by Delta is convenience. The days of owning over a dozen portfolio management apps to manage all your investments are over. Right here, right now, with just one app, you control all your assets. 

The platform is also convenient due to its use on mobile devices. Thus, anywhere, the investor can check their investment and receive live notifications. 

Using Delta directly, every investor can get information directly from the team. The link will ensure trust between investors and the project team and ultimately lead to crypto growth.


As an investment management platform, Delta will offer some of the best solutions for financial managers. The platform does not center on crypto-like its peers; instead, it aims to thrive in the traditional financial industry by helping manage all sorts of investments. 

It provides other features like in-depth asset analysis, support of multiple crypto and fiat exchanges, and support for various devices. This platform proves to be unique by offering services that have been so lacking in the financial world, all in just one dashboard. 

Using Delta, an investor will receive updates on price trends of their investment assets. A rookie and experienced investor should all try this platform to maximize their income.

Adam is an outgoing young lad who likes adventures and discovering new things. Despite his boring life, he loves writing about cryptocurrencies and exploring what blockchain technology can do for the coming digital world where all adventures will be virtual.