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Project Reviews / 01.11.2020

DEFLAx is a next-generation DeFi platform that integrates advanced technologies and a creative business model to fight cryptocurrency inflation in new and exciting ways. The developers behind this network want to return lost value to the crypto sector and empower investors.

DEFLAx is a different type of DeFi network. Primarily, DEFLAx functions as an automated yield aggregator and a native token mining platform. The project entered the market to break the mold and shake the entire sector up. Unlike most of the competition, who are copycats duplicating each other’s strategies, features, and business models, DEFLAx takes the road less traveled to give investors total control. Interestingly, DEFLAx incorporates three unique tokens within its ecosystem:

  • DFX – Deflationary Token
  • DFP – Governance Token
  • DFW – Governance Token

Together, these tokens provide investors with a full suite of DeFi functionalities. Additionally, the platform introduces a collaborative exchange named dTRADE. This exchange relies on the DFX deflationary token as its main utility token. In this way, DFX maintains value in the market.

What Problems Does DEFLAx Attempt to Fix?

DEFLAx tackles the most pressing issues faced by crypto investors today. The platform was designed from the ground up to improve the market conditions. Currently, there is a lack of true decentralization that has left the industry unbalanced.

Unfair Distribution

In the current state of the market, people provide financial support for startups, but they hold no control over the project’s tokens’ issuance and distribution. The project collects the funding and maintains huge control over the token’s trading market under the name of token allocations for future use. This situation leads to investors losing out sooner or later. Historical data already proved this fact.

Fake Decentralization

This situation leads to investors losing out. In many instances, governance tokens were distributed among team members earlier before the project’s official release. Sadly, this style of the platform is not a true community-oriented project. The reality of the situation is that this is an abuse of decentralization. Thankfully, DEFLAx introduces a truly fair-distribution method to promote further decentralization moving forward.


As the DeFi sector expands, it’s important to understand that only the best platforms will remain relevant in the market. DEFLAx was built to withstand any market conditions. This token provides a real service to users and is not just another “hype” token.


DEFLAx will take the best aspects of Uniswap and integrate them into their next-generation platform dTRADE. This hybrid exchange is centralized in nature but provides access to many of the best features found with DEXs. For example, anyone can list tokens on DEFLAx. However, unlike Uniswap, rug-pulls will end up costing projects big time. No project with rug intention will ever dare to come close, creating a safer and more reliable trading environment for the crypto community!


Inflation is another major concern facing the crypto sector. The top coins continue to issue more crypto into the market. Every issuance slowly chips away at the underlying value of the digital asset issued. DFX is doing the opposite daily.

Benefits of DEFLAx

DEFLAx introduces an economic protocol that takes the investment experience to the next level. DEFLAx developers spent years researching and identifying the core elements that make this revolutionary model possible. Here are some of the benefits of engaging with the DEFLAx network:


DEFLAx integrates decentralization in new and exciting ways. The platform’s token launch strategy demonstrates its commitment to this cause. There were no pre-mined tokens. Every DEFLAx participant needed to mine DFX by themselves through a revolutionary mining concept known as CONTRIBUTION-MINING. This next-gen consensus mechanism has the capability to replace PoW mining systems. This consensus mechanism removes technical barriers for network participants allowing anyone to be part without hassle!


Every aspect of the distribution will happen completely on-chain without any intermediary wallet or third party platform. The platform will demonstrate its advanced smart contract functionalities during the crowdfunding event.


DEFLAx achieves a true-deflationary investment experience via the integration of its unique set of tools. Deflationary protocols remove tokens from circulation via auto buyback and burn. In turn, this maneuver bolsters the value of the remaining tokens. Unlike the transaction-burn method, DEFLAx deflationary mechanism does not have any barrier that can stop it from being listed with any liquidity providers or engaging with any crypto payment network.

How Does DEFLAx Work

The platform relies on two primary functions to accomplish its goal to provide a truly deflationary investment experience to international users.

dFARM = automated yield aggregator. Allowing anyone to increase their stablecoin holdings while earning another valuable digital asset at the same time. Dual passive revenue streams.

dMINE = native token mining platform (governance token). Allowing DFX holders, dFARM miners, or Uniswap LP for DEFLAx token to earn passive income!

Participants in DEFLAx’s early distribution of DFX tokens will also earn DFP token as a bonus, marking the community’s governance token mining and not by the project. Additionally, holders can stake their token to earn passive income in dMINE. Additionally, they could also earn the DFW governance tokens, a more scarce and the highest value in the DEFLAx ecosystem.

Lastly, DEFLAx traders can earn passive income providing liquidity on dTRADE. The platform will introduce a competitive revenue sharing model ready to be deployed at the time of its launch.

DFX Tokens

  • Max supply: 20,968,750.
  • Circulation: Contribution-Mining
  • Mineable by public: 16,775,000.
  • Mineable for liquidity: 4,193,750.
  • Cost to mine: ~$0.03 – $0.035/token. TBF
  • Market cap: ~$500k – $600k if all is mined.


  • Earn passive income & governance token by staking in dMINE
  • Hedge against inflation
  • Main platform token in dTRADE^
  • Market speculation.
  • Entitled to DFP Early Mining Round.


  • Holders totally control supply.
  • Earn the highest reward in dMINE.
  • Daily deflationary for 730 days!

DFX will serve a specific function to both individual users and projects in dTRADE^ platforms. Apart from withdrawal, listing, or trading fees, more details will be disclosed before its official launch.

DFP Tokens

  • Max supply: 21,000.
  • Max early distribution: 3,050.
  • Circulation: mining through staking the Native, Vault, or Liquidity token.


  • Governance over the protocol.
  • Garn passive income & governance token by staking in dMINE
  • Market speculation.


  • Strategic emission rate encouraging value-growth
  • Scarcity

DFW Tokens

  • Max supply: 10,000
  • Circulation: mining through staking the Native, Vault, or Liquidity token.


  • Governance over the protocol.
  • Market speculation.


  • Strategic emission rate encouraging value-growth
  • Higher scarcity.


You can also stake your DFX and earn passive income. Staking is one of the best ways to earn free crypto. You lock your cryptocurrency up in a smart contract for a predetermined time when you stake cryptocurrencies. DFX staking is easy and less risky than trading cryptos for many reasons.

For one, you don’t need to invest a ton of time researching the market. Investing in cryptos is a time-consuming process that requires you to study the market conditions and the companies within the sector. For new investors, this can seem a bit overwhelming. Staking is an easier alternative that produces guaranteed returns.

Deflex – DeFi Meets True Deflationary

You must hand it to the creative minds behind the Deflex project. They managed to combine two of the most important protocols in the sector and introduce something completely new. It will be awesome to watch as this platform gains momentum in the coming weeks.

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