CryptoTrader – Automate Your Trading Strategy with a Reputable Trading Bot

Project Reviews / 27.01.2021

CryptoTrader is a cloud-based automated trading ecosystem. The platform includes various trading bots. Trading bots are more popular than ever in the market because they allow investors to take a break from monitoring market conditions without missing any profitable opportunities. The network is well-recognized and provides multiple services geared to improving your responsiveness and overall profitability.

Benefits of CryptoTrader Bot

The developers behind CryptoTrader combined the most popular features into their inclusive network. You can use CryptoTrader bots to exchange your favorite cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. This network has earned a reputation as a reliable and affordable option in the market. Consequently, CryptoTrader is one of the top-performing bots in the world.

CryptoTrader fulfills its goal to provide cloud-based trading solutions for both experienced traders and those who are new in the market. As such, it’s one of the most popular trading bots available at this time. Impressively, this trading system is available in over 100 countries at this time.


At the top of the list of reasons to consider CryptoTrader is its security. The platform leverages various industry-grade security protocols to keep your cryptocurrency safe. For example, the website features full SSL encryption. Additionally, the network’s API is one of the most advanced in the market. It allows users to execute fully-featured trading algorithms automatically and securely.

High performance

The CryptoTrader system is very responsive compared to the competition. Aside from real-time trading capabilities, the network offers fast withdrawals. On average, your funds withdraw to your bank account in your local currency in less than 24-hours.


CryptoTrader bots can work on some of the most popular trading platforms in the world. At this time, there are 13 leading cryptocurrency exchanges supporting these intuitive trading bots. Specifically, Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex,, Coinbase, Huobi, Kraken, Poloniex, and Quione are on this list.


Users have a huge library of strategies to choose from when programming their bots. There are 10,000+ strategies available in the marketplace. Additionally, you can build your own trading scripts coded in CoffeeScript. This open-source trading script provides advanced users with a level of flexibility not available to most bot traders. It also benefits new users who can buy these advanced trading algorithms directly from other users via the marketplace.

Active Community

Another huge benefit of using CryptoTrader is its active community. This platform is vocal on their Twitter account. Here, you can interact directly with CryptoTrader’s developers. There is also a contact section on their home page if you prefer a more direct contact form. Notably, most users find the answers to their questions in the Discussions Forum section of the platform. You can even set up instant email alerts and SMS notifications to remain on the cutting edge of the community.

How Does the CryptoTrader Bot work?

CryptoTrader introduces an effortless way to leverage intelligent trading technology. The platform’s use of a flexible scripting language, based on CoffeeScript, provides new programmability levels to advanced traders. Network participants can analyze the cryptocurrency market signals and automate the trading process with confidence using this platform.

CryptoTrader Interface

The CryptoTrader interface was built to simplify bot programming. You can choose from a set of strategic templates to get your bot off the ground. Notably, there are options for all types of bots, including basic, multi-pair trading, and EMA crossover triggers.

Strategies Marketplace

You can add to your bot’s trading capabilities and strategies in the marketplace. Here, advanced traders can offer their personal trading strategies to the public for a small fee. You can also purchase access to various market indicators and signals in this section.


The CryptoTrader bot selection is nice. You can select between different bot types to suit your market conditions. There are aggressive bots for quick gains and conservative bots for long term trading goals. You also enjoy access to other helpful features such as stop-loss functionalities.


There is no software installation required to use CryptoTrader. The network functions as a cloud-based algorithmic crypto trading system. Cloud-based bots are ideal because they can run across a huge section of devices. 

Test Your Bot

Another popular feature found on CryptoTrader is the Paper Trading demo account. Paper trading is a term designated to special accounts that allow you to test your trading bot under different conditions. These systems are ideal for new users because you can operate risk-free in real markets. There is even an option to backtest your bot on past market scenarios. You can then take this data and make the final adjustments to your bot.

How to Use CryptoTrader Bot

Using the CryptoTrader bot is easy. Step one is to head over to the website and click the Sign In tab on the page’s top. You will have two options to choose between, sign in, or start a new account. Click the I Want to Register for a New Account Tab. Next, you will need to provide an account name, email address, and phone number to get started. 

CryptoTrader provides a seven day trial for new users. You can explore the bot’s capabilities and if it’s a good fit for you. Once you complete your free trial, the next step is to choose your subscription level. There are five different subscription levels. The basic plan provides you with one trading bot. Uniquely, CryptoTrader provides you with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

CryptoTrader – A Smart Option with a Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee

CryptoTrader is more than a trading bot that promises impossible ROIs. This network provides users with a free trial and a money-back guarantee. In this way, the developers prove they are confident in their product and the features it offers. Few other bots offer a free trial, and almost none provide a guarantee to users. For these reasons, CryptoTrader is sure to continue to be a popular option in the market. 

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