CryptoKings – Crypto Royalty Immortalized on NFTs

Project Reviews / 16.03.2021

CryptoKings is the latest project to capitalize on the NFT art movement. The platform enables users to collect CryptoArt of their favorite crypto legends. These NFTs include influential characters such as Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin, or Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, to name a few. Each art piece is verifiably scarce and offers users a chance to directly participate in the NFT market’s growth.

The developers behind this project have stated they took inspiration from the popular CryptoPunks NFTs. CryptoPunks is now one of the top-performing platforms in the NFT market. These tokens feature top crypto influencers and contributors with unique art and characteristics. Art NFTs have seen amazing growth as of late, with some CryptoPunks running around $40,000. 

NFTs on the Rise

Recently, one NFT art piece created by the world-famous artist Beeple secured $69 million. These statistics have led CryptoKings to step into the market and provide users with more options. The platform also introduces some unique technical aspects to provide fairer distribution to users.  

Benefits of CryptoKings

The benefits gained from collecting CryptoKings are obvious to those already versed in the world of NFTs. NFTs are tokens that represent a unique asset in the world. Each NFT gains value from its demand and the fact that it can be verified on the blockchain as unique. Each king follows this line of thought thanks to the integration of different characteristics.


Each CryptoKing is afforded certain characteristics that make it unique and add to its value. There are five characteristics available to each king, including head, body, hat, items, and backgrounds. Each of these items can add to the overall rarity of your King. 

For example, you could receive a Charlie Lee head with a wizard’s hat, holding a diamond, in front of the moon. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The platform offers an impressive selection of characteristics to make you laugh while also increasing your NFT’s value. There are all types of headgear ranging from ball caps to crowns. There’s also a nice selection of items that make each card unique. For example, imagine a Satoshi holding a yellow Lamborghini. 

CryptoKings Collectibles

The CryptoKing cards encapsulate the biggest players in the game and help teach those new to the crypto space, which made the industry what it is today. Aside from the images’ obvious humor, the game is packed with crypto-centric jokes such as moons, glowing orbs, and diamonds. 

For long-time crypto investors, these items are sure to spark memories and a good laugh. It’s this light-hearted approach that could give CryptoKings a boost. Additionally, CryptoKings adds a bit of chance, as no one knows what CryptoKing is purchasing until the sale ends. 

Fair Distribution

According to their website, the developers behind CryptoKings took great care to ensure that a fair distribution model was used. To accomplish this task, the network relies on a random blockchain distribution method. Specifically, all the images are already created and awaiting purchase. 

Users purchase CryptoKings randomly. You never know what king you will receive. Also, to ensure fair distribution, there is a limit of 10-NFTs per transaction. This distribution method means that everyone has an equal chance of getting the rarest NFTs. 

Dual-Layer Scarcity

CryptoKings differs from CryptoPunks in that it introduces a dual-layered scarcity. The first layer of scarcity is based on the asset’s characteristics, such as its hat or persona. This approach mirrors many other collectible art pieces such as CryptoKitties. The second layer comes from the unique name that you bestow on your CryptoKing.

Naming Your King

You can increase the value of your king by giving it an interesting name. This strategy adds another layer of individuality to each card and helps users put their personal stamp on these NFTs. The protocol includes certain naming restrictions, such as not allowing any two kings to share the same name. Be original, and you may find that your name sparks the interest of collectors and raises the value of your king even more.  

How Does CryptoKings Work?

CryptoKings is an Ethereum-based project that utilizes the ERC-721 standard. These coins can be stored in any ERC-compatible wallet and can be traded on all popular NFT exchanges. This approach ensures that collectors will always have access to trading opportunities across the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

Rarity at a Glance

Once the public sale of CryptoKings completes, all users will see the rarity of their digital works of art. Keenly, this rarity depends on the demand and overall scarcity of the combination of features your king possesses. 


Wisely, the rarest NFT king, is Bitcoin’s anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. This CryptoKing’s head displays the famous meme of the man once wrongly accused of being Nakamoto by Newsweek. His image is now commonly used in Satoshi memes. 

Notably, there are only five Satoshi CryptoKings available to the public. As the rarest of all kings, scoring a Satoshi is a major hit for any collector. Additionally, anyone who is lucky enough to receive a Satoshi also receives 1% of the total amount raised from the sales of CryptoKings. 

CryptoKings – New Type of Collectible is Here

Given the overall popularity of CryptoPunks, it was a wise decision to launch another crypto star-related NFT project. CryptoKings has all the features you would expect from a blockchain collectible and some extra bonuses for those lucky enough to score a Satoshi. This combination of factors should help drive interest towards the platform and the NFT community in general.

For these reasons, CryptoKings appears to be ideally positioned to ride the NFT wave. Those interested in expanding their NFT collection can find out more information on this project here.

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