Crypto Social Trading: How Does it Work and What to Consider?

Beginner’s Guide / 05.04.2020

Although cryptocurrency trading may sound profitable with a promise of a financial freedombreakthrough, it is not all that realistic for newbiespromising, thanks to the enormous risk it poses due to insane volatility. Crypto trading requires extensive trading knowledge and trading experience. You’ll need to have the skills to read and analyze trading charts, analyze analytics reports, understand reports, and keep up with news trends. For beginners, this may be a bit challenging, but they can employ social trading to catch up, become established crypto traders, and make substantial profits. 

Social trading presents a means in which traders, both newbies and experienced, can automatically mimic or copy the trading strategy of other successful traders with consistent results (lead traders) also to become successful. This guide will inform you of the things you should consider when social trading plus the best platforms to enhance one’s social trading skills. 

 Social Trading Explained

Social trading is a form of financial trading that brings on board the “social” element into trading. The trading method allows traders to observe the trading strategy of their peers or colleagues and follow their strategy using either Copy Trading or Mirror Trading. You can, therefore, achieve the same results as professional traders without really knowing much about crypto trading or years of experience in trading cryptos. Social trading has taken the crypto space by storm with the creation of automated platforms that allow users to automatically choose the traders plus the trading strategies they would want to mimic or copy.

Social Trading takes two forms: Copy Trading and Mirror Trading. Copy Trading merely is copying positions from a trader perceived as a skilled trader. Mirror Trading, on the other hand, refers to a form of automated algorithmic trading where traders trade in a way that ‘mirrors’ the trading activities performed by a skilled trader.   

How Does Crypto Social Trading Work?

Long gone are the days when social trading was done manually. Today, crypto social trading is fully automated, where the platforms integrate several functions that allow users to automatically copy or mirror trading activities/strategies from their chosen traders. Everything on these platforms is automated, from selecting an ideal trader, copying their trading strategies to implementing them on your account.

Almost all crypto social trading platforms are linked to a marketplace where users get access to professional traders selling their trading skills and strategies. Users can also follow several traders and implement several trading strategies at the same time. 

What’s the Cost of Social Trading?

Different platforms levy different costs. But generally, most social trading platforms simply allow users to buy or sell a trading strategy for free. However, crypto exchange platforms charge users trading fees for any trade conducted on the platform. The significant role of a social trading platform is not to generate revenue by charging users a fee. Instead, they are tasked with increasing trading volumes so that the exchanges consequently increase their incomes via trading fees. Additionally, traders who share their trading strategies or activities are rewarded a commission on the fees collected by the crypto exchange. 

Social trading platforms can, therefore, be a source of passive income for traders who share their trading strategies via these platforms.   

Advantages of Social Trading

Crypto social trading comes with numerous perks, especially for beginners. They can copy trading strategies from established traders and make substantial profits while learning crypto trading at the same time. Also, social trading is automatic, meaning that you don’t need to bother monitoring the markets and analyzing charts constantly, which can be both challenging and time-consuming. With crypto bots and Bitcoin robots, you shouldn’t be concerned about following the strategies of your favorite trader and copying the trade to your account-this is done automatically 24/7. Other benefits of social trading include: 

  • Sharing trades is a way to earn passively 
  • Deeper insights into market analysis attributed to opened trades 
  • No third parties involved allowing traders to interact with each other directly. 
  • They are maximizing profits by copying or duplicating successful trading strategies. 
  • Users get an opportunity to build experience and knowledge in crypto trading.  

Factors to Consider in Crypto Social Trading

There are several things you ought to consider to be successful in crypto social trading. The first crucial factor is the success level of a trader. You need to analyze the results posted by a trader to gauge whether their trading strategy is effective and consistent. Some social trading platforms allow users and the community to rate traders and share their experiences with them. You would obviously want to copy someone with a high rating. 

You should also do your research on the legitimacy of the social trading platform. Analyze the currency supported by the platform, the currency you are considering to buy plus features that are integrated into the platform. This will give you a rough idea of the platform before signing in. 

You should also regard the general factors in trading cryptos such as only investing money you can comfortably afford to lose, diversifying your portfolio, avoiding Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), withdrawing profits at intervals, and using stop-loss for day trading.

It’s also crucial to note that social trading doesn’t eradicate the crypto trading risk. Social trading involves taking someone’s trading plan and implementing it to your account. In so doing, you’re trusting a third party’s judgment, which may fail to go according to plan and result in a loss.   

What is the Best Cryptocurrency Social Trading Platform?

  1. Shrimpy 

Shrimpy is the leading all-in-one portfolio management and automated crypto trading platform. The platform offers a comprehensive portfolio management solution and comes integrated with a wide range of features, including bots for automated trading. Other key features include rebalancing tools, backtesting suite plus other Social Portfolio features that enable crypto traders to optimize their trading and portfolio management seamlessly. 

On the platform, users can easily follow and view thousands of strategies and portfolios using the social tab on the dashboard in the same way as on social media. By just a single click, users can implement the same trading strategy as the leading trader on the platform. The platform supports over 700 different coins across 16 different exchanges. 

  1. eToro

eToro is a renowned platform integrating excellent social trading tools for both crypto and Forex trading. The social trading tools offered by eToro enable users to access investment companies that professionally managed portfolios and also link up with top traders with extensive knowledge in crypto trading. Users can click on the Popular Investor Dashboard and discover ideal trading strategies to follow. The platform is free to join but charges a withdrawal plus rollover fees. 

Other crypto social trading platforms include Zulutrade, NAGA Trader, Covesting, and Investy, among others.        

Final Words

Crypto trading is no walk in the park. It requires extensive experience, knowledge, and financial discipline as well. With the challenge poised by crypto trading, social trading can well be a solution, especially for beginners. Social trading allows you to follow a lead trade, implementing their trading strategies in your account, and consequently achieve similar results. For winning traders, social trading will enable them to earn passively by sharing their trading activities. There are numerous social trading platforms available in the crypto space today and functions to connect traders to a vast pool of expert traders for better profits.    

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