Crypto Projects that You Can Invest in for the Long Term

Handy Tips / 11.03.2021

The cryptocurrency market kicked off at a high note in 2021 and has been a hot topic of discussion among investors. Major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum hit their all-time-highs, with Bitcoin even doubling its 2017 ATH of $20,000. The market is a potentially great deal for investors, but it can be a bit confusing when you start looking for the best coin for investing.

There are thousands of crypto coins out there. Whether you are a short-term or long-term investor, the comparison could go beyond the top coins, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Are you wondering what your best cryptocurrency coin for investment is? Worry no more! Here’re some of the best crypto projects you can look out for in your long-term crypto investment decision.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, with its value unbeatable by any altcoin. Today, the earliest Bitcoin investors perceive it as an investment option akin to gold. The coin is highly volatile. Like any other crypto, it has seen dramatic ups and downs, including hacking, but has consistently retained its position as the top cryptocurrency with overwhelming performances.

Bitcoin came to light along with blockchain technology over a decade ago, making it the first and oldest crypto and blockchain project. Many other cryptocurrencies have since come into the mainstream, although most investors are afraid of their unpredictable swings in prices, with some even exiting the market.

A look back at Bitcoin’s value in 2013, the coin was trading at $34.50 in March and almost hit $1,000 in December. Four years later, in 2017, Bitcoin hit $20,000, although the hike was perceived as a bubble occasioned by market manipulations. Funny enough, the coin is currently almost tripling the 2017 ATH, which means any investor who committed $35 in Bitcoin in 2013 has over 1500% profit in 2021.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the 2nd largest digital coin by market capitalization. It has gained popularity over about six years of existence, precisely from its nature as a development platform. It is software that has the monetary aspect. Ethereum’s blockchain hosts a couple of projects, including decentralized finance (Defi), decentralized applications (dApps), and smart contracts.

The coin first hit its all-time-high in 2018 after trading at $1,440, although it later crashed along with Bitcoin after the Bitcoin bubble. However, part of Ethereum’s crash can be associated with the high network fees and slow speed resulting from congestion with projects supported on its blockchain.

The coin is yet to reach its full potential and has even skyrocketed in 2021, hitting an ATH slightly above $2,000. It showed tremendous growth since its launch in 2015, when it started trading at about $2 and could even get better after Ethereum 2.0.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency project much similar to Bitcoin. The only significant difference is that it has a short block generation time compared to Bitcoin’s ten minutes. Litecoin’s blocks get added every 2.5 minutes, an aspect that makes its transactions fast. It lists among the top crypto coins by market capitalization. currently places it at position 8, which means it’s a coin with a potential for long-term value.

After going live in 2013, the coin was worth $4.30, but the price later dropped to $1.50 until the first bull-run. A volatile year followed for the cryptocurrency coin after hitting slightly over the $40 value just before 2014. It then dropped steadily into the year up to a single-dollar value. As a Bitcoin’s tail head coin, it was also part of the 2017 bubble and hit an ATH of $375 in December but crashed in 2018 to $30.

The coin’s volatility extended into 2019 during its halving when it recorded a 600% growth in value but again crashed to its bare bottom. The crypto coin is, however, pulling back in 2021, currently trading at $200. The coin has earned back the support of big-name investors. It is the reason for the current upward trend, and with continued support, it has a long-term potential to hit extreme highs.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance coin is the native token for the world’s largest exchange Binance. It has recorded significant growth since its introduction in 2017, including shifting from Ethereum’s blockchain to its Binance blockchain.

Being a native coin for the Binance exchange presents a range of benefits for the crypto coin, and these could mean its tremendous growth. The platform offers attractive features, including educational resources on blockchain and digital currencies, a trusted wallet, a charity foundation, and Binance Labs for blockchain projects and cryptocurrency investment promotion.

Additionally, Binance operates under a quarterly token burn which aims at increasing the value of every coin by reducing the supply. The exchange promised a 25% discount for users completing transactions with BNB but even doubled the deal in 2017. The Binance team planned to slash the 25% discount by half in 2019, although the exchange is yet to reduce it. Under such a program, the coin’s demand and value could increase steadily, making it ideal for long-term investors.

In 2021, the Binance coin has seen a 300% surge in value, and crypto experts believe that the price will continue to grow and possibly outpace Bitcoin.

Tezos (XTZ)

The Tezos network launched after a hyped ICO in 2017 that raised $232 million. It is still the largest ICO globally, although its native coin faced a lot of adversity after its launch. As of this writing, Tezos is the 23rd largest coin by market capitalization.

Despite its losing trend in the last two years, the coin shows growth potential, although at a small pace, making it a suitable coin for long-term investment. It is currently trading at $ 4.24, a rise from $3.13 in January 2020.

Its growth is largely attributable to the fact that the Tezos blockchain has been monumental in creating decentralized applications. Tezos blockchain is now viewed as a potential rival to Ethereum in the Dapp space. Elevated Returns were recently selected to support their $1.6 billion tokenized offerings for investors in the real estate industry. Such interests in decentralized finance could mean a bright future for Tezos.

Wrapping Up

Although the cryptocurrency market is deemed highly volatile, some of the coins record impressive growths in the long run. The industry is on the right track to mainstream adoption. As more people get on board, digital currencies could become the avenues for investing in the future.

Ideally, all the above cryptocurrencies are trading at a reasonably high price compared to their launching date values. For instance, since its launch, Bitcoin has had extensive growth, setting out long-term cryptocurrency investment as a worthwhile venture. These impressive growths can spark excitement in investors. Due to cryptocurrency’s volatile nature, it is essential to understand that what might appear right in one moment in the crypto space could turn out the opposite the next moment.

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