Crypto Investments Among the Top Investor Threats in 2020 – NASAA

News / 24.12.2019

NASAA is an American organization that deals with global investor protection. Recently, the organization revealed that crypto investment is among the top five investors’ threat in 2020. This report got collected through a survey of the state and provincial securities regulators within the US, Canada, and Mexico.

These American organisation relied on investors’ complaints, current investigation, and regulatory trends to predict the leading investor threats in 2020. The other top areas of concern are promissory notes, real estate investments, Ponzi schemes, and online and social media investment schemes.

NASAA Warns Investors To Be Cautious

Christopher Gerold, NASAA president, pointed out that every other investment carries a risk. However, he warned investors to be more cautious and not to give an ear to people who promise guaranteed high returns. 

NASAA is always keeping an eye on cryptocurrency market activities, intending to protect the investors who buy the securities. In 2018, the organization even launched more than 200 investigations on investment products related to cryptocurrencies and ICOs. It also established an initiative known as “Operation Cryptosweep.”

The investor protection organization previously warned investors against risks associated with cryptos and ICOs. It happened due to the increase in the rate of losses from scams and theft related to cryptocurrencies recently.

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