Crypto Coins That Can Be Staked

Handy Tips / 30.05.2021

Staking is one of the most profitable crypto investment options available today. Primarily, it involves collateralizing some amount of crypto assets in wallets or exchanges and awaiting rewards. Of course, there are many options of platforms to use for staking and profit maximization.

However, for staking to be effective, the investor should make the right decisions about many things. Foremost, the choice of platform, an exchange or wallet, and the policies instituted.

Second, the investor should select the best coin to stake from the many given in crypto. Although there are tons of coins available, only a small number of them can guarantee you reliability and profits in the long term.

This guide will, however, help identify the best coins to stake to increase your income. Also, the guide will mention other coins that it can stake in you with a wide selection of assets.


Ethereum is one of the top coins that can be staked and provide excellent rewards. At launch, the Ethereum coin leveraged Proof of work mechanisms. However, recently, Ethereum 2.0 was introduced, which uses Proof of stake mechanisms.

For staking the original version of Ethereum, you stand a chance of earning at least 6% of the staked value p.a. For staking Ethereum 2.0, the predetermined annual reward currently stands at 15%. However, since the network is slowly migrating to Ethereum 2.0, then the 15% return will remain an excellent option for users.

Binance Coin

Binance coin (BNB) is another coin that a user can stake and earn excellent rewards. Binance Exchange launched its chain, the Binance chain, and later the Binance smart chain, which now hosts the BNB coin.

BNB is probably the most profitable coin to stake with, with an average annual yield of 27.49%. These staking policies follow the first-come, first-serve format, with interest being calculated from 0:00 UTC. This coin pays the profits and interests on BNB staking daily.


Cardano coin is another great coin to stake and earn rewards. Launched in 2014, the Cardano network has been using Proof of Stake consensus mechanisms to release the ADA coin.

The yields owing to staking the Cardano coin currently stand at a range of 4-6%. There have been further advancements made in the Cardano network making the Cardano colin’s demand increase. If you want a portfolio of staking coins for the long run, Cardano is one to consider.


Launched in 2017, QTUM is a blockchain ecosystem introduced to provide ample crypto and Defi services. This platform allows users to launch smart contract platforms and host decentralized applications.

The interests earned from staking QTUM coins depend on the stake length and the value of the stake. Staking returns in Qtum currently range between 51.68% and 54. The monthly earnings for staking QTUM coins is $44.58.


DOT, the coin powering the Polkadot ecosystem, is another coin worthy of staking and promising high rewards. This coin operates as a payment coin and runs other services in Polkadot.

It’s possible to stake the Polkadot coin and earn vast rewards on your stake. For instance, the rewards earned from staking, delegating, and lending the coin are around 13%, but the rates differ based on the platform of choice.


Another crypto coin that has lucrative opportunities for an average user is Dash. Launched to introduce privacy in crypto, the Dash token has for several years been considered a privacy coin.

Staking Dash coin has immense benefits in the form of staking rewards to the user. Apart from the items mentioned above, other blockchain-based coins can be staked and create ample earning opportunities for the users.

Other Coins to Stake

The six assets mentioned above already prove great options; however, you can stake and earn interests with many other staking assets. Here is a shortlist of those assets and their interests; 

  • EOS- Based on the EOS blockchain, the EOS token has high incomes. For staking, the returns are around 33%, based on the choice of platform. Running a standby block producer and lending brings rewards at approximately 19%
  • VET- As a product of the VeChain, the VET coin is highly rewarding. For masternode(supernode runners the return is 16%, and the stakes reward is 12%.
  • ATOM- Atom is the native coin of the Cosmos network. The interest rates for sting Atom coin range between 8 and 9%.
  • XTZ- As the native coin of the Tezos blockchain, XTZ provides excellent rewards for staking, ranging from 5-6%.
  • ALGO- Algorand network coin ALGO provides staking options at around a 5% reward rate.
  • NEO- The NEO coin also has excellent rewards standing at between 1 and 2%.
  • TRX- As the primary coin of the Tron network, TRX provides excellent incomes with a 3.15% reward.
  • NAV- NavCoin is another great asset for staking with a 17.58% reward.
  • Kusama- Kusama coin has a 14% annualized reward on investment

Final Word

After looking into the coin world, it’s clear that users can leverage many staking coins. However, the six mentioned earlier are the most trusted and profitable crypto coins to stake.

Both versions of Ethereum bring in excellent rewards for the staking persons. Binance coin, Cardano, Qtum, Dot, and Dash, are also exceptional coins to stake with if you need to maximize your returns.

Others have chosen to go with a portfolio of staking options, and this guide has provided many other coins with lucrative profits for the users. However, before deciding on the stake, a user must research the prevailing rates and reviews.

Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, he covers trendy issues on digital currencies.