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Project Reviews / 08.07.2021

Crypto Army is a smart crypto index service provider that seeks to provide the professional and retail investor with a simplistic alternative to exposure to different digital assets & crypto asset classes. Starting a cryptocurrency index can seem like an overwhelming task for a new investor. It takes a lot of experience and time to grasp the subtle nuances of day trading in the crypto market. Sadly, for many new investors, these early days of trading and investing result in major losses. 

Crypto Army recruits gain access to some valuable tools that can help them avoid the most common pitfalls. The platform was built from the ground up to simplify investor onboarding. Specifically, the platform introduces various features and passive portfolio management strategies that enable crypto investors to streamline their trading experience in new ways. Please take into consideration that these are indices formed by a basket of tokens with high market capitalization and categorized by theme (Solana, DeFi, NFT, etc.), unlike the crypto fear and greed index or the Crypto Volatility Index that is measured in the sentiment or volatility of Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The Crypto Army

The Crypto Army was founded in 2020. The platform’s developers leveraged over 50 years of combined experience to decide on the best features and services to offer users. Consequently, the platform has seen considerable adoption since its initial launch. Today, Crypto Army has a large user base that continues to expand. Notably, the platform recently completed 100 billion in trades.

What Problems Does Crypto Army Attempt to Fix?

There are a lot of problems that the Crypto Army seeks to eliminate. For one, the platform removes all the technical barriers associated with entering the blockchain investment arena. The protocol introduces an intuitive interface combined with advanced allocation tools to enable new investors to create and manage advanced crypto indices with ease.

  • Financial Barriers

Crypto Army also helps to reduce financial barriers to cryptocurrency indices. The platform offers users a free trial, and there’s no monthly subscription fee, just small management fees. In this way, anyone can join the Crypto Army revolution using their investment vehicle and start securing ROIs. 

  • Human Error

The Crypto Army’s technical structure integrates advanced automated conditions to eliminate the need for human intervention. The platform automatically tracks and executes trades based on your pre-set choices of indexes.

Crypto Army Features

Crypto Army has a lot of benefits that make it ideal for both new and experienced traders. For one, the platform is very affordable. Unlike the competition, you only need $150 to start and manage your index crypto. In this way, Crypto Army stays true to the roots of the democratization of crypto investing by providing open access to all.

  • Simplistic

The developers behind the Crypto Army concept started to make crypto investing as simple as possible. They accomplished this task by uniquely combining a variety of technologies. As a result, the onboarding process has been reduced to creating an account, connecting to the Binance crypto exchange, and selecting your Indices. This process doesn’t require any previous experience to navigate.

  • Low fees

Crypto Army charges a 2.5% monthly fee for its services. However, these fees only apply to allocated funds. This rate is far below the current rate of other crypto index providers. Consequently, you retain more of your ROIs using Crypto Army.

Crypto Army Mechanics

Crypto Army operates as a portfolio manager and indices provider that tracks the performance of different crypto assets. It dynamically rebalances between them so that the user can skip all the technical analyses. The platform integrates various automatic tools to diversify indices using the top 100 Crypto-assets and a variety of thematics. The platform introduces additional profit capturing mechanisms to extract the full growth potential of these crypto markets. 

Smart Indexes

The protocol utilizes smart indexes is one of the core features of the Crypto Army. These automated portfolios leverage capitalization-weighted crypto-assets designed to replicate the behavior of index funds to provide users with exposure to specific crypto markets. There are a variety of these smart indexes available to users at this time. Here are some of the top-performing indexes available to you.

Davout Index – DeFi INDEX

The Davout Index includes the 5 most impacting DeFi tokens weekly. In addition, the system automatically monitors and evaluates the current DeFi market to select the fastest gaining projects. DeFi is one of the fastest-growing segments in the crypto sector. The Davout crypto index fund provides users with a way to access the ROI potential of these markets in an automated fashion. 


The NEY Index seeks to capitalize on the current NFT (Non-Fungible Token) momentum. Non-Fungible tokens differ from traditional cryptocurrencies in that they represent a unique asset. Notably, the NFT crypto market has expanded in popularity over the last 3 years. Today, there are NFTs worth millions. 

The NEY Index uses a secret algorithm to selects three coins exposed to the NFT market. The portfolio then automatically allocates one-third to each project. Notably, the system integrates a daily rebalancing mechanism to ensure you gain exposure to the top products as they gain. This is much easier for those seeking to enter the NFT market than researching the countless token options available today. 

Poniatowski Index – POLKADOT INDEX

The Poniatowski Index provides you access to Polkadot’s growing DeFi ecosystem. Polkadot is a fourth-generation blockchain that seeks to provide the market with access to new features and scalability. Notably, the growth of the DOT ecosystem has been impressive to date. Now, you can gain access to the three biggest coins related to DOT. Like the NEY Index, this index integrates a daily rebalancing mechanism to ensure you capture the maximum revenue available from the sector.


The Murat Index consists of the top coins with the highest potential for the day, similar to the Crypto 10 Index. This index will include top projects like ETH, BNB, LTC, DOT, LINK, XTZ, AAVE, AVAX, SOL, or FTT working as an Altcoins Season Index. The Murat Index leverages a proprietary ranking and normalization process to determine what projects cut weekly.

Gouvion-Saint-Cyr Index – SMART CONTRACT INDEX

The Gouvion-Saint-Cyr Index seeks to capitalize on the rise of smart contract-based blockchains. The platform selects three coins exposed to the smart contracts ecosystem via a preset algorithm. The Altcoin Index currently includes popular blockchains and digital assets like ETH, ADA, CELO, EOS, and XLM.

The Crypto Army Simplifies Index Investing

The Crypto Army has gathered various tools and cryptocurrency indices to help you improve your crypto investment results. In addition, the automated nature of the platform helps to remove human emotion from the equation. In turn, this simplifies the entire investing experience by just connecting it via API to your crypto exchange. For these reasons, the Crypto Army is worth checking out.

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