CropShare IEO to Sponsor Litecoin Airdrops on SatoExchange

Press Release / 26.06.2020

CropShare just announced that they are giving out Litecoin (LTC) airdrops for all members on SatoExchange for the support of their ongoing Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). 

They are giving 0.001 LTC to new and existing members limited to the first 5,000 members to claim airdrops. Airdrops are set to commence on June 24th at 12:30 GMT and are projected to end immediately when the team reaches their designed threshold.

The sponsored LTC airdrops are projected to accelerate the project’s native token in terms of value and ensure that token holders realize power-packed returns. Any interested investor can join the venture and get rewarded with tokens at steep discounts on their market prices.

The project’s token (CROPSHARE) provides long-term benefits under Red Sandal cultivation, a world-famous rare plant variety available only in India. The plant’s robust demand across the world ensures that the project’s IEO will yield higher returns to all investors. 

In fact, even a small investment is set to realize greater returns in 10 years’ crop tenor, which will be approximately 137 times higher than their initial investment amount.

The CropShare team also provides a token transfer facility and nomination facility to safeguard all token holders’ perpetual rights on their investments as they buy and hold tokens till crop harvesting.  

As per the recent announcement, the projects will continuously give rewards to investors in the future. 

How Can I Get the Airdrop?

Members can get the LTC airdrops by creating a SatoExchange account or using an existing one and then following the exchange on Twitter at

Next, they should follow CropShare on Twitter at and then press a tweet button found on the account page on SatoExchange. This will generate a bonus code and send it to the member’s email upon confirmation. 

The code should give you access to the Cropshare Official Telegram group at, where you will automatically get the 0.001 LTC bonus at this point. 

So What Exactly Is CropShare?

CropShare (CST) is an innovative Utility token venture-backed by an agricultural crop at the red sandal cultivation project. The venture taps into the crypto sphere to raise investments for Agricultural development in rural India. 

The agricultural crop sharing token works by tendering the source of physical existence and transparency to the cryptographic tokens in terms of underlying assets to maximize the wealth of token holders. 

How to Participate in the CropShare IEO on SatoExchange

To participate in the IEO event organized by SatoExchange, follow the steps below:

  1. Get a SatoExchange account if you don’t have one already.
  2. Fund your SatoExchange wallet with the desired amount of (BTC, ETH, or SATX)
  3. Go to the IEO page at
  4. Buy from any of the boxes according to your balance
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