CRC Capital Invests in Blockchain Community Derivatives Marketplace, PLOUTOZ

Press Release / 16.05.2019

At CRC, the team is closely following the recent developments in the blockchain industry and aiming to support the promising projects which will add value to the blockchain ecosystem. Recently, they have announced that CRC has successfully closed the subscription for its token fund -Blockchain Renaissance I-, which is dedicated to supporting the value provider projects in the blockchain industry. With this goal in mind, the team is happy to announce that PLOUTOZ Blockchain Community Derivatives Marketplace has become their first portfolio company. Community has already rewarded PLOUTOZ for their hard work and solid product and PLO token price has jumped 2000% on Huobi Pool Eco Exchange listing.

The cryptocurrency derivatives market is still quite immature. Currently, there are only an estimated 15 exchanges that offer crypto derivatives, and Bitcoin alone represents 90% of the total derivatives volume. Derivative markets provide a healthy pricing mechanism for the cryptoassets and solves some of the most important problems in the blockchain ecosystem such as volatility in the prices of assets and hedging opportunities. Except for high market cap cryptoassets, the remaining thousands of altcoins do not have sophisticated hedging tools or a market. These facts create a great opportunity for PLOUTOZ to penetrate into the exchanges market and help improve the blockchain ecosystem and these are the reasons we believe supporting PLOUTOZ is beneficial to the whole ecosystem.

PLOUTOZ Vision: Every Crypto Asset Can Be Hedged. Every Blockchain Community Has Derivatives Market!

Some of the highlights of PLOUTOZ derivatives market platform are as followed:

  • PLOUTOZ provides a semi-centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency derivatives market platform for crypto assets.
  • It will make it possible for each public chain to utilize their own platform token as collateral for the margin trading. Initially, PLOUTOZ will provide services focused on the EOS public chain.
  • In terms of system security, PLOUTOZ platform is equipped with robust monitoring and risk control mechanisms to prevent improper actions and enhance the user account safety.
  • PLOUTOZ will have a ‘customer first’ motto and provide the most competitive transaction fee and service fee pricing in the market.

PLOUTOZ team chose to start providing their services for every blockchain community especially for public chain tokens. Public chains have strong and energetic communities with a large number of contributors and PLOUTOZ team members have been deeply involved in the major public chain communities from the beginning. PLO (Ploutoztoken) is issued on the EOS public chain and already got listed on Huobi Pool Eco Exchange, Newdex Decentralized Exchange, QB Exchange and more. PLO will be used for strategic partnerships, community building and will also be utilized for a discount on all deposits, clearings and payments fees in the cryptoasset derivatives market created by PLOUTOZ.


PLOUTOZ Blockchain Community Derivatives Marketplace is incubated by Silicon Valley Blockchain Catalyst (SVBC) and Huobi Silicon Valley Decentralized Incubator. Other than CRC, other well-known Blockchain Investment Institutions have also invested in Ploutoz Blockchain Community Derivatives Marketplace, including Eight Decimal Capital, Youwei Capital, Summer Tiger, Gongxiang Capotal, Damo Capital, Shulian Capital,SHE Funds, Ant Node Alliance, Byzantine Capital, Bitcapital and many others. Maxim Wheatley, the former head of BitMex Ventures Early Stage Investment fund, a well-known investor in Silicon Valley, and a senior entrepreneur, is the chief advisor of PLOUTOZ.

About CRC

  • CRC is a blockchain investment bank founded by senior executives from top investment institutions in China.
  • We are dedicated to providing professional, international and institutional investment banking services to blockchain entrepreneurs.
  • CRC has received a strategic investment from Huobi Global, JLAB, Gobi VC, Cloudwise and U-nobleman, etc.
  • CRC has recently closed subscriptions for it’s token fund, Blockchain Renaissance I, which is dedicated to support greatest value provides in the blockchain ecosystem.
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