Coral Reef – The Pioneer Cross Border dApp for Women’s Needs

Project Reviews / 06.03.2021

Women are undoubtedly the backbone of any successful home, family, and society. However, most women, especially in developing countries, face many challenges financially and healthwise. From teenagehood, ladies experience a monthly menstrual cycle. In some developing countries, girls skip classes during their periods, and others even drop out of school at their menarche. 

As such, some applications have been released to help women reduce some of these troubles, though some of these applications have proven untrustworthy with our data. 

For instance, the wall street journal in 2019 released a report proving how applications share sensitive data with Facebook. Among the apps include Flo, the most used ovulation and period tracking application which was accused of sharing sensitive information like pregnancy and weight details to Facebook. Although most applications promise privacy for women, the result is almost always the opposite. 

What if women could find a place where they can share their thoughts, get expert advice and manage their health? Well, Coral Reef is here. 

What is Coral Reef?

Coral Reef is the first blockchain-based decentralized application designed to help in cross-border women interaction. It will help women globally build their network from a social and professional perspective while also learning about other cultures from diverse ethnicities and experiences. 

Moreover, the platform by design will encourage women to take up entrepreneurial and personal leadership while also catering to their wellness and interacting with other like-minded women globally.  

The app’s success is possible due to the fast-growing smartphone and internet dispersion globally. But how does Reef work? What are its best features? Keep reading to find out more. 

The Backing Technology

Coral Reef uses blockchain technology as the launch pad of its services. This platform uses the Zilliqa protocol as its hub. The Zilliqa protocol boasts features like sharding, dual mining, and a safe-smart contract system to provide ultimate simplicity, security, scalability, and convenience.  

A user only needs to own a smartphone, access the internet, download the application from the play store or app store, and start using the services. Women from remote parts of Africa, Asia, the Philippines, etc., can access these services with no subscription model or overbearing ads to grapple with. 

Large organizations focusing on the women’s and children’s demographics may find this application a welcoming change to how they advertise their services to a global audience. The platform’s token is dubbed the CRL token, which will help unlock services and which users can also earn through engagement in various ways on the platform. 

Best Features of Coral Reef

The Shop Coral Marketplace

Shopping is one of the things that help foster women’s interaction. Coral Reef will integrate a peer-to-peer marketplace where women can set up shops, post products, and sell them to others, allowing women to create their wealth. 

Users will pay small fees for transacting on the marketplace platform, thus creating a revenue source for the platform and its investors. 

The G-Chat Section

The G-Chat section will create opportunities for women forums, where small groups will discuss issues affecting them. Moreover, this Girl-Chat section will facilitate discussion of hot and trendy topics, especially on motherhood, pregnancy, etc. With the main idea of ensuring you are up to date on the information you need.

The women will stay anonymous while discussing some of the issues troubling them by leveraging avatars when discussing such topics. The platform’s contributors stand a chance of getting rewards in the form of Seashells tokens (CRL).

The Wellness Tracker Tool

Wellness is another thing everyone is anxious about, especially women who worry about their health all the time. The Coral reef implants a wellness tracker kit to help you keep track of what’s important. 

Among the traceable functions using this tool include;

  • Period tracking: Monthly periods are one of the things that trouble women and their health. Coral will help women to know the details about their periods and prepare themselves.
  • Ovulation and pregnancy tracking
  • Weight management: Weight management is another vital aspect of women’s daily lives. This tool will help you manage your weight by learning from thousands of women and their weight management journeys.

This platform, by design, will provide detailed charts, calendars, and other information to better these experiences for women. Connecting all the above functions in a single app makes it extremely easy for women to manage their health and make other important life decisions. 

The G-Expert Corner

The G-Expert corner makes it easy for women to access online expert services. Women will freely schedule appointments with experts to consult on various issues, including mental health, body image, fertility-related issues, financial education, life, and career coaching.   

The expert corner carries professionals in other areas like finance, and entrepreneurs, all of whom will help the female gender in several aspects of business and life decision making. 

Benefits of Using Coral Reef 

The Coral Reef app fosters top user-friendliness and ease of access. Since the smartphone population is increasing globally, smartphones are the best tools for reaching wide areas. As such, Coral Reef will be supported by both Android and iPhone devices. Every woman with access to a smartphone and the internet can benefit from using the coral reef application. Mobility and user-friendliness are vital for such a tool. 

Since blockchain is the hub of this application, users should expect ultimate reliability and convenience. Foremost, the transparency of the blockchain will enable the free flow of public information to every woman. The storage and security protocol instituted in blockchains will help encrypt the private sections of chat and other personal details with end-to-end encryption. 

Unlike some apps which major in a single service, the coral reef also offers convenience in that it provides trackers for several aspects of life, including finance. 

Philanthropy in Coral Reef

10% of the Coral Reef platform’s proceeds will help support women’s social projects in developing countries. The main idea of this 10% social contribution is ensuring that the female population is financially independent. Among the things aimed to be achieved by the social-good include;

  • Women in developing countries will gain basic education on technology
  • Girls will have easy access to sanitary kits
  • School Fee provision and other school kits
  • Grants designed to help women in creating and marketing sellable products

Final Word

Although several applications provide wellness tracking options for women, most of them are clouded with insecurity and privacy infringement issues. However, Coral Reef is designed to ensure that all women using the app will have data privacy and complete anonymity when sharing information online. The use of blockchain as the center of the application makes it easy for people to access the services while protecting their identity. 

Empowering the female gender is the first step towards achieving a great, successful, and safe society for everyone. Therefore, Coral Reef empowers women to be entrepreneurs and self-dependent through its philanthropic programs and the forums therein. Accessing the application will be easy as the team plans to release the dApp on both Google Play Store and Apple Store once it is launched. 

Currently, you can follow their Twitter and Telegram channel to get regular updates about the platform, as they plan to release their soft white paper soon. 

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