Comparison of Privacy Masternode Coins: ANON, DEV and DKPC

Project Reviews / 18.02.2019

In the centralized world that we live in, it is hard to imagine complete financial freedom. Centralized financial organizations have full control over the funds that we own and we hardly get a chance to make our own independent decisions. Moreover, whenever you deposit funds in your bank account, there is no telling as to how your funds are being used. Centralized organizations such as banks and financial institutions make a ton of money from your money while providing you with a minimal amount in the form of interest. Even though we have the complete right to enjoy the full benefits reaped by our funds, we are being given only a bare minimum. On top of all this, there is hardly any privacy involved in these centralized systems. With the centralized organizations continuously spying on your every move, privacy has lost its true meaning.

To solve these issues, cryptocurrencies came into existence. While cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc. solve such issues to a certain extent, they have flaws of their own. Even though the privacy offered by Bitcoin, for instance, is good, someone can still spy on your every single movement by many ways.

As new problems surface, solutions are also found. For the lack of privacy and inefficiency of most cryptocurrencies, many of the recent cryptocurrency projects have started to integrate privacy features within their ecosystem that ensures protection to its users. Hundreds of cryptocurrency-based project are trying to take on this niche market.

Recently, we came across some new, smaller projects that offer solutions both to the centralized systems and protection to its users. While there are many other similar projects worth mentioning, in this article, we will compare Privacy Masternode Coins: Deviant Coin (DEV) , Anon Coin (ANON) and DarkPay Coin (DKPC).

What are Masternode Coins?

Masternode coins are a special category of digital currencies that mainly make use of the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism algorithms to create new blocks and verify transactions on the blockchain. Users, who possess a decent amount of such cryptocurrencies, can mint new coins by storing them in to their official wallet, by setting up their own collateral Masternode or by using third party affiliate staking/masternode services. One will be able to confirm the transactions on the network and receive passive income in the form of block reward for the same. However, Anon coin makes use of the Proof-of-Work + evidence of stake hybrid consensus mechanism which makes it different than the other masternode coins. The passive income generated is based on the mining process, which require dedicated computer hardware with sufficient cooling means, an always-on internet connection, a legitimate cryptocurrency mining software package, and membership in both an online cryptocurrency exchange as well as an online mining pool.Expenses like electricity, internet connection, and computing hardware also impact the net revenue generated by cryptocurrency mining.

Furthermore, masternode is the current trend in the cryptocurrency market. A lot of crypto enthusiasts believe that the traditional proof of stake consensus is more stable and secure if they integrate masternodes. Let us now have a peek into our three masternode coins mentioned above.

How DEV, ANON and DKPC Stand Out?

All three cryptocurrencies have network security, efficiency and privacy as their primary goals and by using blockchain at the core, they carry all the benefits that the blockchain technology has to offer. Even more surprisingly, unlike the old days when the main functionality of a cryptocurrency was the coin itself, the newer cryptocurrencies add new features in the form of additional products that run on the same platform to increase their digital currency use case.

Use-case: In case of our coins, DKPC will have its own decentralized exchange marketplace platform called DarkPayMarket where users can buy and sell anything that they want using DKPC Coin and other cryptocurrencies. ANON coin is also set to launch its own e-commerce solutions, while DEV coin took a different approach and will be launching their decentralized cryptocurrency exchange called DEVX.

Privacy features:  All three coins provide its users with top-notch privacy features to ensure transactions on these networks remain anonymous. While ANON and DEV coin offer great privacy, certain aspects of the transactions can still be traced back to its users.

  • ANON coin is using the Zk-snarks protocol whereby transactions are published on a public blockchain, however, the sender, recipient and other transactional metadata remain untraceable.
  • DEV coin is a fork of PIVX and users the ZeroCoin protocol based on zero-knowledge proofs technology.
  • DKPC coin offers full anonymity by default using the ZERO Coin Protocol and embedding, TOR (The Onion Router) which does the IP obfuscation through approx. 7000 relays thus concealing the location/usage/analysis of the origin and the date. Moreover, wrapping and re-wrapping process does not allow the intermediary relays to decipher the date packets. In nutshell, DKPC uses the latest technology to deliver higher level of privacy for its users and ensures transactions on the network completely anonymous.

Masternode Specification & ROI: This is where our chosen coins differ from each other. Masternodes requires a different number of coins to set up you own collateral masternode that comes at a certain prices, based on the current market value of each coin. Additionally, the passive income that is generated in the form of block reward is also different.

  • To start an ANON collateral masternode, you will need to invest 10.000 ANON, approx. $1.500 at the current price. The prices of an ANON Masternode is quite high but there is an estimated annual ROI of 418%, according to  You can also use one of the shared masternode services that support ANON, if you do not afford to buy a full masternode.
  • To create your own DEV coin masternode, you would require a minimum of 5,000 Dev coins, which would be approximately worth $365. As with ANON you can also use third party masternode shared services, if you cannot afford a full masternode. You will earn an ROI of 93.6%, according to
  • If you want to have your own collateral masternode and not using shared masternode services then DKPC coin is by far the best choice. A masternode will require 10,000 DKPC coins, which is approx. 140$, at the current price, and the current annual ROI stands at approx. 239.76%, according to

Community: All three coins support the idea of community governance wherein the community decides on the upcoming features and developments to be made to the project. This is done by using a voting system.

Closing Thoughts

At the core, all three projects help the end user to attain maximum privacy as well as generate some passive income along the way. The additional privacy features provided by the DKPC coin may give it the upper hand over DEV and ANON. In addition to the DarkPayMarket platform, DKPC coin is about to attain the DAO legal status which makes it the only other cryptocurrency to do this besides DASH. Furthermore, once the team behind DeviantCoin will launch their DEX we expect DEV coin use case to increase as well as their user base. Lastly, ANON team can play well their cards by launching a good product based on ANON coin.

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