CoinStats – Top Notch Crypto Portfolio Tracker and World’s First With Its Own Highly Secured Wallet

Project Reviews / 25.03.2019

December 2017 was the month when almost all the cryptocurrencies, leading by Bitcoin, hit their All Time High (ATH) price. This sudden move in price drew the attention of the world and digital currencies have seen amazing growth both in market and popularity. People started to invest money in cryptocurrencies while many new blockchain based projects came into existence.

Today, there are 2121 cryptocurrencies registered on CoinMarketCap and the majority of the crypto investors prefer to diversify their portfolio and own multiple cryptocurrencies purchased from different exchanges. While this is a very common investment strategy, it becomes very hard for individuals to track and manage losses, profits and assets. If you have already invested in Bitcoin, tokens and/or any other cryptocurrencies you most probably use already a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker application to track down your progress and save you time by not having to log in to numerous different accounts to check your balances. To overcome these challenges, in 2017, Joseph Toh created an application called CoinStats.

What is CoinStats and How Does It Stand Out?

CoinStats is a top cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and research application, available on Desktop and Mobile (both iOS and Android). Users can track and manage Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and over 3,000 altcoins prices from over 100 exchanges in a single interface. Moreover, CoinStats supports 13 languages and provides a user friendly interface, which help CoinStats to reach global users. It has more than 500,000 active users who currently manage a whopping $5 billion in cryptocurrency assets. While there are many portfolio trackers today, CoinStats has looked to implement a number of features and practices to help it get ahead of its competitors. These include:

– Coin Explorer – Explore the coins as deep as you want! CoinStats provides different filters and sorting ways to search and track information of your favorite coins like price, 24h volume, market capitalization, supply, websites, social network, news, as well as team updates and a Chat Feature which links investors to the project team.

– Portfolio management – Portfolio Management has been simplified by CoinStats. Here, users can either create their portfolios by adding transactions manually, or by synchronizing their wallets* to the application, as well as linking the exchanges**, where they hold funds, through the public APIs (CoinStats will never have access to your funds. Public API will only allow CoinStats to read your wallets balances). Even more surprisingly, if you want to show your portfolio’s stats to your friends, you can share it by using the ‘link sharing’ feature.

  • **Supported exchanges for sync: Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, Liqui, Cryptopia, Coinbase,, Bitfinex, GDAX, Poloniex, Huobi Pro, Bitso, Bitstamp.
  • *Supported wallets for sync: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Siacoin (SC), NEO, Dash, DeepOnion, Cardano (ADA), TRON (TRX).

– Alerts can be set for various actions and/or specific time as well. Alerts can be significant change, Breaking news, Team update, Portfolio value etc. You can even set the alarm for any price changes, market cap and volume of your coins. CoinStats offer multiple customizable notifications.

– News – You can explore from more than 40 trusted news sources, which keeps you updated for the crypto market. You can choose your preferences, like the kind of news you like: Most Bullish, Most Bearish or only specific news sources.

– Sign in to multiple devices – CoinStats also offers users the possibility to sign up and use their login details on PC and mobile devices to access their portfolio anywhere.

– Accessibility – CoinStats is available on multiple platforms like Web version, Android, iOS, MacOS and Apple watch.

– CoinStats Direct – CoinStats Direct is a chat service designed to link investors with project team members. Users can directly interact with the core members and discuss about the project. This service is free for the users.

– Customer Support –  CoinStats embeds a fairly comprehensive FAQ database or you can use the Chat feature for live customer support. Their support team is ready to help you out!

– Beautiful Graphics – The app boasts an impressive light and dark themed UI, which is intuitive and easy-to-use.

CoinStats Highly Secured Wallet

Recently the team announced the release of CoinStats Secure Wallet, an improvement of a previous wallet version, called SignKeys. The wallet is supported by Signkeys, which uses the hardware present in 1.6 billion phones to provide FIPS 140-2 based Military – Grade security making it highly secured. For more information click here.

Closing Thoughts

CoinStats provides even more than what an average investor expects. The advanced embedded tools will help you to do your own research on a project while almost every detailed statistics of a coin is present in Coinstats. In addition, with the introduction of their own secured wallet into the app, it is now set to become the all-in-one platform for crypto investors.

  • Free version packed with excellent core functionalities.
  • In-build chat support, with very responsive staff.
  • Web portfolio management accessible from your PC.
  • Chat function for Coin developers or support teams that can be used to talk to the community.
  • You can track your portfolio up to 1 year back.
  • You can connect your wallet addresses or your exchanges to avoid adding transactions manually.
  • Pump, new trading pairs and significant change Notifications.
  • Coin converter and ROI calculator.
  • Free version you can manage portfolios worth up 5000 $ only.
  • A lot of medium volume ranked exchanges are not yet tracked.

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