CoinStats – The Game Changer in Prediction

Press Release / 25.08.2019

While most application related to cryptocurrencies are planning to continuously update and get better, to serve the user more efficiently, there is only a handful that actually succeed. Out of those handfuls, one particular application stands out, while it entices and appeals to the user like none other.

CoinStats is a tracker plus outlet for all aspects related to crypto. It is an application available on the Android and iOS platforms, along with a browser version that lets its user stay up-to-date with their portfolio on the go. It also provides informed opinions and news, trimmed down neatly and concisely, to help the users with the decision making process. Another interesting and subtle inclusion in CoinStats is the user-centric voting mechanism. The app gives its registered users a choice to vote on what they think about the news, by down voting or up voting. This gives a clear sense of overall feel, as more and more users give their opinions. Other features include polling about predictions, community chat, news aggregation, and Team Updates.

Recently, the team came up with an amazingly proficient feature, one that has shocked the entire crypto community because of its implications: CoinStats Insights.

A Break Through in Prediction Metrics

The latest version of CoinStats brought along upgrades and new features to improve the user experience and capabilities of the application. Of the numerous features including Community Poll, Apple Watch support and user data, the most appreciated is the introduction of CoinStats Insights, a tool to evaluate user data to make predictions.

Insights uses the data accumulated from its users, the buy/sell patterns, the interest, etc., analyses the possible outcomes, based on experience and then integrates it to make well-informed predictions. No one was aware of the accuracy of the feature until recently.

In the recent past, Bitcoin has seen an increase of up to 300% compared to its price from 3-4 months ago. During its lifetime, Bitcoin saw several jumps upwards, each with tremendous intensity. August 4th was one such day, where bitcoin saw a pump of close to 15%. Interestingly, CoinStats Insights, with its data analysis, was able to accurately predict this in advance, which was incredibly useful for its users, who took advantage of the situation and made decisions based on that.

“The move showed that CoinStats Insights, which interacts with hundreds and thousands of CoinStats app users daily, could become a reliable trend signal for both intraday and long-term bitcoin traders”, said the official CoinStats blog, after seeing their feature pass with flying colors.

With this astonishing yet useful advancement, CoinStats can become a game-changer in the crypto community, ensuring immense returns for all of its users. It cannot be estimated how much the impact of this development will be, if it sustains itself in the long run and proves to be a reliable source of information for intra-day and long-term traders alike.

Sudarshan M is a long time crypto-enthusiast. Pulled in by bitcoin early on, it did not take long for Sudarshan to divert all of his academic attention from business studies to blockchain by doing his Masters and eventually pursuing his PhD in the subject.