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Project Reviews / 25.05.2019

Many crypto investors will recognize the following: You wake up, and the first thing you do is immediately checking your phone to see how your cryptocurrency portfolio is doing.

First, you open the Binance app, followed by your Huobi app. Next up is your Kucoin app. Then you check coinmarketcap to see how your two small-cap investments did overnight, and finally you browse a couple of news and social media sites to gauge how the overall market sentiment is. Is there anything important going on? Did Tether finally crash? Was there an exchange hack? Is the Bitcoin ETF approved (probably not)? Was there a new coin listed on one your favorite exchanges? Finally, you are able to get yourself a well-deserved cup of coffee and some breakfast.

With cryptocurrencies still being so volatile, it is understandable that investors and traders want to know what happened during their 8 hours of sleep. It is a 24-hour market and the swings can sometimes be delightful, and sometimes brutal. To make this a lot more time efficient certain cryptocurrency trackers were developed, and today we look at one of the most advanced and feature rich in its sector: CoinStats portfolio tracker.

Track and Sync All your Investments in a Single App

CoinStats gives users the option to fully track their portfolios by directly synchronizing with a wide range of popular exchanges and wallets. Simply by enabling an API all the coins and trades are shown in the app, making the entire morning routine of checking all your different accounts outdated. Although CoinStats will never have direct access to your accounts, you can also manually add all your holdings and keep an eye on their progress if you do not want to give the app access.

The CoinStats team has made accessibility one of their focus points. CoinStats portfolio tracker is available on desktop, android and iOS, and even has a version developed for the Apple watch. The app is translated into 13 different languages, and the valuation of your crypto portfolio can be shown in over 30 fiat currencies, and in Bitcoin or Ethereum.


The bread and butter of every bitcoin and altcoin tracker, and the main feature of CoinStats, is the Portfolio Tracker section. It is clear that CoinStats has devoted a lot of time to develop a clean and slick user interface. The value of your crypto portfolio is presented in a futuristic way, and all the cryptocurrencies have their own original colors and logos. Traders can choose to view their valuations per exchange or in total, and for people wanting to dig in a little deeper the pro version gives even more insights into their trading. Stats ranging from the amount of fees paid to the total trade count can be extracted from the analytics dashboard. Alerts can easily be set to remain vigilant in this ever-moving environment.

Clicking on a certain assets will direct you to a more in depth view of your holdings, and when synced to an exchange shows all the previous transactions you made on there. Every trader trying to improve will be happy to know the transactions can be downloaded into a CSV file, enabling you to really find out where and how to adjust your trading routine to improve your bottom line.

Surprisingly, CoinStats has also enabled traders to directly trade from within the app; you don’t even have to login to your favorite exchange to trade, Coinstats tracker swap the coins for you!

Live Market Information

CoinStats tracks and shows information about virtually every cryptocurrency and exchange available at this time, delivering every source needed to check up on a project. Besides the price history, CoinStats provides most of the stats of a certain coin (It’s called CoinStats for a reason!) and directly links to all their available outlets such as the company website, their Reddit page or Block explorer. Furthermore, CoinStats shows the coins latest social media feed and the latest news, making the app a one-stop-shop hub for everything you need to know about your (potential) investments.

CoinStats has a neat little feature to disable any information from potentially ‘shady’ exchanges based on untrustworthy volume. In addition, the traders among us will delight in the fact that the CoinStats portfolio tracker displays the 24hr RSI levels showing if coins are either overbought of oversold.

Another interesting feature is the possibility to chat directly with the developers of a certain coin. Although not every coin has linked someone to CoinStats, it again shows how feature-rich the CoinStats portfolio tracker is.


To be on top of the market, CoinStats portfolio tracker also conveys a large amount of news stories, extracted from some of the most well known cryptocurrency news portals, and Reddit pages. All news articles can be rated by users to be either bullish or bearish resulting in these articles topping the ‘most bullish or bearish news’. Although it is only subjective, it really helps gauge the current market sentiment. A search bar makes it possible to delve into any articles related to a specific coin, making the research part faster and easier than ever, and articles can be saved to check on a later date. Moreover, if there are certain portals that do not resonate well with you, you can filter out their articles.


At the end of March, CoinStats portfolio tracker enhanced its service by offering a secure wallet to its users, powered by SignKeys. It uses the hardware that is already in 1.6 BN phones, providing military-grade security. It already supports over 220 tokens and they plan to add even more in the future. To top it off, it makes the sending of cryptocurrency as easy as messaging. You can utilize your existing messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram and even SMS to send your assets in a private and secure way. Very exciting stuff!

Closing Thoughts

In less than 2 years, CoinStats team has developed a stellar app that provides its users with all the information they need to follow their current holdings, stay on top of the latest developments in the markets and do their research on a new potential investments. The more I dug into the possibilities, the more I saw that they try to make it possible for you to never have to leave the app environment. It is a truly a one-stop-hub cryptocurrency tracker.

With the latest trade option directly within the app their secure wallet, most people have little reason to log onto exchanges now. The slick design and accessibility makes it the most user-friendly cryptocurrency tracker on the market to date.

Since I have been using it, Coinstats made my morning routine a lot more relaxing. I just wake up and enjoy my coffee while checking my cryptocurrency holdings, as well as the latest events from one app.

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Debasish Das is from India, an engineering graduate and holds a postgraduate degree in management. He has 10 years of experience in the financial sector, having worked for one of the biggest MNC banking groups in the country. Currently he has business in e-commerce, insurance and consultancy. As an avid blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts he believes in investing in the future of technology, and feels this is going to make the world a single marketplace and also give the power from centralized banks and governments back to people.