CoinStats Crypto Tracker – The Portfolio Tracking Game Changer

Project Reviews / 25.05.2019

Keeping up with everyday events in the crypto-verse is a tedious task. One has to track the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and major cryptocurrencies to experience the trading environment for the day.

While few people can tackle these tasks, most people need some solution before introducing any sector terminology. That way, investing in cryptocurrencies can be overwhelming for the average consumer. The whole process of monitoring multiple developments on different platforms is tedious.

The CoinStats mobile app simplifies the whole process. This app keeps track of all crypto prices, project developments, and news updates from the comfort of your regular smartphone or tablet.

Track and Sync All your Investments in a Single App

CoinStats mobile app is an application for tracking bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolios. It gives you real-time prices for more than 8,000 digital assets from 250 crypto exchanges.CoinStats also allows users to track their crypto wallets in real-time by syncing live with various popular exchanges and wallets.

By simply activating the API, all coins and trades will be displayed in the app, eliminating all your various accounts’ need for regular morning checks. While CoinStats will never have direct access to your account, you can also add everything you own manually. Its progress can be monitored as well if you want to grant access to the app.

The CoinStats team has made accessibility one of its main focuses. The app’s tracking portfolio is available on desktop, Android, and iOS, and there are even versions made for Apple watches. The app is translated into 13 different languages. Moreover, you can view your crypto portfolio ranking in more than 30 fiat currencies and Bitcoin or Ethereum.


CoinStats allows you to see all your portfolios on one screen. Set up your portfolio in CoinStats by manually adding your buy/sell transactions or syncing your exchange account and wallets for a live view. CoinStats allows you to connect it automatically for easier transaction history entry with read-only API keys. All significant exchanges are listed; Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, HitBTC, Coinbase, Kucoin, Bitstamp, and others.

To add to that, you can link the various crypto wallets directly to the app. Currently, the app can sync wallets on Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Chain, Litecoin, XRP, Siacoin, NEO, Dash, DeepOnion, Cardano, Tron, IOST, EOS, WAVES, and TEZOS.

You can also link CoinStats to the Arkane Network, Mining pools, and the popular hardware wallets of Trezor and the Ledger Nano. 

You can compare your crypto portfolio with friends and track your gains over time. You can also share one or more of your portfolios, and it will appear in their CoinStats app or website.

With CoinStats, traders can also trade directly through the app. You don’t even have to log into the exchange of your choice to be able to trade. CoinStats Tracker will swap coins for you!

Automatic and Custom CoinStats Alerts

CoinStats also has automatic and personalized notifications used to; track price movements, list new coins, coin pumps, project updates, changes in trading volume, and more. The price history also offers most coin statistics and direct links to all available merchants, such as the B.Reddit or Block Explorer websites. Additionally, CoinStats shows you the latest coin’s social media feed and the latest news. The app is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about your (potential) investment.

CoinStats has a nifty little feature to turn off information from possible shadow exchanges based on unreliable volumes. Traders among us will be pleased that CoinStats’ tracking portfolio features a 24-hour RSI value indicating whether the coin is overbought or resold.

Another exciting feature is the ability to chat directly with the developers of individual coins. While not every coin is linked to CoinStats, it shows how feature-rich the CoinStats tracking portfolio is.


In terms of news, CoinStats divides crypto news updates into the following for easy analysis of their relevance: featured, trends, recent, bullish, bearish, and team updates.

Although subjective, it is beneficial for gauging current market sentiment. You can use the search bar to dig for items associated with specific coins. It makes the research section quicker and easier than ever, and you can save articles for later review. If some portals don’t suit you, you can also filter their articles.

Free Vs. Paid Subscription

When you download CoinStats, you have two options: the free version and the pro version. Both versions of this software are full of features that are sure to make your life easier. However, for $40 a year, the software’s Pro version offers more than expected. The company also offers lifetime membership of 0.02 BTC.

With CoinStats PRO, you get up to 10 linked exchanges and portfolios with up to 1000 tracked transactions. You will also receive automatic notifications, open replenishment notifications, detailed portfolio analysis, coin information, customer support, portfolio exports, and coin ratings.


The CoinStats mobile app makes it easy to track day-to-day activities in the crypto-verse. It has positive ratings on the Google Store and Apple. CoinStats provides an easy way to track real-time crypto prices, news updates, and project progress.

CoinStats offers everything you need for crypto investing from a single source with the ability to customize price alerts, news updates and connect to your crypto portfolio. This dApp integrates a combination of functions, making it one of the most useful platforms on the market. CoinStats will continue to attract attention as more and more investors become aware of this revolutionary platform.

The CoinStats Mobile App is a free download with the Pro version to improve your navigation in the ever-changing crypto space.

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