Coin Market Manager Lets You Track Your Net Worth in Real-time

Project Reviews / 01.04.2021

Coin Market Manager is an automated crypto trading journal and market tracker that makes it easy for individuals to monitor their net worth. The platform provides you with an in-depth analysis of your trading strategy and holdings directly from its user-friendly interface. In this way, Coin Market Manager seeks to streamline your trading experience and push your ROIs higher.

What Problems Does Coin Market Manager Attempt to Fix?

Coin Market Manager attempts to rectify a few common problems encountered by new traders in the market. Primarily, the platform eliminates much of the confusion associated with monitoring digital assets across multiple platforms. You receive all relevant information in a concise layout that makes it easier to respond to the changing market conditions.


Another problem that Coin Market Manager reduces is compartmentalization. Most investors use two different accounting software to track their fiat and crypto holdings. Coin Market Manager allows you to access all exchange balances in both fiat and crypto pricing. There is a full accounting suite included in the software, so you won’t need two separate platforms to stay organized.

Benefits of Coin Market Manager

Coin Market Manager provides a simpler alternative to the status quo. Users enjoy in-depth, actionable trade analytics. The network makes it easy to manage multiple exchanges and accounts from one place. Additionally, it doesn’t require any previous technical understanding to navigate and use the software. In this way, beginners can save time and effort.

Real-Time Browser Tab Monitoring

It’s easier to stay on top of your investments using Coin Market Manager. From a glance, you can track all your exchange balances and your overall account PNL in both BTC and FIAT. There is even a performance chart to help you see your overall progress. You can monitor today's performance against prior efforts and see what changes can help take your trading to the next level.


Coin Market Manager integrates a multi-layered security structure to keep your coins safe. The protocol syncs all your trade data via API keys. The keys don’t require withdrawal permission to ensure that your funds remain secure.

How Does Coin Market Manager Work

Coin Market Manager includes a variety of powerful tools to provide users with more control over their assets. Users can trade, track, and analyze their holdings from one convenient location. Additionally, you gain the capability to monitor all open positions simultaneously.

Fiat Exposure Tracker

Uniquely, Coin Market Manager includes fiat exposure tracker functions. This tab will display all fiat-related stats. You can see all of your past and pending deposits/withdrawals. You can also see your total potential losses at all times and your initial fiat investment amount versus your current value.

Automated Crypto Trading Journal

One of the best features offered by Coin Market Manager is its automated crypto trading journal. Experts agree that keeping a trade journal is a critical step towards improving your ROIs. Journals help you to learn from mistakes and see where improvements to your strategy are possible. The automated crypto trading journal allows anyone to analyze their trades and make positive changes based on the data.

1-click Import

As part of their easy onboarding strategy, the platform offers a 1-click import feature. This option imports the trade history from exchanges. You can even link notes and charts to fine-tune your strategy further.


The tag feature is unique to Coin Market Manager. You can add descriptive tags on charts and trades directly. You can use these tags to organize your trading activities. Use the sort feature to view a breakdown of all your tags and leverage this information to improve your performance.

Open Interest Market Scanner

Another cool feature that traders are sure to benefit from is the Open Interest Market Scanner. Open interest measures the total level of activity in the futures market. It can tell you things like the total number of option contracts that are currently open. These are traded contracts not liquidated via an exercise, assignment, or offsetting trade. You can track storage, ICO investments, and all live exchange positions using this system.

Math Lab

The Math Lab is an advanced calculation tool. This financial calculator allows you to forecast your profits. You can use the software to make adjustments to your trading strategy based on your past trades. The better you get at the Math Lab, the easier it is to obtain consistent market results.

Account Analytics

Coin Market Cap provides users with a transparent approach to market monitoring. You can see items like the total amount you have paid in fees. You can also check the total amount of funding you have invested. There are stats on win rates, average win/losses, and more. You can also use the tool to see when is the most profitable trading times.

Trade History

There is a Trade History tab that provides you with a breakdown of your closed trade history. This feature is nice because the software gives you an in-depth analysis and insights into your past trades. You can see crucial information like account gain per trade, and there are clean, crisp visuals accompanying this data that make it easy to decipher, even for new users.

History of Coin Market Manager

Coin Market Manager (Official Website) entered the market in March 2019. The platform is based out of London, England. Since its entrance, Coin Market Cap has continually expanded its covered asset and integrated exchanges. Recently, the company announced plans to integrate Binance futures. There is also a mobile app in the works.

How to Get Coin Market Manager

There are three plan options available to traders. You can try any of the plans free for 7-days via the risk-free trial option. This is a great way to see if the platform will meet your needs. After a week, you will need to decide on the Basic, Pro, or Enterprise plans. The Basic offers limited functionality and enables you to utilize the core portfolio monitoring features.

The Pro plan gives you a big step up in terms of features and options. You get everything in Basic plus unlimited trade uploads, analytics, and far more stats and charting tools. This option will run you $41.66 per month. The Enterprise option provides you with all the features the platform offers. It $49.99 per month and includes 20 extra exchange slots.

Coin Market Manager – The Merger of Fiat and Crypto Accounting

Coin Market Manager is ahead of the curve with its all-inclusive approach to asset tracking. It’s more common than ever for someone to own multiple digital assets across different exchanges and traditional assets such as real estate and fiat savings. Coin Market Manager allows these individuals and businesses to quickly and consistently stay on top of their net worth.

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